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Care of mental defectives, the insane, and alcoholics in Springfield, Illinois     by Walter Lewis Treadway. 1914    Goo

The charities of Springfield , Illinois ; a survey under the direction of the American assocaition for societies for organizing charity   by Francis Herbert McLean,  1869-1945    Arc

City Directories    1859

Half a century's record of the Springfield Ursulines   Arc

Historical guide and other points of interest of Springfield , Illinois      by W. R. Jenkins  1923   Arc

Historical souvenir of the Springfield High School Alumni Association, 1902 Springfield (Ill.).   Arc

History of Springfield, Illinois, its attractions as a home and advantages for business, manufacturing, etc.    Pub. under the auspices of the Springfield board of trade,     by John Carroll Power. 1819-1894.    Springfield,: Illinois state journal print, 1871.    MoA   Goo

History of the Harrison revival at the First M.E. Church, Springfield , Illinois [microform] - Kalb, Charles E   1886   Arc

Land of Lincoln Capitennial of Springfield, Illinois , June 30-July 6, 1957 - Land of Lincoln Capitennial Association, Springfield , Illinois     Arc  

Lincoln centennial; addresses delivered at the memorial exercises held at Springfield , Illinois , February 12, 1909    Arc  vol 1   vol 2

Lincoln's Springfield in the Civil War    by Camilla A Quinn,    Arc

 A list of the genealogical works in the Illinois State Historical Library, Springfield , Illinois - Illinois State Historical Library  Arc  1914   1919

Oak Ridge cemetery   by Springfield, Illinois. Oak Ridge Cemetery.  1879   OpL

Springfield, Illinois "Illinois State Register" [Democratic],    FuU    26 May 1856     12 March 1857

Springfield, Missouri, & Surroundings, 1889    GrCL

The Springfield Survey; A Study of Social Conditions in an American City,     by Shelby Millard Harrison. 1918  Goo

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