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Arc Genealogy of the Baskerville family and some allied families including the English descent from 1266 A.D.

FHB Mackeys and Eberlys of Texas; and allied families of McIlwaine, Elgin, Harrison, Adams, Smallwood, Stone, Troope and Perry of Ky., Tenn., Md., and Va.

Goo Harrison, Waples and allied families: being the ancestry of George Leib ... By William Welsh Harrison

Goo Some Colonial Mansions and Those who Lived in Them: And Those who Lived in ... by Thomas Allen Glenn - Historic buildings - 1899

Goo My Reid and Harrison Families in North America from their Arrival to Present. By Larry E Reid

Arc Memoir of Lieut. Col. Tench Tilghman, secretary and aid to Washington : together with an appendix, containing revolutionary journals and letters, hitherto unpublished by S. A. Harrison, (Samuel Alexander), 1822-1890

FHB A Lancashire pedigree case ; or, a history of the various trials for the recovery of the Harrison estates, from 1873 to 1886

FHB Genealogical notes on the Knaworthy, Norsworthy, and Harrison families

FHA The pedigrees of Beakbane of Lancaster : Bragg of Netherend, Clapham of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Harrison of Grassgarth, Waithman of Lindeth

FHB Waltons of Old Virginia : and sketches of families in Central Virginia : Booker, Christian, Coleman, Davis, Fields, Guthrie, Harris, Harrison, Harvey, Hunter, Jones, Shepherd, Stratton, Vawter, Walker, Williamson and Word

FHB Lick Creek beckoned : history and records of the Biggers-Fagan families, embracing branches of allied families: Dooley, Eads, Grigsby, Harrison, Richardson and Woodward

FHB Our Harrison family circles : Benjamin and Mary Walpole Harrison and their descendants

FHB The ancestry of Frances Maria Goodman (1829-1912) wife of Learner Blackman Harrison : with lines from Adams, Allyn, Andrews, Austin, Bachelder, Bishop, Blake, Blanchard, Boylston, Bright, Bronson, Bulkeley, Butler, Call, Cooke, Clarke, Crawford

FHB Harrison family research [Notes on persons with the Harrison surname extracted from public records and other souces, chiefly from the southeastern United States]

FHA The descendants of Francis Muncy I : with genealogy of allied families of Adams, Brewster, Ludlow, Skidmore, Smith, Anderson, Wheatley, Wynn, Blankenship, Dickason, Harvey, Morris, Southgate,
Anthony Arc A house of Harrison [ Anthony Harrison immigrated from England to Virginia, and was in Northumberland County, Virginia in 1653 ] by Catherine May Bell Harrison Murphy, 1913-
Augustine FHB Three generations of Comers : Augustine, Augustus and James Harrison
Augustus FHB Three generations of Comers : Augustine, Augustus and James Harrison
Bazel Goo A biographical sketch of Judge Bazel Harrison: the first white by James H. Stone 1913
Carter Goo Carter Henry Harrison: A Memoir by Willis John Abbot 1895
Cuthbert FHB A brief history of the first Harrisons of Virginia : descendants of Cuthbert Harrison, esq. of Ancaster, England from A.D.1600 to A.D.1915
Fairfax LC A Frenchman in Virginia; being the memoirs of a Huguenot refugee in 1686, translated by a Virginian [Fairfax Harrison, 1869-1938. related name]
Francis FHB Descendants of Francis Harrison
George Arc Royal ancestry of George Leib Harrison of Philadelphia by William Welsh Harrison
Gessner Goo A memorial of Gessner Harrison: M. D., professor of ancient : Volume 262 by John Albert Broadus 1874
James FHB Three generations of Comers : Augustine, Augustus and James Harrison
John Goo Memorial proceedings of the Senate upon the death of Hon. John T. Harrison By Pennsylvania. General Assembly. Senate
Matthew FHA The descendants of Matthew Harrison of Northumberland and Richmond Counties, Virginia
Nathan FHA The ancestry of Nathan Lewis Harrison : revisited nineteen years later [A genealogy of the ancestors of Nathan Lewis Harrison born in 1983 in Lansing, Michigan. His parents were Keith Graham Harrison and Linda Diane Dodson. ]
Thomas Goo Thomas Harrison: regicide and major-general. With illustrations
Thomas FHA Family notes, showing the descendants of the great-grandfathers of the Revd. Thomas Harrison and Jemima Elizabeth Branfill
William Goo The life and times of William Henry Harrison by Samuel Jones Burr 1840
William Goo The life of Major-General William Henry Harrison: comprising a 1840
William Goo The life of William Henry Harrison (of Ohio,): the people's By Isaac Rand Jackson 1840
William Goo A Memoir of the Public Services of William Henry Harrison, of Ohio. By James Hall. 1836
William Goo Eulogy on the life and character of William Henry Harrison: ninth by Edward Deering Mansfield 1841

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