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Ohio CW Regiments

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Ohio in the War: Her Statesmen, Her Generals, and Soldiers   by Whitelaw Reid   Arc  vol 2      Goo   vol 2

Our Knapsack: Sketches for the Boys in Blue.    by Francis Marion McAdams of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry,1884       Goo

The History of Fuller's Ohio Brigade [conposed of the 27, 39, 43 & 63 regiments], 1861-1865: Its Great March, with ...   by Charles H. Smith   Arc   Goo  OpL

Official roster of the soldiers of the state of Ohio in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1866     Werner Co., 1886   OpL     

 vol 1   vol 2    vol 3    vol 4     vol 5     vol 6    vol 7     vol 8       vol 9     vol 10     vol 11    vol 12      HT most vols

Greene County soldiers in the late war being a history of the Seventy-fourth O.V.I., with sketches of the 12th, 94th, 110th, 44th, 10th Ohio Battery,   154th, 54th, 17th, 34th, 184th, together with a list of Greene County's soldiers    by  Ira S.  Owens,  US Army. Ohio Infantry Regiment, 74th    by Ira S. Owens,  Christian Pub. House, 1884    Arc     Goo      OpL 

The Black Brigade of Cincinnati : being a report of its labors and a muster-roll of its members ; together with various orders, speeches, etc.,,,,   1864   PLC



Four years in the saddle. [1st Ohio Cavalry]    by W. L. Curry, Champlin Printing Co., 1898   OpL

History of the Service of the Third Ohio Veteran Volunteer Cavalry in the ...    by Thos Crofts  1910    Goo      OpL

The story of the Fourth Regiment Ohio Veteran Volunteer Cavalry  by Wulsin, Lucien   1912    OpL

History and Roster of the Fourth and Fifth Independent Battalions:...and 13th regiment    by Howard Aston 1902   Goo

What I saw from 1861 to 1864 [ Ohio Infantry Regiment, 5th    by John M. Paver, Scott-Miller company, 1906    OpL

Civil War diary for 1863  William Harrison Knight, 5th Regiment, Ohio Infantry   PLC

The story of a regiment United States. Army. Ohio Infantry Regiment, 6th (1861-1864)  by E Hannaford, author, 1868   KDL    OpL

History of the Seventh Cavalry  by Richard C. Rankin.  1881    Goo

Itinerary of the Seventh Ohio volunteer infantry, 1861-1864: with ...    Goo

The Seventh regiment a record   Ohio Infancy    by George L. Wood, J. Miller, 1867   OpL

The Seventh regiment    by George L. Wood,   J. Miller, 1867    OpL

Itinerary of the Seventh Ohio volunteer infantry, 1861-1864     by Lawrence Wilson,   The Neale publishing company, 1907   Arc   OpL 

A history of the Eleventh regiment, (Ohio volunteer infantry,)   by J. H. Horton   W.J. Shuey, 1866   OpL

Roster and proceedings of the 12th reunions of the Eleventh Ohio ...   1833  Goo

The Fifteenth Ohio volunteers and its campaigns, war of 1861-5     by Alexis Cope,   The author, 1916   Goo   OpL  

History and roster of the Fourth and Fifth independent battalions, 13th regiment       by Howard   Aston,   Press of F. J. Heer, 1902    OpL

History of the 21st Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the War of the Rebellion    by S. S. Canfield, Vrooman, Anderson & Bateman, printers, 1893    OpL

Journal history of the Twenty-ninth Ohio Veteran Volunteers, 1861-1865     by J. Hamp SeCheverell, 1883    OpL

History of the 40th Ohio Volunteer Infantry   DC

The Forty-first Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865     by Robert L Kimberly   Arc  

The Forty - second Ohio infantry: a history of the organization and services of that regiment in the war of the rebellion; with biographical sketches of its field officers and a full roster of the regiment    by Frank Holcomb Mason, 1840-1916   Arc

History of the Forty-Eighth Ohio Vet. Vol. Inf. giving a complete account of the regiment from its organization at Camp Dennison, O., in October, 1861, to the close of the war, and its final muster-out, May 10, 1866 : including all its marches, camps, battles, battle-scenes, skirmishes, sieges, bivouacs, picketing, foraging, and scouting; with its capture, prison life and exchange : embracing also, an account of the escape and re-capture of Major J.A. Bering and Lieut. W.J. Srofe, and the closing events of the war in the trans-Mississippi dep't. by   John A Bering,   Arc    OpL

The colonel's diary; journals kept before and during the civil war by the late Colonel Oscar L. Jackson, 1840-1920...sometime commander of the 63rd regiment O. V. I    Arc

Story of the Sherman brigade.The camp, the march, the bivouac, the battle; and how "the boys" lived and died during four years of active field service...    by  Hinman , Wilbur F With 368 illustrations. Composed of the 64th and 65th Ohio infantry, the 6th battery, and McLaughlin's squadron of cavalry   Arc

Journal-history of the Seventy-third Ohio Volunteer Infantry   by Samuel H. Hurst,   1866   OpL

History of the 78th regiment O.V.V.I.     by Thomas M. Stevenson, Hugh Dunne, 1865   OpL 

History of the Eighty-first Regiment Ohio Infantry Volunteers, during the War of the Rebellion    by W. H. Chamberlin,   Gazette Steam Print. House, 1865   OpL   

Services of the Ninety-sixth Ohio Volunteers.    by Woods, Joseph Thatcher Blade Printing, 1874    OpL

Story of the One Hundred and First Ohio Infantry     by L. W. Day, W.M. Bayne Print. Co., 1894   OpL

Every-day Soldier Life: Or A History of the One Hundred and Thirteenth Ohio ... By Francis Marion McAdams  1862  Goo

Record of the One Hundred and Sixteenth Regiment Ohio Infantry Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion   by  Thos. F. Wildes,   1884    OpL

The military history of the 123d Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry     by C. M. Keyes,  Register Steam Press, 1874    OpL    

Opdycke tigers, 125th O. V. I., a history of the regiment and of the campaigns and battles of the Army of the Cumberland - Clark , Charles T., b. 1845   Arc

A summer in Maryland and Virginia; or, Campaigning with the 149th Ohio volunteer infantry, a sketch of events connected with the service of the regiment in Maryland and the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia; - Perkins, George, 1844-1926   Arc

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