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Alumni Records from 1842 to 1874  by Williston Seminary (Easthampton, Mass) Joseph Henry Sawyer 1875  Goo

Amherst college  1871   MoA

Amherst College Annual Catalogs: 1822-1900    MoA

Semi-centennial catalogue [1872] of Amherst college, including the officers of government and instruction, the alumni, and all others who have received honorary degrees.     OpL

Amherst College Biographical Record Centennial Edition (1821-1921) contains biographical sketches of all 9,110 graduates and non-graduates of Amherst College in the classes of 1822 to 1921, plus brief information about the classes of 1922 to 1925.  (Richard J. Yanco and assistants have transcribed over 2,490 of the biographies) 1927    Amh

Amherst College Songs (partial only; w/sheet music)  by William P. Bigelow,1926  AC

Amherst life. Selections from the undergraduate publications at Amherst college     by Walter Savage Ball,    Arc

Biographical Record of the Alumni of Amherst College ... 1821-[1896]   by Amherst College, Edward Payson Crowell, Walter Stanley Biscoe 1883   Goo   OpL

Biographical Record of the Alumni of Amherst College During Its First Half Century, 1821-1871.  by William Lewis Montague, Edward Payson Crowell, Walter Stanley Biscoe. 1883   Goo

Biographical record of the alumni and non-graduates of Amherst college ... 1821-1951.  by Amherst College 1821   Arc     OpL

Exercises at the Semi-Centennial of Amherst College July 12, 1871: by Amherst College     MoA

A Glance at Amherst Athletics  by Walter L. Tower. 1935   AC

Historical discourse , Amherst, NH, anniversary dedication of the Congregational meeting-house    by Josiah Gardner Davis,   MoA

History of Amherst College, its first half century. 1821-1871    by William Seymour Tyler, 1810-97.  1873  Arc   Goo   MoA  

The inauguration of Merrill Edwards Gates ... as president of Amherst college. by Amherst College The De Vinne press, 1891  Goo    OpL 

Obituary Record  by Amherst College, Bowdoin college   1874  Goo

Opening of Walker Hall, Amherst College, Amherst, Mass., Oct. 20, 1870, Address by W. A. Stearns, President    Goo    MoA

Pater mundi; or, Modern science testifying to the Heavenly Father. Lectures to senior classes in Amherst college     by Enoch Fitch Burr,   1818-1907    MoA

Reminiscences of Amherst College: Historical Scientific, Biographical and ...  by Edward Hitchcock    1863    Goo     MoA      OpL

Student Life at Amherst College: Its Organizations, Their Membership and History   by George Rugg Cutting  1871   Goo   OpL

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