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The African-American Heritage of Arizona [bibliography; photo survey]    by Gloria L.Trailtones Smith   UAz  

Arizona and Sonora: the geography, history, and resources of the silver region...     by Sylvester  Mowry,  New York, Harper & brothers  1864  MoA

Arizona & Tucson Druggist, Founder of the Martin Drug Company  [from: The Smoke 1991  UAz

Arizona business directory and gazetteer : containing the names and post-office addresses of all merchants, manufacturers and professional men in the territory of Arizona ; territorial, county, city and town officers, a description of the different mining districts and the names of mining superintendents; also, a gazetteer of the counties, cities and towns, giving a full exhibit of their mineral, agricultural and manufacturing resources; with an appendix, containing the names and addresses of wholesale merchants and manufacturers in the city of San Francisco   by Disturnell, William C  1881  Arc   OpL

Meyer's business directory of the city of Phoenix, Arizona. Containing a classified business and professional guide; a list of all the city and county and federal officials; correct tables of railroad fares, express tariffs and telegraph tolls to all points of the compass, and other valuable information    1888   Arc   OpL

Arizona State Constitution 200-?     Az

Casa Grande Ruins
National Monument, Arizona: A Centennial History of the First Prehistoric Reserve, 1892-1992,  by A. Berle Clemensen  NPS

Dancing Gods: Indian Ceremonials of New Mexico & Arizona [Pueblo, Hopi, Navajo, Zuni, & Apache]    by Erna Fergusson,  NY 1931  

Directory of the city of Tucson for the year 1881    by G. W. Barter   G.W. Barter, 1881 OpL

The golden state: a region west of the Rocky Mountains; embracing California, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Washington Territory, British Columbia, and Alaska, from the earliest period to the present time ... with a history of Mormonism and the Mormons. By Rolander Guy McClellan  1872   MoA

The Hand-book to Arizona its resources, history, towns, mines, ruins & scenery [internal & westward migration 1878.   by Richard Josiah Hinton,   Har

History of Arizona,   by Thomas Edwin Farish,  1915-18  UAriz     Goo       UAz     vol 1      vol 2    vol 3      vol 4   vol 5     vol 6    vol 7      vol 8

The History of Arizona from the Earliest Times Known to the People of Europe to 1903     Sidney Randolph De Long, Arizona Pioneers ' Historical Society   Arc   

Indian Nights: The Myths & Legends of the Pimas of Arizona      by J. William Aw-aw-tam   fLloyd   1911]  ScTx

Just Memories  [Tuscon, Arizona]    by Roy P Drachman,  1979    UAz

MAPS: Arizona [State, City, National Parks, Historical]  UTex

The marvellous country, or, Three years in Arizona and New Mexico.: Containing an authentic history of this wonderful country and its ancient civilization ... together with a full and complete history of the Apache tribe of Indians ...  by Samuel Woodworth Cozzens, 1834-1878. Boston,: Lee and Shepard, 1876.   MoA

Memoir of the Proposed Territory of Arizona  by Sylvester Mowry    Gut

Memorial and affidavits showing outrages perpetrated by the Apache Indians, in the Territory of Arizona, for the years 1869 and 1870   by Arizona (Ter.) Legislative Assembly Francis, Valentine & Co. (1871)  San Francisco, Francis & Valentine, 1871    OpL

Meyer's business directory of the city of Phoenix, Arizona.     by A. Leonard Meyer, 1888   OpL  

Montezuma Castle National Monument, Arizona,    by Albert H. Schroeder and Homer F. Hastings    NPS

Mormon Settlement in Arizona: A Record of Peaceful Conquest of the Desert    by James H. McClintock  1921  Arc    Gut

Phoenix, Mesa and Tempe Arizona 1892 City Directory    DC  1892  

Pioneers' Home Cemetery burial records, Iron Springs Road, Prescott, Arizona   FHB

Portrait and biographical record of Arizona.    Chapman Pub. Co., 1901  OpL

Settlers on the Navajo Indian Reservation. Message from the President of the United States, returning, without approval, H.R. 4001, entitled "An act authorizing the adjustment of rights of settlers on the Navajo Indian Reservation, Territory of Arizona."     by US President (1897-1901 : McKinley)   1900   OpL

Souvenir of Fort Riley and directory of Junction City's leading merchants ... 1899     OpL

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Preliminary Report Concerning Explorations & Surveys Principally in Nevada & Arizona 1872 GPO   UAz

The white conquest of Arizona : history of the pioneers    by  Orick Jackson,   Arc