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An account of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument; erected by the people of the city of Nashua, N.H., in the year eighteen hundred eighty-nine, in honor of the men of Nashua who served their country during the War of the rebellion, A. D. 1861-1865.   HT

New Hampshire in the Great Rebellion: Containing Histories of the Several Regiments...    by Otis Frederick Reed Waite   1870   Goo

Record of the soldiers, sailors and marines who served the United States of America in the war of the rebellion and previous wars; buried in the city of Portsmouth, N.H. and the neighboring towns of Greenland, Newcastle, Newington and Rye. May 30, 1893. Prepared for Storer post, no.1, Dept. of New Hampshire, Grand army of the republic, Portsmouth, N.H. by Joseph Foster ...   HT

The First Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers in the Great Rebellion     by Stephen G. Abbott,    Sentinel Printing Co., 1890         OpL

Orderly book kept by Jeremiah Fogg. Adjutant Colonel Enoch Poors̕ Second New Hampshire regiment on Winter Hill, during the siege of Boston, October 28, 1775, to January 12, 1776.   by New Hampshire Infantry. 2nd Regiment, 1775-1783.   Reprinted from The Exeter News-letter, 1903   OpL

History of the Second Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers     by Martin A. Haynes,    C. F. Livingston, Printer, 1865   Arc   OpL  

Reminiscences of a veteran N H 3 rd Regiment      by Henry S. Hamilton,    Republican Press Association, 1897    OpL

Roster, Fourth Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers    by John G Hutchinson  Arc

A history of the Fifth Regiment, New Hampshire Volunteers, in the American Civil War, 1861-1865.    by William Child,   R.W. Musgrove, printer, 1893    OpL

History of the Ninth Regiment, New Hampshire Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion.      by Edward Oliver Lord,1895    Goo      OpL

A history of the army experience of William A. Canfield   [New Hampshire Infantry Regiment, 9th] by William A. Canfield,  b. 1840  Arc

History of the Twelfth Regiment , New Hampshire Volunteers in the War of the ...      by Asa W. Bartlett   1897  Arc   pt.2    Goo     OpL  

A memorial of the Great Rebellion being a history of the Fourteenth Regiment New-Hampshire Volunteers, covering its three years of service, with original sketches of army life, 1862-1865     by  Francis H. Buffum,  Franklin Press, Rand, Avery, & Co., 1882    OpL

History of the Fifteenth Regiment, New Hampshire Volunteers...   by Charles McGregor   1899   Goo

History of the Sixteenth regiment, New Hampshire volunteers.     by Luther Tracy Townsend,   N.T. Elliott, 1897     OpL

History of the Seventeenth Regiment, New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry, 1862- 63    by Charles N.  Kent, by order of the 17th NH Veteran Assoc, 1898   Goo    OpL 


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