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Indiana CW Regiments

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Indiana at Antietam : Report of the Indiana Antietam Monument Commission ...   by Indiana Antietam monument commission, George Brinton McClellan, William N. Pickerill     1911      Goo     Vol 2   

Operations of the Indiana legion and minute men, 1863-4. Documents presented to the General assembly...January 6, 1865 - Indiana legion   Arc

Report of the adjutant general of the state of Indiana     by Indiana. Adjutant General's Office. 1865    vol 4     vol 5     vol  6     vol 7     vol 8

History of the Third Indiana Cavalry.     by William N. Pickerill, 1906     Goo    OpL

History of the Sixth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry      by C. C. Briant,    W.B. Burford, printer and binder, 1891    OpL

History of the Seventh Indiana cavalry volunteers    by Thomas Sydenham Cogley,   Herald company, printers, 1876    Goo    OpL

History of the 11th Indiana battery : connected with an outline history of the army of the Cumberland during the War of the Rebellion, 1861-65    by John Auburn  Otto      FHB

From Vicksburg to Raleigh: Or, A Complete History of the Twelfth Regiment Indiana by Moses D. Gage 1865    Goo     OpL

An historical sketch of the Twenty-Second Regiment Indiana Volunteers, from its organization to the close of the war, its battles, its marches, and its hardships, its brave officers and its honored dead. Marshall, Randolph V. Madison, Ind., Courier Co., Printers 1884  LC

A history of the trials and hardships of the Twenty-fourth Indiana Volunteer Infantry     by Richard J  Fulfer,   Arc

A history of the Thirty-first regiment of Indiana volunteer infantry in the war of the rebellion    by John Thomas Smith, col. 31st Ind. infantry 1900    OpL

History of the Thirty-seventh regiment of Indiana infantry volunteers     by George H. Puntenney,    Jacksonian Book and Job Department, 1896   OpL

History of the Thirty-eighth regiment Indiana volunteers infantry, one of the three hundred fighting regiments of the Union army in the war of the rebellion, 1861-65    by  Henry Fales Perry, b1834  Arc  . LC

History of the Forty-second Indiana Volunteer Infantry     by Spillard F. Horrall    Arc

The Forty-third Regiment of Indiana Volunteers : an historic sketch of its career and services     by William E  McLean,    Arc

History of the Forty-sixth regiment Indiana volunteer infantry, September, 1865: September... by 46th (1861-1865) U S  Army  1888   Arc   Goo     OpL

History of the Fifty-first Indiana Veteran Volunteer Infantry     by Wm. R. Hartpence, The author, 1894:    OpL

History of the Fifty-eighth regiment of Indiana volunteer infantry. Its organization, campaigns and battles from 1861 to 1865   by John J  Hight, 1834-1886  Arc

The Seventieth Indiana Volunteer Infantry in the War of the Rebellion    by Samuel Merrill,   Bowen-Merrill Co., 1900   Goo   OpL

History of the Seventy-fifth Regiment of Indiana Infantry Volunteers, Its Organization ... - David Bittle Floyd   Arc

Civil war letters of Pvt. Elias Baxter Decker of Tipton, Indiana, 75th Indiana Infantry, company Goo, 1857-1865   Arc  FHB

History of the Eighty-second Indiana Volunteer Infantry     by Alfred G. Hunter,   W.B. Burford, printer and binder, 1893    OpL

History of the eighty-fifth Indiana volunteer infantry , its ...    by rev. j. e. brant   1902    Goo

The Eighty-sixth regiment, Indiana volunteer infantry : a narrative of its services in the civil war of 1861-1865     by  James A   Barnes Arc

Memorabilia of the marches and battles in which the One Hundredth Regiment of Indiana Infantry Volunteers...   by Eli J. Sherlock, 1896     OpL

History of the One hundred and sixty-first regiment, Indiana volunteer infantry     by William E. Biederwolf, Wilson, Humphreys, 1899    OpL

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