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Annals of the Army of Tennessee and early western History   Chronological Summary of Battles and Engagements of the Western Armies of the confederacy ... by Edwin L. Drake  1879  Goo   vol 1    Apr-Dec 1878   

Memorial history of the John Bowie Strange Camp, United Confederate Veterans ... edited by Homer Richey   1920   Goo

Tennessee in the War, 1861-1865: lists of military organizations and officers from Tennessee in...    by Marcus Joseph Wright   1908   Arc    Goo

Battles and Sketches of the Army of Tennessee     by Bromfield Lewis Ridley   1906   Goo

Compiled records showing service of military units in Confederate organizations   - TENNESSEE Sixteenth Cavalry (Logwood's) Sixteenth Battalion (Neal's), Cavalry Seventeenth Battalion (Sander's), Cavalry Eighteenth Cavalry (Newsom's) Nineteenth Cavalry (Riffle's) Nineteenth and Twentieth Cavalry (Consolidated) Twentieth Cavalry Twentieth Cavalry (Russell's) Twenty-first Cavalry Twenty-first Cavalry (Carter's) Twenty-first Cavalry (Wilson's) Twenty-first and Twenty-second Cavalry (Consolidated) Twenty-second Cavalry Twenty-second Cavalry (Barteau's) Twenty-second Cavalry (Nixon's) Twenty-eighth Cavalry Allison's Squadron, Cavalry Capt. Clark's Independent Co., Cavalry Cooper's Regiment, Cavalry Cox's Battalion Douglass' Battalion, Partisan Rangers Greer's Regiment, Partisan Rangers Holman's Battalion, Partisan Rangers Capt. Jackson's Co., Cavalry Napier's Battalion, Cavalry Newsom's Regiment, Cavalry Nixon's Regiment, Cavalry Shaw's Battalion (Hamilton's Battalion), Cavalry Capt. Jeremiah C. Stone's Co. A, Lyons Cavalry Welcker's Battalion, Cavalry Capt. Williams' Co., Cavalry Wilson's Regiment, Cavalry Capt. Woodward's Co., Cavalry First Heavy Artillery (Jackson's Regiment) Capt. Barry's Co. (Lookout Artillery), Light Artillery Capt. Baxter's Co., Light Artillery Capt. Bibb's Co. (Washington Artillery) Capt. Browne's Co., Light Artillery Capt. Burrough's Co. (Rhett's Artillery), Light Artillery Capt. Fisher's Co. (Nelson's Artillery) Capt. Huggins' Co., Light Artillery Capt. Johnston's Co. (12 months, 1861-62) (Southern Guards Artillery), Heavy Artillery Capt. Kain's Co. (Mabry's Light Artillery) Capt. Lynch's Co., light Artillery Capt. Marshall 's Co. (Steuben's Artillery) McClung's Co., Light Artillery Capt. Morton's Co., Light Artillery Capt. Palmer's Co. (Reneau's Battery), Light Artillery Capt. Phillips' Co. (Johnson light Artillery) Capt. Folk's Battery, light Artillery Capt. Ramsey's Battery, Artillery Capt. Rice's Battery, light Artillery Capt. Scott's Co., light Artillery Capt. Sparkman's Co. (Maury Artillery), Light Artillery Capt. Sterling's Co., Heavy Artillery Capt. Stewart's Co., Artillery Capt. Tobin's Co. (Memphis light Battery), Light Artillery Capt. Weller's Co., Light Artillery Capt. Winston's Co. (Belmont's Battery), light Artillery First Zouaves First light Artillery (First Battalion) Artillery Corps (McCown's))    Arc   Reel 0050

"Co. Aytch": Maury Grays, First Tennessee Regiment, Or, a Side Show ...    by Sam R. Watkins   1900  Arc   Goo    Gut    MBk

Roster of the First Regiment Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry    DC

History of the First regiment of Tennessee volunteer cavalry in the great war of the rebellion     by William Randolph Carter,   Gaut-Ogden co. 1902  Arc   OpL

Hancock's Diary: Or, A History of the Second Tennessee Confederate Cavalry     by Richard R. Hancock   1887   Arc   Goo

Journal of Tennessee Cavalry, 2nd Regiment 1847 Apr. 9 - May 4     by William Richard Caswell,   April 9, 1847   UTK

[ Cavalry Regiment, 3rd ]The artillery of Nathan Bedford Forrest's cavalry, "the wizard of the saddle,"     by John Watson Morton,   Arc

A Brief Narrative of the Fourth Tennessee Cavalry Regiment, Wheeler's Corps ...    by George B. Guild   1913   Arc    Goo

History of the Thirteenth Regiment, Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry, U. S. A ...    by Samuel W. Scott, Samuel P. Angel 1903     Goo

Personal record of the Thirteenth Regiment, Tennessee Infantry      by Alfred J. Vaughan,  Press of S.C. Toof & Co., 1897    Arc     OpL

Campaigns and battles of the Sixteenth Regiment , Tennessee Volunteers, in the war between the tates , with incidental sketches of the part performed by other Tennessee roops in the same war 1861-1865 by Thomas A  Head,   Arc

Old Nineteenth Tennessee regiment , C. S. A     by W. J. Worsham, (William Johnson), 1840-1914  Arc

History of the Twentieth Tennessee Regiment Volunteer Infantry, C.S.A.    by William Josiah McMurray, Deering J. Roberts, Ralph J. Neal  1904   Arc   Goo

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