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Colonial Will Books, 1754-1779  351 wills probated in the Royal Colony    Columbus Enquirer   Searchable  from 1828 -90

Digital Library of Georgia     Freedmen's Bureau Records - Georgia 

Georgia Archives    Georgia Historic Books

Georgia historic newspapers database Cherokee Phoenix, the Dublin Post, and the Colored Tribune   

Georgia Yearbook Project     Lee Co, Colored Marriage Database 1867--75   

Muscogee Coy Birth Register Database, 1890-1900   

Muscogee Co Marriage Database 1845-78          Rotating Boundary County Maps

Georgia Slave Narratives    Southern Israelite from 1929-58 and 1984-6

Walker County Papers:  land grants, for a plots in Cherokee County, between 1833-5 and  1843-5

1820 - 1880 U.S. census of Telfair County, Georgia by Tad Evans   FHB

Anniversary Address Delivered Before the Georgia Historical Society, in Hodgson Hall, on the 14th...   by Charles Colcock Jones   1881   Goo

An address delivered before the Confederate Survivors' Association, in Augusta, Georgia: In...     by Charles Colcock Jones, 1881    Goo

Address of Rufus B. Bullock to the People of Georgia.: A Review of the Revolutionary Proceedings...    by Rufus Brown Bullock, 1872    Goo

Anniversary Address Delivered Before the Georgia Historical Society, in Hodgson Hall, on the 14th...     by Charles Colcock Jones   181   Goo

Athens, Clarke County, Georgia. by 1910  OpL

The Bench and Bar of Georgia: Memoirs and Sketches, with an Appendix, Containing a Court Roll ...    by Stephen Franks Miller   1858   Goo

Biographical Memorials of James Oglethorpe: Founder of the Colony of Georgia in North America.    by Thaddeus Mason Harris, 1841   Goo 

Biographical Sketches of the Delegates from Georgia to the Continental Congress.   by Charles Colcock Jones, Jr. 1831-1893.    1891   GDL

Brunswick and Glynn County, Georgia...     by William S. Irvine 1902   OpL

        Brunswick, Georgia 1890 City Directory and information concerning directories for 1892, 1896, 1898, 1901-2, 1905, 1908, & 1912   DC

Can a Negro Hold Office in Georgia?: Decided in Supreme Court of Georgia, June term, 1869. :...    by Richard W. White, William J. Clements,   1869   Goo 

The Capture, the Prison Pen, and the Escape: giving a complete history of prison life in the...   ( Rebal Prisons)   by Willard W. Glazier, 1869   Goo 

Catalogue of the officers and students of Clark University, Atlanta, Ga., 1883-4     by Clark University, Atlanta, Ga.  Arc   OpL

1820 - 1880 U.S. census of Telfair County, Georgia    FHL

1860 Census of Mitchel County, Georgia [fr. 8th Census of U.S. 1860]  transcribed by Mary Kathryn Kozy    1998   Rweb

The Civil and Political Status of the State of Georgia and Her Relations to the General...    by Henry McNeal Turner. 1870    Goo

The Colonial Records of the State of Georgia.    by Georgia General Assembly, 1904  Arc    Goo                     

vol 1 vol 6 vol 11 vol 15   vol 25
vol 2   vol 12 vol 16   vol 26
vol 3     vol 17 v22 #2  
vol 4 vol 9 vol 14   vol 23  
  vol 10 vol 14 pt 1 vol 19 pt 1 vol 24  
      vol 19 pt 2    

The commonwealth of Georgia: The country; the people; the productions ...    by Georgia Dept. of Agriculture, John T. Henderson, 1885   Goo 

Contested Election Case of Thomas E. Watson Vs. J.C.C. Black, from the Tenth Congressional district from the state of Georgia       by James C. Black, Thomas Edward Watson, 1896    Goo 

Country Life in Georgia in the Days of My Youth, Also Addresses Before Georgia Legislature...      by   Rebecca (Latinner) Felton, 1919   Goo

The dead towns of Georgia     by Charles Colcock Jones, 1831-93.  Effingham County, Ga   Savannah: Morning News Steam Printing House, 1878    LC 

Dedication of the Monument at Andersonville, Georgia, October 23, 1907:...      by Connecticut Andersonville Monument Commission, 1908   Goo 

Detail of a plan for the moral improvement of Negroes on plantations: Read Before the Georgia...     by Thomas Savage Clay, 1833    Goo 

A Digest of the Laws of the State of Georgia: containing all statutes and the substance of all...    by Georgia, Oliver Hillhouse Prince, 1837   Goo

Directory for the city of Augusta, and business advertiser   R.A. Watkins    OpL  1859

Augusta, Ga. the coming city of the South   by Benevolent and protective order Elks,  1904   OpL

Ceremonies in Augusta, Georgia : laying the corner stone of the Confederate monument with oration by Gen. Clement A. Evans, April 26, 1875, and the unveiling and dedication of the monument ; with oration by Col. Charles C. Jones, Jr., October 31, 1878   OpL

Memorial history of Augusta, Georgia : from its settlement in 1735 to the close of the eighteenth century    by Charles C. Jones , jr. LL.D. From the close of the eighteenth century to the present time    by Salem Dutcher,  Charles Colcock Jones ,  1831-1893   Arc   OpL

Memorial of the centennial anniversary of the First Presbyterian Church, Augusta, Georgia. The anniversary exercises May fifteenth to eighteenth, 1904  OpL

 Drums and Shadows: Survival Studies Among the Georgia Coastal Negroes by Savannah Unit Georgia Writers' Project,  Mary Granger   1940   Sct

The early history of Jackson county, Georgia. "The writings of the late G.J.N. Wilson , embracing some of the early history of Jackson county". The first settlers, 1784; ... Talasee colony; struggles of the colonies of Yamacutah, Groaning Rock, Fort Yargo, Stonethrow and Thomocoggan      1914   Arc    Goo

Educational Survey of Bulloch County, Georgia    by Mell L Duggan. 1915   Goo

The First Colored Baptist Church in North America.   Constituted at Savannah, Georgia, January 20, A.D. 1788. With Biographical Sketches of the Pastors.       James Meriles Simms,  Philadelphia:  J. B. Lippincott Co, 1888    UNC

First Report to the Cotton Planters' Convention of Georgia: On the Agricultural Resources of Georgia    by Joseph Jones, 1860    Goo

Fort Pulaski National Monument, Georgia ,    by Ralston B. Lattimore    NPS    Goo 

A Gazetteer of the State of Georgia: Embracing a Particular Description of the Counties, Towns,...     by Adiel Sherwood, 1837    Goo

Georgia and State Rights: a study of the political history of Georgia from the Revolution to the...     by Ulrich Bonnell Phillips. 1902    Goo

Georgia as a Proprietary Province: the execution of a trust by James Ross McCain, 1917    Goo

Georgia Baptists: Historical and Biographical.     by Jesse Harrison Campbell , 1807-1888. Macon 1874      Goo         GDL  

Georgia; Comprising Sketches of Counties, Towns, Events, Institutions, and Persons..    by Allen Daniel Candler, Clement Anselm Evans, 1906    Goo 

Georgia: from the Immigrant settler's stand-point: Giving the results of the experience of actual settlers…     Georgia Comm. of Agriculture   1879   Har

Georgia from the Invasion of De Soto to Recent Times. by Joel Chandler Harris, 1896    Goo

Georgia in the War, 1861-1865.   by Charles Edgeworth Jones, 1909  Goo

Georgia newspaper clippings : Macon County extracts, 1837-1902   FHA

Georgia Place-Names, 3RD      ed by Kenneth K. Krakow 1999       Ken

Georgians During the War Between the States: An Address Delivered Before the Confederate...     by Charles Colcock Jones , 1889   Goo

Georgia's Roster of the Revolution.   by Georgia. Dept. of Archives and History.  Index Print. Co., 1920  OpL 

The Gold Placers of the Vicinity of Dahlonega, Georgia: Report of William P. Blake ... and of...      by William Phipps Blake, Charles Thomas Jackson, Yahoola River and Cane Creek Hydraulic Hose Mining Company, 1859   Goo

Great Auction Sale of Slaves at Savannah, Georgia      by Q. K. Philander Doesticks    1859    Ese

An Historical Account of The Rise And Progress of The Colonies of ...And Georgia ,    by Alexander Hewatt   Gut   vol I    vol 2   MBk  vol 1    vol 2

Historical Collections of Georgia: containing the most interesting facts, traditions, biographica...    by George White, 1854   Goo

A History and Genealogy of the Families of Bayard, Houstoun of Georgia ...   by Joseph Gaston Baillie Bulloch 1919 Goo   

History of Columbus [GA], compiled by the Georgia History Class of the Columbus High School    1912   GDL

History of Crisp County     by Fort Early Chapter DAR   DMK

The History of Georgia     by Charles C[olcock] Jone,   1883   Goo

Georgia Scences, Characters, Incidents, Etc., in the First Half-century...     by Augustus Baldwin Longstreet  1897    Goo

Georgia Scenes, Characters, Incidents, &c., in the First Half Century of the Republic , 2nd ed      by Augustus Baldwin Longstreet  1850   UNC

An historical account of the rise and progress of the colonies of South Carolina and Georgia     by Alexander Hewatt    1779  Arc

Historical Collections of Georgia: Containing the Most Interesting Facts, Traditions ...    by White, George   1855   Goo

History of Alabama and Incidentally of Georgia and Mississippi, from the Earliest Period.     by Albert James Pickett, Thomas McAdory Owen, 1900   Goo  

A History of Georgia: From Its First Discovery by Europeans to the Adoption of the Present...     by William Bacon Stevens.   1859    Goo

Miscellanies of Georgia, historical, biographical, descriptive, etc. : in three parts.     by    Absalom H. (Absalom Harris) Chappell, 1801-1878.   1874  MoA  

Observations on Doctor Stevens' History of Georgia.     by William Bacon Stevens, 1849   Goo  

A standard history of Georgia and Georgians:   Goo  vol 1   vol 2    vol 3   vol 4   vol 5   vol 6

The History of Georgia Methodism from 1786 to 1866.    by George Gilman Smith.   1913   Goo

The History of Methodism in Georgia and Florida: From 1785 to 1865.    by George Gilman Smith. 1877   Goo

A History of Rome and Floyd County, State of Georgia, United States of America, Including...     by George Magruder Battey. 1922   Goo

History of Washington County   1924  DMK

James Oglethorpe: The Founder of Georgia.     by Harriet Cornelia Cooper, 1904       Goo        GA

Journal of the ... Annual Convention, Diocese of Georgia    by Episcopal Church Diocese of Georgia.  Council 1881   Goo   

Journal of the Public and Secret Proceedings of the Convention of the People of Georgia, Held in Milledgeville and Savannah in 1861,   UNC

Journal of the Senate of the State of Georgia, at the Annual Session of the General Assembly, Convened at Milledgeville, November 3, 1864    UNC

Letter from Rufus B. Bullock, of Georgia, to the Republican Senators and Representatives in...     by Rufus B Bullock, 1870  Goo

A Letter to Hon. Charles Sumner, with "statements" of Outrages Upon Freedmen in Georgia...     by Hamilton Wilcox Pierson.   1870    Goo

The Life and Services of the Honorable Maj. Gen. Samuel Elbert, of Georgia: an address delivered...    by Charles Colcock Jones, 1887  Goo

Men of Mark in Georgia: A Complete and Elaborate History of the State from Its Settlement..     by William J. Northen.  Altanta, Georgia.  A. B.Caldwell Publisher  1912  

     Goo   vol 5       vol 6 1733-1911      OpL   vol 1      vol 2     vol   3       vol 4      vol 5      vol 6

The Moravians in Georgia, 1735-1740 .    by Adelaide Lisetta Fries, 1905   Goo    Arc     Goo Gut

Negro Myths from the Georgia Coast, Told in the Vernacular    by Charles Colcock Jones. 1888    Goo

The Paleozoic Group: The Geology of Ten Counties of Northwestern Georgia.     by Joseph William Spencer, Henry Clay White, Georgia State Geologist, 1893    Goo 

Prelim.of a survey of wages, hours, & conditions of work of women in industry in Atlanta, Ga. Nov. 1920    U.S. Women's Bureau (Dept of Labor) GPO  Har  

Proceedings and Minutes of the Governor and Council from October 30, 1754 to [February 13, 1782].     by Georgia (Colony). Council, 1907   Goo 

Proceedings of the President and Assistants from October 12, 1741, to October 30, 1754    by Georgia (Colony). President and Assistants.   1906   Goo  

Radical Rule: Military Outrage in Georgia   Arrest of Columbus prisoners; imprisonment, release [reconstructio   1868     GDL     MoA

Recollections of a Georgia Loyalist...written in 1836    by Elizabeth Lichtenstein Johnston, 1901    Goo

The Reconstruction of Georgia .    by Edwin Campbell Woolley. 1901  Goo 

Reminiscences of an Old Georgia Lawyer.    by Garnett Andrews , 1870    Goo 

Reminiscences of Famous Georgians: Embracing Episodes and Incidents in the ...    by Lucian Lamar Knight   1908   Goo

Reminiscenes of Georgia.    by   ;P. Burke  1850   Goo  

Reminiscences of Georgia Baptists.      by Shaler Granby Hillyer. 1902   Goo  

Reminiscences of Service with the First Volunteer Regiment of Georgia, Charleston Harbor, in.1863..     by Charles H. Olmstead, Georgia Historical Soc  1879   Goo 

The removal of the Cherokee Indians from Georgia (Volume v.2) - Lumpkin, Wilson, 1783-1870   Arc  vol 1   vol 2

Researches of the Rev. E. Smith and Rev. H.G.O. Dwight in Armenia; Including a Journey Through...    by Eli Smith, H G O Dwight, 1833    Goo

Revolutionary reader : reminiscences and Indian legends   FHA

The Revolutionary records of the State of Georgia ...     The Franklin-Turner Company, 1908    OpL   Arc   vol 1   vol 1 pt 2   vol 2 pt 1   vol 3

The Sherman Letters: Correspondence Between General and Senator Sherman,1837 -91    by William Tecumseh Sherman, John Sherman 1894    Goo 

The Seed that was Sown in the Colony of Georgia: The harvest & the aftermath, 1740-1870.    by Charles Spalding Wylly.   NY 1910    GDL  

The settlement of the Jews in Georgia.       By Chas. C. Jones , jr - Jones , Charles Colcock, 1831-1893   Arc

Six Years in a Georgia Prison: Narrative of Lewis W. Paine, who suffered imprisonment six years...   by Lewis W. Paine, 1852    Goo 

Some early settlers of Rabun County, Georgia : the James and Martha Stonecypher family; the John and Sarah Morris family; the James and Elizabeth Smith family   FHA

The South Since the War: As Shown by Fourteen Weeks of Travel and Observation in Georgia and the...    by Sidney Andrews.   1866   Goo 

Southward Ho!: Notes of a tour to and through the state of Georgia in the winter of 1885-6.     by Timothy Harley, 1886   Goo 

Speech of Hon. Robert Toombs: On the Crisis. Delivered Before the Georgia Legislature, December...   by Robert Augustus Toombs, 1860   Goo 

Statistics of the State of Georgia: including an account of its natural, civil, and ecclesiastica...     by George White, 1849   Goo 

The Story of Georgia and the Georgia People, 1732 to 1860.    by George Gilman Smith, 1900   Goo 

Ten Years on a Georgia Plantation Since the War.     by Frances Butler Leigh, 1883    Goo    UNC

Visits to Brunswick, Georgia, and Travels South.    by Joseph Warren Smith, 1907.   Goo  

A Voyage to Georgia Begun in the Year 1735       by Francis Moore London: Printed for Jacob Robinson, 1744   GDZ

The War-Time Journal of a Georgia Girl, 1864-1865 ,    by Eliza Frances Andrews   UNC

A Woman's Wartime Journal: An Account of the Passage Over a Georgia Plantation of Sherman's Army on the March to the Sea      by Dolly Sumner Lunt  UNC