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Alphabetical general index to public library sets of 85,271 names of Michigan soldiers and sailors individual records published under authority of Act 147, Public acts of 1903,... by Michigan. Adjutant-General's Dept. Vaughan, Coleman C.,    HT

Camp, garrison & guard duty, with a modified manual of arms for the officers & soldiers of the Michigan infantry, by W. W. Duffield ... Duffield, William Ward, 1823-1907    W. B. Howe, 1861    MoA

The first call of the Civil War : personal recollections of Michigan's response   HT

The flags of Michigan. Compiled by Jno. Robertson, adjutant general   HT

History of the Michigan organizations at Chickamauga, Chattanooga and Missionary Ridge, 1863 ...   by Charles Eugene Belknap,  1846-1929.   1899   FHB  HT

A history of the Michigan state normal school ...  [ Eastern MI Univ  during CW  pg 255   bios of students soldiers [pg 281]    By Daniel Putnam  1899    Goo

Memoirs. Detroit Post no. 384, Department of Michigan, G.A.R.   HT

Michigan at Gettysburg: July lst. 2d. and 3rd. 1863. June 12, 1889   Michigan. Gettysburg Battlefield Commission  1889     Goo

"Michigan troops in the battle of Gettysburg." Michigan at Gettysburg; address of Gen. L. S. Trowbridge, July 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 1863. June 12th, 1889. by Trowbridge, L. S. 1836-1912. 1889   HT

Michigan at Shiloh; report of the Michigan Shiloh soldiers' monument commission ... by Michigan. Shiloh soldiers' monument commission. 1920   HT

Michigan at Vicksburg; pub. pursuant to a concurrent resolution of the Michigan Legislature, April 11th, 1917   by Michigan. Michigan-Vicksburg military park commision   Arc   HT

Michigan in the War     by Michigan Adjutant-General's Dept, John Robertson   1882   Goo   vol 1-3   HT

Michigan men in the Civil War. A descriptive bibliography of their letters and diaries   HT    supplement

Michigan. Soldiers' Home  [Roster of inmates in Michigan Soldiers Hom]..    in  Joint documents of the State of Michigan,   By Michigan   Goo   in section 8  pg 42

Biennial Report of the Board of Managers,   By Michigan. Soldiers' Home, Kent County  Goo   vol 12-14

Michigan war records: plan for organizing county war history committees to ...   by Michigan Historical Commission  1910   Goo

Official army register of the volunteer force of the United States army for the years 1861, '62, '63, '64, '65 .    U S Adjutant-General's Office    OpL  pt 5: Ohio, Michigan  

Record of service of Michigan volunteers in the civil war, 1861-1865   by Michigan. Adjutant-General's Dept          

    Goo   1865      vol 5    vol 8    vol 20    OpL    1900       HT   vols 1-43   vol 44-46    ARC   vol 3     vol 8      vol 17    vol 22    FHB   vol 22

The red book of Michigan : a civil , military and biographical history    by Lanman, Charles,    Arc/a>   Goo   HT

Report of the Adjutant General   1903   Goo

Report:    State Veterans' Facility of Michigan   1900  Goo   vol 1-7    vol 8-16

Special report of the Adjutant general of Michigan to his Excellency, the Governor of the state in relation to the detention in service of officers and enlisted men of the Michigan cavalry brigade   1866   HT

The University palladium, [list of soldiers in Army from classes 1846-65]   Goo  vol 2;  7



Alphabetical General Index to Public Library Sets of 85,271 Names of ...   by Michigan. Adjutant-General's Dept, Coleman C. Vaughan   Goo

Personal recollections of a cavalryman with Custer's Michigan cavalry brigade [1st, 5 th   6 th & 7th ]      by James Harvey Kidd, 1840-1913   1908   ARC     HT    OpL 


History of the services of the First Regiment Michigan Engineers ...    Goo    HT

Constitution and by-laws of company A, first regiment , first ...    Goo

A hundred battles in the West: St. Louis to Atlanta, 1861-65, the Second Michigan cavalry, with the armies of the Mississippi, Ohio, Kentucky and Cumberland ... with mention of a few of the famous regiments and brigades of the West     by Marshall P Thatcher,    1884    ARC     Goo   HT    OpL

Incidental history of the flags and color guard of the Second Michigan veteran volunteer infantry, 1861-5 ..   by Frederick Schneider, 1840-    ARC   HT

A hundred battles in the West: St. Louis to Atlanta, 1861-65, the Second Michigan cavalry, with the armies of the Mississippi, Ohio, Kentucky and Cumberland ... with mention of a few of the famous regiments and brigades of the West     by Thatcher, Marshall P   Arc

Record of Service of Michigan Volunteers in the Civil War, 1861-1865 ...2nd infantry    By Michigan. Adjutant-General's Dept   Goo 

Reunion of the Michigan Second Infantry, held at Kalamazoo, October 10, 1888. 1888    HT

The true story of Andersonville prison : a defense of Major Henry Wirz    by James Madison Page, in collaboration with M. J. Haley  HT

[Michigan infantry regiment, 3rd ] .   Four years campaigning in the Army of the Potomac, [electronic resource]      by ... D. G. Crotty  1974   HT

Reminiscences, incidents, battles, marches and camp life of the old 4th Michigan Infantry in War of Rebellion, 1861-64       by Orvey S Barrett,    ARC   Goo   HT

Record of Service of Michigan Volunteers in the Civil War, 1861-1865 ...4th infantry    By Michigan. Adjutant-General's Dept     Goo 

Memorial sketches of Doctor Moses Gunn  { 5th regiment }  by Jane Augusta Terry Gunn,    Arc

Among the cotton thieves Michigan Infantry Regiment, 6th   Arc    HT

Autobiographical sketch of Capt. S. W. Fowler, late of the 6th Mich. inft'y. Together with an appendix containing his speeches on the state of the union, "Reconstruction", etc.,... by Fowler, S. W. 1829-1894 1877    HT

A soldier's life; the Civil War experiences of Ben C. Johnson. Orginally entitled: Sketches of the Sixth Regiment, Michigan Infantry. Edited, with an introd., by Alan S. Brown.   HT

Personal and historical sketches and facial history of and by members of the Seventh regiment Michigan volunteer cavalry, 1862-65      by William O. Lee, 1844       ARC   HT     

An historical sketch of the Seventh regiment Michigan volunteer cavalry from its organizations, in 1862, to its muster out, in 1865. By Asa B. Isham  Arc   HT

Souvenir of the Seventh, containing a brief history of it. Prefaced with a view front and rear of the "late unpleasantness"... By Sergeant J. A. Tivy   Arc    HT

"With touch of elbow" or, Death before dishonor [Regiment, 8th]    by James M. Wells, b1838    J.C. Winston Co., 1909    ARC      OpL     

Emmett Cole letters, 1861-1862 (Michigan Infantry Regiment, 8th)   by Cole, Emmett, d. 1862   Arc  Folder 1

What I remember of the great rebellion, by Wells B. Fox   HT

Historical sketches of the Ninth Michigan infantry (General Thomas' headquarters guards) with an account of the battle of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Sunday, July 13, 1862; four... by Bennett, Charles Wilkes, Lester, Frank A. Rankin, Henry C., 1913   HT

Civil war letters of members of John Pentelow, 9th Michigan cavalry, 1865-1865   Arc

Robert Henry Hendershot;b1850   or, The brave drummer boy of the Rappahannock    [Infantry Regiment, 9th]  by William Sumner   Dodge,   ARC    HT

Reunion. by Society of the Ninth Michigan Infantry Veteran Volunteers. 1800   HT

"With touch of elbow;" or, Death before dishonor; a thrilling narrative of adventure on land and sea, by Captain James M. Wells   HT

History of the formation, movements, camps, scouts and battles of the  Tenth Regiment Michigan Volunteer Infantry : containing a short historical sketch of every officer connected with the regiment.   Also, the names, dates of enlistments, nativity, occupation, etc., of every member of the organization, together with dates and places of discharge, deaths, ect., [sic] from the first elistment to date of re-enlistment      by Fletcher Willis Hewes, 1864    ARC    Goo   HT   OpL

A brief history of the Tenth Michigan Cavalry / by L.S. Trowbridge ; together with half-tones of the photographs of all its officers, from its organization to its muster out,... by Trowbridge, L. S.   1905   HT

Chronology of the 10th Michigan Cavalry regiment (1863-1865) William R Kinney,  1920   Arc

With Sherman to the sea; a drummer's story of the Civil War, as related by Corydon Edward Foote to Olive Deane Hormel. With a foreword by Elizabeth Yates [Michigan infantry regiment, 10th ]  HT

War pictures: a poem, by Gabriel Campbell, A.B., captain, Seventeenth Michigan volunteer infantry   HT

  [ Michigan Infantry Regiment, 17thDowling, Morgan E.]    Southern prisons, or, Josie the heroine of Florence : four years of battle and imprisonment. Richmond, Atlanta, Belle Isle, Andersonville and Florence, a complete history of all southern prisons…   HT

Roster of officers and privates of the 18th Michigan Volunteer ...  United States. Army. Michigan Infantry Regiment, 18th (1862-1865)  1899   Goo   HT

Record of Service of Michigan Volunteers in the Civil War, 1861-1865 ...18th    By Michigan. Adjutant-General's Dept   Goo

The story of the Twentieth Michigan infantry, July 15th, 1862 to May 30th, 1865. Embracing official documents on file in the records of the state of Michigan and of the United States referring or relative to the regiment    by Byron M. Cutcheon    ARC    vol 1     vol 2      Goo    HT

The Civil War diary of William Boston : a Union soldier of Company H, Twentieth Michigan Volunteer Infantry, Ninth Army Corps : August 19, 1862-July 4, 1865. by Boston, Orlan W. 1891-1991   1937   HT

Roster of the survivors of the twenty-third regiment, Michigan volunteer Infranty     by Twenty-third Michigan infantry association  1901  Arc    Goo    HT

History of the Twenty-fourth Michigan of the Iron brigade     by Orson Blair  Curtis, 1841?-1901  Detroit, Mich., Winn & Hammond, 1891  ARC    HT   OpL   Goo

The Twenty-fourth Michigan of the Iron Brigade   by O.B. Curtis  1891   HT

The story of the Twenty-fifth Michigan. By B. F. Travis. 1897   HT

The great war relic [ 28th regt ]    by Charles L. Cummings,   1848-     ARC

The great war relic ... Valuable as a curiosity of the rebellion. Together with a sketch of my life, service in the Army, and how I lost my feet since the war; also, many interesting incidents illustrative of the life of a soldier. Comp. and sold by Chas. L. Cummings, late private Co. E, Twenty-eighth Michigan Infantry Volunteers  HT

The Detroit Light Guard : (Michigan Volunteer Infantry, 31st,)a complete record of this organization from its foundation to the present day : with full account of riot and complimentary duty, and the campaigns in the Civil and Spanish-American wars : a complete roster of members at the time of muster-out of the United States service, as wClowes, Walter F. 1900    Arc

History of Company K, 33d Michigan Volunteer Infantry, U.S.A.    by Corporal E.J. Stilwell    Goo   HT

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