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Address of William H. Michael ... Iowa soldiers and sailors in the war of the rebellion   HT

Marches of the dragoons in the Mississippi Valley     by Louis Pelzer,      Iowa. The State historical society of Iowa, 1917     OpL  

History of Iowa: The Civil War     by Benjamin F. Gue  1903  Goo

Iowa colonels and regiments: being a history of Iowa regiments in the war of ... By Addison A. Stuart   1865  Goo

The politics of Iowa during the civil war and reconstruction    Goo

Report of the Battle Flag Committee appointed by the Twenty-Fourth General Assembly to provide cases and transfer the Iowa battle flags from the Arsenal to the State capitol   Arc

Roster and record of Iowa soldiers in the War of the Rebellion : together with historical sketches of volunteer organizations, 1861-66 . Adjutant General's Office       

vol 1  1st-8th infantry     vol 2   9th-16th     vol 3  17th-31st      vol 4, pt.1 1-9th cavalry      vol 5   32d-48th   MoA   vol 1     vol 2    vol 3   vol 4     vol 5   vol 6 

History of the First Regiment Iowa Cavalry Veteran Volunteers, from Its ...   by Charles H. Lothrop  1890    Goo   OpL

The Lyon campaign in Missouri: being a history of the First Iowa ...   Goo

History of the Second Iowa Cavalry Containing a Detailed Account...   by Lyman B. Pierce 1865  Arc   Goo  

John Randolph Buttolph, - Civil War Memoirs Second Iowa Battery,    Arc

The price of our heritage: in memory of the heroic dead of the 168 ...  3rd reg 168 infantry  Goo

The Story of a Cavalry Regiment: The Career of the Fourth Iowa Veteran ...  by William Forse Scott  1892  Goo

Roster of the Fourth Iowa Cavalry Veteran Volunteers, 1861-1865    by William Forse  Scott,   J.J. Little, 1902     OpL

Sketch of the life of John C. Jamison: Company E, 4th Iowa Infantry      Goo

History of the Seventh Iowa veteran volunteer infantry during the civil war    by Henry I. Smith,   E. Hitchcock, printer, 1903   Goo    OpL

Downing's Civil War Diary - Alexander G.. Downing [ Iowa Infantry Regiment, 11th (1861-1865). Company E ] Olynthus Burroughs Clark  Arc

Reunion of Twelfth Iowa vet. vol. infantry..  1861-1866  Arc

Campaigns and battles of the Twelfth Regiment Iowa Veteran ...    Goo

History of the Fifteenth Regiment, Iowa Veteran Volunteer Infantry, from October, 1861, to August, 1865, when disbanded at the end of the war    by Belknap, William W. (William Worth)  1887  Arc    Goo

History of the Nineteenth Regiment, Iowa Volunteer Infantry    1865    Goo

Recollections of field service with the Twentieth Iowa Infantry Volunteers ...      by Chester Barney   1865   Goo

The twenty-first regiment of Iowa volunteer infantry.    by  goerge crooke  1891    Goo

First reunion, Twenty-second Iowa regiment, at Iowa City, Sept. 22 and 23 - Iowa infantry. 22d regt., 1862- 1865.   Arc

Reminiscences of the Twenty-second Iowa volunteer infantry, giving its organization, marches, skirmishes, battles, and sieges, as taken from the diary of Lieutenant S.C. Jones 1838-1932  of Company A   1907     Arc    vol 1   vol 2      Goo

Story of the Thirty-second Iowa infantry volunteers  1896  Goo

History of the 33d Iowa infantry volunteer regiment: 1863-6     by Andrew F. Sperry  1866   Goo

First and second re-unions of the Thirty-fifth Iowa Infantry held at Muscatine County ...    by United States. Army. Iowa Infantry Regiment, 35th (1862-1865)   Goo

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