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FHA A book of Belles branches : the leaves of life keep falling one by one

FHA A book of clues : Adams, Shaw and other affiliated surnames by E. Elizabeth Adams Brooks

DSP Bell family history

HT Genealogy of the Bell family : a record of the descendants of Lancelot Bell arranged and furnished by a committee of the family. 1907

OpL Genealogy of the Smith, Walkup, Bell, Perry and allied families. by John Fraser Smith, 1915

Ntl My Strange Pets, and Other Memories of Country Life, by Richard Bell

LC Reminiscences of a ranger; or, Early times in Southern California. by Major Horace Bell, 1830-1918. Los Angeles, Yarnell, Caystile & Mathes, printers, 1881

FHA The ancestry of Richard Keith Slaymaker : Allen, Barnes, Bates, Beeghly (U.S., Germany), Bell, Bergman (Germany), Blanchard, Bosworth, Brown, Cleveland, Curry, Curtis, Dean (U.S.)….

Arc The Bell family in America being an account of the founders and first colonial families, an official list of the heads of families of the name resident in the United States in 1790 and a bibliography by Lyman Horace Weeks,

Arc The Bells in the revolution : a record of American soldiers and sailors of 1776 of the name of Bell by William Montgomery Clemens, 1860-1931

Arc The Boyd family : including the allied families of Bell, Bracken, Culler, Cunningham, Finley, Gaut, Hoover, Hough, Markley, McGrew, Parrish, Perry, Pinkerton, Scholl, Speer, Warfel, Welday, Williams : with special reference to Mercelia Louise B
Alexander Arc Alexander Melville Bell, 1819-1905 by John Hitz, 1828-1908
Alexander Goo Alexander Melville Bell: some memories, with fragments from a pupil's note-book by Samuel Silas Curry 1906
Besse Arc Harvey/Moog roots : and an entanglement of Schneider, Bell, Blesbois, Joly, Savery and Barnard branches by Steve Harvey
Charles Arc A memorial of Charles Henry Bell, 1823-1893 by Jeremiah Smith, 1837-
Charles Arc Memoir of Charles Henry Bell, 1823-1893, LL.D by Edmund F. Slafter, (Edmund Farwell), 1816-1906
Emily UFl My pioneer days in Florida, 1876-1898 by Emily Lagow Bell, 1928
Henry Goo The life of Henry Bell, the practical introducer of the steam-boat … by Edward Morris, Henry Bell 1844
Horace LC Horace Bell, 1830-1918. Reminiscences of a ranger, or, Early times in Southern California. Los Angeles : Yarnell, Caystile & Mathes, 1881.
John Goo John Bell of Tennessee: his career in the House of Representatives by Carl Esek Pray 1913
John Arc John Bell's, 1797-1869 record - Constitutional Union Party (U.S.). National Executive Committee
John Goo Speech of Hon. John Bell, of Tennessee, on the Nebraska and Kansas … by John Bell 1854
John FHA The Bell family of Mifflin County, Pennsylvania : the ancestors and descendants of John Henderson Bell of Decatur Township
John Arc The life, speeches, and public services of John Bell, 1797-1869
John Arc The public record and past history of John Bell, 1797-1869; & Edw'd Everett 1794-1865 - Democratic National Committee (U.S.)
Lancelot Arc Genealogy of the Bell Family: A Record of the Descendants of Lancelot Bell
Luther Arc Memoir of Luther V. Bell, MoA.D., LL.D.: Prepared by vote of the … by George Edward Ellis, Massachusetts Historical … - 1863
Margaret Arc Irvins, Irvines, and Irvings of St. Stephen, New Brunswick : a genealogy of the descendants of Thomas Irvin and Margaret Jane Bell by William John Adams, 1952-
Mary Goo In memoriam of Mary Perkins Blair Bell and Smith, 1818-1894 1899
Robert Arc [limited view }Sir Robert Bell and his early Virginia Colony descendants: a compilation of … By James Elton Bell, Frances Jean Bell
Walter FHA The ancestors and allied families of Walter Lafayette Bell and Ruth Rankin


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