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Amusements in Detroit in colonial days. Paper of Mr. Clarence M. Burton of Detroit     by Burton, Clarence Monroe  1909   HT

Atlas of the City of Detroit and suburbs  embracing portions of Hamtramck, Springwells and Greenfield Townships, Wayne County, Mich. from offical records, private plans & actual surveys   compiled under the supervision of E. Robinson & R. H. Pidgeon  1885   OpL

The Bi-centenary of the Founding of City of Detroit 1701-1901: Being the Official Report of the...     by  Common Council, Detroit (Mich.). 1902   Goo

The Book of Detroiters.   ed  by Albert Nelson Marquis  . Marquis & company   Goo   1908   Gnet

Book of University club of Detroit 1905: Founded January 24, 1899 ...  By Detroit (Mich.). University club, University Club of Detroit  Goo

The building of Detroit .  by Burton, Clarence Monroe  1912   HT

"Cadillac's village", or, "Detroit under Cadillac"    OpL

The city of Detroit, Michigan , 1701-1922;   by Clarence Monroe Burton William Stocking, Gordon K. Miller   1922    Goo

Compendium of history and biography of the city of Detroit and Wayne County, Michigan ...     by  Burton, Clarence Monroe . 1909   HT

Detroit blue book : a society directory for the city of Detroit , containing ...   Goo   1885    1899

Dau's blue book for Detroit and suburban towns ... p   HT  1899

Detroit City Charters.  DC  MoA        1855     1856    1859    1867    1893 / 94

Detroit city directories and advertising gazetteer of Michigan ‎   multiple sources     HT 1845-59, 1913-15

1837   1845    1846    1852/53      1855   1856    1857     1861    1864    1865    1866   1873   1875   1877   1879   1880   1899    1928   1929

Detroit Business Directory    1869    1899  

Business and professional directory of Detroit and surrounding towns.  1899

Detroit City Directory of Colored People, Johnston,   MLH   1857-8    

Detroit and the Pleasure Resorts of Northern Michigan   by Detroit Lansing and Northern Railroad Company    LC

Detroit in 1849    by C.M. Burton.  1910   HT

In earlier days : a few notes on some of the old buildings in the city.  By: Burton, Clarence Monroe    1914   HT

Detroit is my own home town    by Malcolm Wallace Bingay,  The Bobbs-Merrill company, 1946    OpL

Detroit illustrated: the commercial metropolis of Michigan ...   1891  Goo 

The Detroit journal year-book:    1888  Goo  vol 1-3

The Detroit News. 1873, 1917, a record of progress by Lee A White,   Evening News Association, 1918    OpL

Diary of the Siege of Detroit in the War With Pontiac: Also a Narrative of the Principal Events of the Siege By Major Robert Rogers, a Plan for Conducting Indian Affairs By Colonel Bradstreet, and Other Authentick Documents Never Before Printed     by Robert Rogers and John Bradstreet, ed. by Franklin Benjamin Hough Albany, NY: J. Munsell, 1860    Can     Goo   OpL

Elmwood Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan   By Frederick Law Olmsted   1895      Goo

History of Detroit, a Chronicle of Its Progress, Its Industries, Its Institutions, and the People...  by Paul Leake. 1912  Goo

The city of Detroit, Michigan, 1701-1922;     by Clarence Monroe Burton, William Stocking, Gordon K. Miller. 1922  Goo   vol 5

Compendium of History and Biography of the City of Detroit and Wayne County, Michigan ...    by Clarence Monroe Burton. 1909   Goo    MoA

Early days in Detroit    by Friend Palmer, 1820-1906    Hunt & June, 1906  Arc   OpL   

History and biography  of the city of Detroit and Wayne Co.   1909   Goo

The History of Detroit and Michigan: Or, the Metropolis Illustrated ; a Chronological ...    by Silas Farmer. 1884  Goo

History of Detroit & Wayne County & early Michigan  by Silas Farmer.  1890   MoA   vol 1     vol 2

The History of Detroit and Michigan: Or, The Metropolis Illustrated; a Full Record of Territorial..    by Silas Farmer. 1889   Goo

Landmarks of Detroit;: A History of the City,       by Robert Budd Ross, George Byron Catlin, Clarence Monroe Burton  1898   Goo

Local history of Detroit & Wayne County Mich.     by George B   Catlin.   1928?    MoA

Sketches of the city of Detroit: state of Michigan, past and present, 1855.    by Robert Ellis Roberts, 1809-1888.  Detroit: R.F. Johnstone, 1855    MoA

A history of United States Army Base Hospital No. 36 (Detroit College of Medicine and Surgery Unit) organized at Detroit, Michigan, April 11th, 1917 - Cooper, Alice Evelyn, edI   Arc

In Detroit courage was the fashion; the contribution of women to the development of Detroit from 1701 to 1951 by Alice Tarbell  Crathern,  Detroit, Wayne University Press, 1953   OpL

Indian affairs around Detroit in 1706    by Miskouaki Ottawa chief.  Western Reserve Historical Society, 1871  OpL

Journal of Captain Thomas Morris, of His Majesty's XVII regiment of infantry; Detroit, September 25, 1764. by Morris, Thomas  1904    OpL

Legends of Le Détroit   [French-Americans]    by Marie Caroline Watson Hamlin ; illustrated by Isabella Stewart. by Hamlin, Marie Caroline Watson. 1884   HT

List of Streets in Detroit: The Names of which Have Been Changed, with the Dates of City...     by Clarence Monroe Burton, 1891  Goo

Memorials of a half-century [Detroit civic leader writes about Michigan Indians; French-speaking inhabitants, Detroit habitants, rural farmers, and voyageurs (who paddled the waterways as guides, trappers, and tradesmen    by Bela Hubbard, 1814-1896...     1887   LC   text    image

Narrative of Mr. John Dodge during his captivity at Detroit byJohn Dodge,  The Torch Press, 1990    OpL

Our churches, Detroit, Mich  Eby & Co., Printers, 189-]     HT

Proceedings in Congress upon the acceptance of the statue of Lewis Cass, presented by the state of Michigan     US Congress (50th, 2nd session: 1888-89)   Memorial addresses   1889      OpL

Sketch of the life and public services of General Lewis Cass    by William T. Young,    of Michigan    Detroit, Markham & Elwood, 1852    OpL

Proceedings of the Conventions of Royal & Select Masters held in the city of Detroit , August 23d, 24th and 25th, 1880   Freemasons.  Royal and Select Masters. General Grand Council  Arc

Sketches of the city of Detroit, state of Michigan, past and present. 1855:    by Robert E.. (Robert Ellis) Roberts, 1809-88   1855   MoA

Souvenir history of Palmer Park, Detroit, Michigan, and sketch of Hon. Thomas W. Palmer sage of Log Cabin Farm - McElroy, Crocket.   Arc   OpL

"WWJ--The Detroit news      by  The Evening News Association, 1922  OpL    

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