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Illinois CW Regiments

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Army life of an Illinois soldier: including a day by day record of Sherman's March to the Sea...    by Charles Wright Wills, Mary E. Kellogg  1906   OpL    Goo

Biographical Sketches of Illinois Officers Engaged in the War Against the Rebellion of 1861     by James Grant Wilson. 1862   Goo

Illinois at Shiloh; report of the Shiloh Battlefield Commission and ceremonies at the dedication of the monuments erected to mark the positions of the Illinois commands engaged in the battle; the story of the battle - Illinois. Shiloh Battlefield Commission  Arc

Memorials of deceased companions of the Commandery of the State of Illinois, Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States    by Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the US Commandery of the State of Illinois.    The Commandery, 1901    Goo   OpL

The patriotism of Illinois,    a record of the civil and military history of the state in the War for the Union, with a history of the campaigns in which Illinois soldiers have been conspicuous, sketches of distinguished officers, the roll of the illustrious dead…     by T. M. Eddy, Clarke & Co., 1865:   OpL

Report of the adjutant general of the state of Illinois ... - Illinois. Military and Naval Dept   Arc

Historical sketch of the Chicago Board of Trade Battery, Horse Artillery, Illinois volunteers  1862- 1865   Arc

War record of the state of Illinois to October 1, 1863 by Illinois. Governor (1861-1865 : Yates)    OpL

History of Battery "A," First Illinois Light Artillery Volunteers    by Kimbell, Charles B. Cushing Printing Co., 1899    OpL

Reunions of Taylor's battery  by Illinois artillery. 1st reg't 1861-1865. Battery B.  The Craig press, 1890  OpL

History of the Second regimen Illinois volunteer infantry from organization to muster-out.    edited by Horace Wilbert Bolton.   1899   Arc   Goo    OpL

The history of Company A, Second Illinois Cavalry     by Samuel H. Fletcher,   1912      OpL

The Mississippi     (3d Illinois Artillery, Co's. & 15th Illinois Cavalry)      by Francis Vinton Greene. 1882    Goo

History of the Seventh Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry      by  Daniel Leib Ambrose .  Illinois Journal Co., 1868     OpL

Observations of an Illinois boy [Company C 7th Illinois] in battle, camp and prisons-1861 to 1865     by Henry Harrison Eby,   The author, 1910     OpL  

The "Eighth Illinois"     by W. T. Goode,    Blakely Printing, 1899    OpL

Burial lists of members of the 8th Illinois Infantry     FHB

History of the Eighth Illinois United States Volunteers     by Harry Stanton McCard,   E. F. Harman, 1899    OpL

A history of the Ninth Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry.    by Marion Morrison,    J.S. Clark, printer, 1864    OpL

History of the Ninth Regiment Illinois Cavalry Volunteers. Pub. under the auspices of the Historical Committee of the Regiment ..   Arc

Recollections of pioneer and army life [Illinois Infantry Regiment, 10 th]    by Matthew H. Jamison, b1840   Hudson Press, 1911  OpL 

Burial lists of the members of the 10th Illinois Infantry    by  Sherman Lee Pompey    FHB

Military history and reminiscences of the Thirteenth regiment of Illinois volunteer infantry in the civil war in the United States, 1861-1865.     by Illinois Infantry. 13th regt., 1861-64.    Woman's temperance publishing association, 1892     Arc    Goo    OpL

Annual reunion United States. Army. Illinois Infantry Regiment, 15th (1861-1865) - 1888   Goo

The Nineteenth Illinois: A Memoir of a Regiment of Volunteer Infantry Famous ...    by Henry i. e. James Henry Haynie,    1912      Goo   OpL

Roll of Company C, 19th Illinois Volunteer Infantry   DP

Constitution and by-laws of the Society of the 21st Ills. vet. vol. infantry - Illinois infantry. 21st regt., 1861-1865 .  Arc

Burial list of the members of the 21st Illinois Infantry   FHB

The Thirty-third regiment Illinois infantry in the civil war, 1861-1865     by Burnham, John Howard    1912    OpL

Annual report of the secretary; roll of the dead; proceedings of the ... reunion - Illinois infantry. 33d regt., 1861 - 1865 .   Arc

History of the Thirty-Third Regiment Illinois Veteran Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War, 22nd August, 1861, to 7th December, 1865      by Virgil Gilman Way,   The [Regimental] association, 1902        OpL

Army life   from a soldier's journal. Illinois infantry.. 33d regt., 1861   by Albert O. Marshall, Printed for the author, 1883   DBI   OpL

Illinois 34th Infantry Regiment   Illinois Adjutant general   UIl

History of the Thirty-sixth Regiment Illinois Volunteers: During the War of ...   by Lyman G. Bennett, William M. Haigh   1876    Goo      OpL   UMo

History of the Thirty-eighth Regiment Indiana Volunteers Infantry,...   by Henry Fales Perry   1906    Goo

The History of the Thirty-Ninth Regiment Illinois Volunteer Veteran Infantry, (Yates Phalanx.)...     by Charles M. Clark. 1889  Arc   Goo    OpL

Proceedings of the ... annual reunion of the Yates Phalanx, 39th Regiment ... By United States. Army. Illinois Infantry Regiment, 39th   Goo   1893   1889

History of the Fortieth Illinois Inf., (volunteers)     by E. J. Hart,    H.S. Bosworth, 1864     OpL

The Forty-third Regiment of Indiana Volunteers    by William E. McLean    C.W. Brown, 1903   OpL

The Forty-Fifth Illinois      by Daniel Fish    vol 1    vol 2     OpL

Historical sketch of the Forty-Fifth Illinois Regiment : with a complete list of the officers and privates and an individual record of each man in the regiment      by John M Adair    Arc

Complete history of the 46th Illinois Veteran Volunteer Infantry      Bailey & Ankeny, printers, 1866  Arc    OpL

The drums of the 47th ( Illinois)     by   Robert J. Burdette,   The Bobbs-Merrill company, 1914   DBI   OpL   

Bugle echoes; the story of Illinois 47th..     Bryner, B. C. (Byron Cloyd), 1849-   ARC   vol 1    vol 2  

The story of the Fifty-fifth Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War, 1861-1865      Printed by W.J. Coulter, 1887       Goo    OpL

Report of the proceedings of the Association of the Fifty-fifth Illinois vet ...   By Illinois Infantry. 55th Regiment, 1861-1865    Goo  1st   2nd   4th

The history of the Fifty-ninth regiment Illinois volunteers, or A three years' campaign through Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky... towns, skirmishes and battles ... embellished with twenty-four lithographed portraits of the officers of the regiment. by David Lathrop,   1865     OpL  UMo

Episodes of the Civil war: nine campaigns in nine states; Fremont in ... By George Washington Herr  1890  Goo

A history of the Seventy-third Regiment of Illinois Infantry Volunteers     by Illinois Infantry. 73d Regiment, 1862-1865.   1890   Arc    Goo   OpL

Reunion proceedings and history of the regiment.     by United States. Army. Illinois Infantry Regiment, 74th (1862-1865) W. P. Lamb, printer, 1903     OpL

A Waif of the War: Or, The History of the Seventy-fifth Illinois Infantry, Embracing the Entire...    by William Sumner Dodge.   1866     Goo  

History of the 77th Illinois Volunteer Infantry     by W. H. Bentley,    E. Hine, Printer, 1883   Goo   OpL  

History of the Eighty-fifth regiment Illinois    by Henry J. Aten,   1901  Goo    OpL

History of the eighty-sixth regiment, Illinois volunteer infantry      by John R.   Kinnear,    Tribune company's  1866   Gut   MBk     OpL

Reunion of the 86th Regiment Illinois Infantry ...  1887  Goo

Roster of the survivors of the 86th Illinois volunteer infantry, with the post office addresses as far as known, together with the Proceedings of the reunion held at Peoria , Ill., August 27, 1887   Arc

Ninety-Second Illinois Volunteers.     by Illinois Infantry. 92d Regiment, 1862-1865.    Journal steam publishing house and bookbindery, 1875  Arc   OpL

History of the Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry:...     by Aaron Dunbar   1898     Goo

History of the Ninety-Third Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry : ...   Goo

A history of the Ninety-fifth regiment, Illinois infantry volunteers     by Wales W. Wood,  Tribune Company's Book and Job Printing Office, 1865  OpL

History of the Ninety-sixth Regiment     by Charles Addison Partridge,   Brown, Pettibone, printers, 1887     OpL   Goo

Our   regiment.   A history of the 102d Illinois infantry volunteers, with sketches of the Atlanta campaign, the Georgia raid, and the campaign of the Carolinas.    By Stephen F. Fleharty.   Chicago,: Brewster & Hanscom, printers, 1865.    Goo     MoA       OpL

Reminiscences of the Civil War from diaries of members of the 103d Illinois Volunteer Infantry, 1904    FHB

The history of the One Hundred and Fourth Regiment of Illinois Volunteer Infantry, war of the great rebellion, 1862-1865      by William Wirt Calkins,     Donohue & Henneberry, printers, 1895     OpL

History of the 112th Regiment of Illinois Volunteer Infantry, in the great War of the Rebellion, 1862-1865      by Bradford F. Thompson,    Printed at the Stark County News Office, 1885     OpL

History of the 115th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry      by Isaac Henry Clay Royse, The author, 1900    Goo    OpL

History of the 124th Regiment, Illinois Infantry Volunteers     by R. L. Howard,    H.W. Rokker, 1880      OpL

The 125th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry     by Rogers, Robert M.    Gazette Steam Print, 1882     OpL

Record of Robinson B. Murphy, 127th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry, 1862-1865. From history, Military Order Medal of Honor Legion, Mulholland, 1905    Arc

Muskets and medicine Illinois infantry. 130th regt., — 1862-65. Illinois infantry. 77th regt     by Charle Johnson,     F. A. Davis company, 1917    OpL

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