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Record of service of Connecticut men in the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps of the United States; in the Spanish-Americn War, Phillippine insurrection and China relief expedition, from April 21, 1898, to July 4, 1904   by Connecticut. Adjutant-General's Office Cole, George M Schulze, Edward Hartford, Conn., Press of the Case Lockwood & Brainard Company, 1919 OpL

Record of service of Connecticut men in the I. War of the Revolution, II. War of 1812, III. Mexican War    by Connecticut. Adjutant-General's Office Johnston, Henry Phelps, 1842-1923 Hartford: Adjutant-General's Office, 1889    MoA      OpL

Women as Munition Makers : A study of conditions in Bridgeport, Connecticut [Russell Sage Foundation]    by Amy Hewes,   1917     Har    OpL      UT

The Connecticut Society of the Sons of the American Revolution : constitution and by-Laws by Sons of the American Revolution. New Hampshire Society   Hartford, Conn. Case, Lockwood $ Brainard, 1913   OpL

The battle of Groton Heights a collection of narratives, official reports, records, etc., of the storming of Fort Griswold, the massacre of its garrison, and the burning of New London by British troops under the command of Brig.-Gen. Benedict Arnold, on the sixth of September, 1781.    by William Wallace Harris 1882   OpL

The British invasion of New Haven...account of their landing and burning the towns of Fairfield and Norwalk, July, 1779    by Charles Hervey Townshend   Arc    OpL

A complete roster of Colonel David Waterbury Jr.'s regiment of Connecticut volunteers : the first regiment of infantry responding to a call for volunteers for the defence of New York City against the British in the American Revolution     by A. H. Clark,   (Alzamore H.), 1847-   New York City : A.S. Clark, 1897   OpL

The defence of Stonington (Connecticut): against a British squadron, August 9th to 12th, 1814   by James Hammond Trumbull, 1821-1897.  1864  OpL

Farmington in the war of the revolution    by Julius Gay   Press of the Case, Lockwood & Brainard company, 1893   OpL

A historical collection, from official records, files, &c., of the part sustained by Connecticut, during the war of the revolution     by Royal Ralph Hinman  Hartford: E. Gleason, 1842    OpL  

A memorial of the opening of the Ellsworth homestead at Windsor, Connecticut, October 1903     by Connecticut DAR , Elizabeth Cynthia Barney Buel, b1868 Picket, Marie Sperry Olmsted, Fannie M    New Haven: The Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor co 1907   OpL

Orderly book and journals kept by Connecticut men while taking part in the American Revolution. 1775-1778   Connecticut Historical Society 1899  Arc   OpL 

Remarks upon the British expedition to Danbury, Connecticut, in 1777, as narrated in Chap. II, Vol. III of Marshall's life of Washington     by Elisha Dana Whittlesey   Cor

Revolutionary Characters of New Haven: The Subject of Addresses and Papers ...    by Sons of the American Revolution General David Humphreys Branch, General David Humphreys Branch - New Haven County (Conn.) – 1911    Goo

The revolutionary soldiers of Redding, Connecticut, and the record of their services, with mention of others who rendered service or suffered loss at the hands of the enemy during the struggle for independence, 1775-1783; together with some account of the loyalists of the town and vicinity; their organization, their efforts and sacrifices in behalf of the cause of their King, and their ultimate fate    by Grumman, William Edgar   Hartford, Conn: Hartford press, 1904

Silas Deane, a Connecticut leader in the American Revolution,   by George L. Clark  ABL

The Tories of Chippeny Hill, Connecticut: A Brief Account of the Loyalists of Bristol, Plymouth and Harwinton, who Founded St. Matthew's Church in East Plymouth in 1791      by Edgar le Roy Pond  The Grafton Press, 1909    Arg

The Trumbull papers     by  Jonathan Trumbull , , 1710-1785    [Correspondence between General Washington and Governor Trumbull and others   pt. I. Early miscellaneous papers relating to the Narragansett country,]     Arc

A history of the second division naval militia : Connecticut National Guard       by Daniel Doan Bidwell, 1865-  Hartford, Conn. Smith-Linsley, 1911   OpL

Antiquarian Researches: Comprising a History of the Indian Wars in the Country Bordering Connecticut ...  by Epaphras Hoyt.   1824  Goo

King Philip's War, 1675-1676: Based on the Archives and Records of Massachusetts, Plymouth, Rhode Island and Connecticute ...     by George William Ellis, John Emery Morris  1906   Goo

Connecticut residents who gave their lives in the Korean Conflict     DC

Connecticut Soldiers in the Pequot War of 1637,   by James Shepard  1913    UNL

Roster of Connecticut volunteers who served in the war between the US and Spain 1898-1899   by Connecticut. Adjutant-General's Office  Hartford CT: Case, Lockwood & Brainard Co, 1899   OpL

Connecticut residents who gave their lives in the Vietnam War   DC

The American Eagle [v2, #10-11; Bridgeport, CT; washing machines; household/farm devices during WWI American Hardware Stores, Inc.   1918   Har


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