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Muscatine County, IAGenWeb Site    Upper Mississippi Valley Digital Image Archive

A. E. Caffee's Muscatine county history and directory, 1876-77, comprising an alphabetical list of city and county officers, churches, schools, streets, wards, societies, etc. Also sketches of county and different historical items of interest   HT

Acts, Resolutions and Memorials Passed at the Regular Session of the ...  1876   by Iowa

Addendum to Rose Hill  Cemetery (Cedar County, Iowa)   Arc

An Address Delivered at the Annual Commencement of the State University of Iowa, June 21st, 1807,  by Thomas H. Benton   MoA

The Amish Mennonites: A sketch of their origin, & of their settlement in Iowa , w/their creed ...    by Barthinius L. Wick,   1894   Har

Annual report.   Sioux City Commercial Club.  1915    HT

The Biographical Dictionary of Iowa    ed. by David Hudson, Marvin Bergman, and Loren N. Horton   (electronic edition, c2009)  UI

A biographical record of Calhoun County, Iowa.     S. J. Clarke publishing company, 1902   OpL

A Biographical record of Hamilton County, Iowa   FHB

History of Hamilton County, Iowa   FHB   vol 1    vol 2

The biographical record of Webster County, Iowa ..      S.J. Clarke Publishing Company   Arc

A Brief Pictorial & Commercial History of Sioux City, Iowa 1923   GenN  

History of Sioux City, Iowa, from earliest settlement to January, 1892    Northern Investment Company of Boston (Mass.)    HT

History of the Counties of Woodbury and Plymouth , Iowa ...including Sioux City 1890-91  GenN

Municipal directory and plan of government of the city of Sioux City, Iowa. by Sioux City (Iowa) 1910    HT

Past and present of Sioux City and Woodbury County, Iowa. Hon. Constant R. Marks, associate editor  1904    HT

Proceedings of the Academy of Science and Letters of Sioux City, Iowa   1905-6

Sioux City directory ... together with ordinances of the city     Wm. Shaw, compiler   1871   1910   1914    1924

Sioux City illustrated : the pioneer period and an authentic sketch of the Sioux City of today ...  ed by E.P. Heizer  1888   HT

Sioux City, Iowa / illustrated   by Geo. C. Searle ; C.C. Cochran   1886    HT

Sioux City spirit of progress : official publication of Chamber of Commerce   HT  1921-22

Three Quarters of A Century of Progress 1848-1923     A brief pictorial and commercial history of Sioux City, Iowa published in 1923. The last 100 pages are a directory of the businesses located in Sioux City and Morningside, in 1923.    Gweb

The census of Iowa   MoA    1867      1869    1875

The census returns of the counties of Iowa for... Census board Iowa.  Arc    MoA     1856     1865    1869     1875

Centennial history of Webster county  towns and townships and the city of  Fort Dodge     by E[rastus] G[ould]   Morgan   Iowa.  1876   OpL

The biographical record of Webster County, Iowa ..  S.J. Clarke Publishing Company  1902   Arc

The Charter and Revised Ordinances of the City of Muscatine : Together with ...    by Muscatine , Ia, W. F. Brannan, Iowa – 1878  Goo

Circular.  The Iowa College Circulars   Grinnell College   HT  v.1 1902

Cplleges and universities:

Iowa State Normal School.   Triennial catalog of graduates ; Historical account of the several societies ; The addresses given at the Bartlett anniversary    1904  HT

The alumni register Iowa State Normal School.  1909

The alumni register   Iowa State Teachers College   HT   1913   1917

Morningside College.   1911   HT

 State University of Iowa.   Directory of faculty and students.  HT   1917-18

College directory / Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts.  HT   1915-17

Commencement Address, Thomas H Benton, of the State Univ. of Iowa, June 1807   MoA

Congregational churches in Iowa  "Who's who ... a list of more than thirteen hundred of the leaders of our Pilgrim hosts   1911    Goo

Constitution of the State Hist.    Soc. of Iowa , Iowa City, 1857   MoA

Council Bluffs, Iowa 1929 City Directory    1906   1907  1929  

Early days at Council Bluffs   by Charles H. Babbitt    by Babbitt, Charles Henry 1916    HT

History of the recovery and final interment of the remains of Col. W. H. Kinsman : and the erection and unveiling of the Kinsman monument at Council Bluffs, Iowa, May 17, 1902.    HT

Davenport, past & present; including the early history [Iowa]   by Franc Bangs Wilkie, 1832-92. 1858   Arc      Goo     MoA

Company B of Davenport    Iowa infantry. 50th regt. (1898-1902 : Co. B); Spanish-American War, 1898    by Cook, George Cram, 1873-1924   Arc

Davenport , Iowa .. -Davenport , Iowa. Business men's association.   Arc

Davenport , Iowa. Indelible photographs   Arc

First album of the city of Davenport , Iowa - Huebinger's photographic art gallery, Davenport , Iowa.   Arc

History of Davenport and Scott County Iowa : Illustrated    1910  Arc   vol 1    vol 2

The history of the first national bank in the United States : a history of the First National Bank of Davenport , Iowa;    by Albert F Dawson,   Arc

Justice and mercy: a sermon preached at a united service held in the Methodist Episcopal church, of Davenport , Iowa, on the national fast day, June 1st, 1865    by William Windsor, 1830-1908. Arc

Official book of the Fort Armstrong centennial celebration: June 18th - 24th, 1916: Rock Island and Moline, Illinois and Davenport , Iowa, 1816-1916 - Rock Island County Historical Society (Ill.) Arc

Report to the mayor and City Council of the city of Davenport , Iowa on city planning for Davenport    by Roscoe E  Sawistowsky,  1918   Arc

Them was the good old days: in Davenport, Scott County Iowa     by   William L. Purcell  1922   Goo

Three cities and their industrial interests, with an historical and descriptive sketch of the national armory and arsenal, the location, manufacturing facilities, and business advantages of Davenport, Iowa, and Rock Island, Moline, and Milan, Illinois--their commerce, population, schools, churches...    1884    Arc

Debates of the Constitutional conv.; Iowa City , Jan 1857...    MoA   vol 1   vol 2

The Debates of the Constitutional Convention of the State of Iowa ,      MoA

Des Moines and Polk County, Iowa, City Directory  

1866   1869  1871   1873   1874  1876   1877   1881   1882-3   1884  1886   1888  1898   1891  1892  1894  1895   1897   1898   1899  

1900   1901   1902   1903   1904  1905  1906   1907   1908   1909   1910   1911  1912  1913   1914   1915   1916   1917   1919    1912   1921   1922

Des Moines High School Annua    Rweb  1905

Des Moines, Iowa 1897 City Directory    1897    1900   1902

Portrait and biographical album of Des Moines County, Iowa  Acme publishing company, 1888   OpL

Des Moines River improvement Report of the commissioner & the Gov. of Iowa   MoA 

1836 Wisconsin Territorial Census, Des Moines County    Gweb

West City Schools, Des Moines, Iowa   By Des Moines (Iowa). Board of Education, Iowa. Board of Education Des Moines   Goo  1889-90   1899

Early Settlement & Growth of Western Iowa [incl John Brown, indians, underground railroad, etc.]    by John Todd, (Rev.)  1905?  Rweb

Farm children; an investigation of rural child life in selected areas of Iowa    by Bird Thomas Baldwin,   et al. 1930   Cor

Folklore from Iowa 1936.   by Earl Jonathan Stout  , MoA

The Galena City directory: 1854   By H.H. Houghton & Co., Publishers. Gazette and Advertiser Office  Goo 1854

General Assembly of Iowa : [directory].    26th-32nd 1896-1907 inc.  

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Memorial   [Remsen]     1946   Arc

Hancock County, Iowa, atlas    Arc   1905

The History of Benton County, Iowa, Containing a History of the County, Its ...   1878    Goo

History of Black Hawk County, Iowa, and its people  by John C.Hartman   1915   Goo

History of Boone County, Iowa     by Nathan Edward  Goldthwait,  1827-     Arc  vol 1    vol 2  Goo  vol 1

The history of Boone County, Iowa, containing ... biographical sketches ..     Union historical company, Des Moines  1880  Arc   Goo

An address containing the history of Boone county    by Stephen Neal,   Arc

A Biographical record of Boone County, Iowa   Arc

Financial report, Boone County, Iowa for the year .. and official directory ... [ Officials and employees   Directories.]   HT 1911-21

History of Buchanan County, Iowa, and Its People      by Harry Church Chappell, Katharyn Joella Allen Chappell    1914    Goo

History of Carroll County, Iowa: A Record of Settlement ...   By Paul Maclean    1912   Goo   vol 1 

History of Cherokee County, Iowa .  by  Thomas McCulla   1914    Goo   vol 1   vol 2

Biographical History of Cherokee County, Iowa.  1889   GenN

Honor roll and war history of Cherokee County , Iowa , 1917, 1918, 1919 : service men's records and photographs secured by John W. Stevens ; history of home organizations and general compilation of all work arranged by W.E. Hunter     FHB

History of Davis County, Iowa: Containing a History of the County, Its ... By Brookhaven Press   1882  Goo

History of Decatur County, Iowa, and Its People       by J. M. Howell, Heman Conoman Smith    1915   Goo  vol 1   vol2

The History of Dubuque County, Iowa, Containing a History of the County, Its ...    by Western Historical Co, Western Historical Co  1880     Goo

1836 Wisconsin Territorial Census, Dubuque County    Gweb

History of Floyd County, Iowa: Together with Sketches of Its ...  1882    Goo   vol 1  vol 2

History of Fremont County, Iowa...The county, its cities, towns, etc...Biographical directory...[illus.]  1881   GenN

The history of Jones County, Iowa: containing a history of the county, its ... Western Historical Co 1879    Goo

History of Jones County, Iowa: past and present, Volume 1 ‎  S.J. Clarke Publishing Company   1910   Goo   vol 1

The History of Henry County, Iowa: Containing a History of the County, Its Cities, Towns...    by Western Historical Co, 1879   Goo    USGen

Portrait and Biographical Album of Henry County, Iowa, Containing Full Page ...  1888   Goo

History of Iowa from the Earliest Times to the Beginning of the Twentieth Century      by Benjamin F. Gue, 1903    Goo

The history of Jackson County, Iowa, containing a history of the county, its cities, towns, &c., biographical sketches of citizens, war record of its volunteers in the late rebellion ... history of the Northwest, history of Iowa ... miscellaneous matters, &c .. - Western Historical Co., pub   Arc

History of Johnson County, Iowa: Containing a History of the County, and Its Townships, Cities...  1883    Goo

Directory of Johnson County, Iowa, for 1878-79   by H. W. Fyffe   OpL

Iowa City and Johnson County, Iowa, directory  1922

Leading Events in Johnson County, Iowa, History     by Clarence Ray Aurner   1912   Goo  vol 1

Year book of the Old setters' association, Johnson county, Iowa   Arc    1898      vol 37, 1903

The History of Jones County, Iowa: Containing a History of the County, Its ... ‎   by Western Historical Co, Western Historical Co   1879    Arc    Goo

The History of Lee County, Iowa: Containing a History of the County, Its ... by Western Historical Company, Chicago   1879   Goo

Biographical Review of Lee County, Iowa by Hobart Publishing Company   1905  Goo

Story of Lee County, Iowa;     by Nelson Commins Roberts, 1856- ed   1914     Arc  vol 1    vol 2      Goo

Portrait and biographical album of Lee County, Iowa ‎  Chapman Brothers   1887   Goo

History of Madison County, Iowa, and its people   edited by Herman A. Mueller   Goo  vol 1    vol 2

History and business directory of Madison County, Iowa: Containing a ... by J. J. Davies  1869    Goo

The History of Marion County, Iowa: Containing a History of the County, Its Cities, Towns, & ... by Union Historical Company. 1881   Goo

Pioneers of Marion county, consisting of a general history of the county from its early settlement to the present date. Also, the geography and history of each township, including brief biographical sketches of some of the more prominent early settlers in each, together with numerous incidents illustrative of pioneer life more than twenty-five years ago.    by Wm. M. Donnel.    MoA

History of Mills County, Iowa: Containing a History of the County, Its ...   1881    Goo

History of the County of Montgomery: From the Earliest Days to 1906   by William Walace Merritt    GenN     Goo

History of Monona County, Iowa: containing full-page portraits and ...  1890   Goo

History of Muscatine County, Iowa: From the Earliest Settlements to the ...      S.J. Clarke Publishing Company  1911    Goo   vol 1

History of Osceola County , Iowa ...   by D A W Perkins   1892    GenN

History of Pottawattamie County, Iowa: Containing a history from the ...   By John H. Keatley  1883  Goo   HT

Biographical History of Pottawattamie County, Iowa: Containing Portraits of ...  1891    Goo

History of the Counties of Woodbury and Plymouth , Iowa ...including Sioux City 1890-91  GenN

The history of Polk County, Iowa: containing a history of the ...  Union Historical Company   1880    Goo

Centennial history of Polk County, Iowa   Polk County (Iowa). Board of Supervisors   1876   Goo

Pioneers of Polk County, Iowa & Reminiscences of Early Days,     by , L.F   Andrews. 1908   Gen  vol 1    Goo   vol 1

Portrait and biographical album of Polk County, Iowa       Lake City publishing co., 1890    OpL

History of Pottawattamie County , Iowa... [illus.]  by Homer H Field & Joseph R Reed.  1907    GenN    vol 2     vol 1

History of Scandinavians & Biographies 1897 - Iowa, Wisconsin Memorial Record of the Fathers of Wisconsin.  Containing sketches of the lives and career of the members of the Constitutional Conventions of 1846 and 1847-8; with A history of early settlement in Wisconsin.   AcG

History of Scott Township, Mahaska County, Iowa: War Reminiscences. Did the ... By Robert I. Garden   Goo

History of Story County, Iowa: A Record of Settlement, Organization ...        S.J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1911   OpL

History of Tama County, Iowa. Its cities, towns and villages, with early reminiscences, personal incidents and anecdotes and a complete business directory of the county. By Samuel D. Chapman.  by Chapman, Samuel D.  1879   HT

History of Tama County, Iowa, together with sketches of their towns, villages and townships, educational, civil, military and political history ... and biographies of representative citizens. History of Iowa, embracing accounts of the pre-historic races, and a brief review of its civil and military history ...   1883   HT

A history of Tama County, Iowa    compiled and edited by Hon. J. R. Caldwell      1910   HT

History of Teton City, Idaho    FHA

History of the Spirit Lake massacre & captivity of Miss Abbie Gardner [Dakota Indians; Spirit Lake (Iowa)    by Abbie Gardner-Sharp,   1843-1921    1895  UCa

History of the Trappist Abbey of New Melleray, Dubuque County, Iowa ...    by William Rufus Perkins  1892    Goo

History of Warren County, Iowa: From Its Earliest Settlement to 1908 ... By W. C. Martin   Goo

The History of Washington County, Iowa      Des Moines: Union Historical Co., 1880    GenN    HT

History of Washington County, Iowa: From the First White Settlements to 1908 ... ‎ by Howard A. Burrell   1909  Goo    vol 1   vol 2

Portrait & Biographical Album, Washington County, Iowa   1887?]  GenN

History of Western Iowa: Its Settlement & Growth   1882  GenN    Goo

History of the Counties of Woodbury and Plymouth, Iowa...including Sioux City    1890-91    GenN

History of Wright County, Iowa      B. F. Bowen and Co., 1915   OpL

The Hollanders of Iowa   by Jacob Van der Zee,   1912   Har

Illustrated centennial sketches, map and directory of Union County, Iowa   1976   HT

An Illustrated History of Monroe County, Iowa...Civil, Political, & Military History...Pioneer life [illus.]   by Frank Hickenlooper.   1896    GenN

An illustrated history of the state of Iowa, being a complete civil, political, and military history of the state, from its first exploration down to 1875   by Tuttle, Charles R. (Charles Richard)    Arc

Inkpaduta's Revenge: The True Story of the Spirit Lake Massacre, 1857 [The Iowan]     by David L Bristow,    1999    Html

The Iowa alumnus,   State University of Iowa      Goo    vol 6  1908     vol 17   1919‎

Alumni register number, 1847-1911 ‎   State University of Iowa   1911   Goo

Report of the State University ofIowa ‎ State University of Iowa - 1883    Goo

Iowa as it is in     by Nathan Howe Parker    MoA  1855    1856

Iowa authors and their works: a contribution toward a bibliography.   by Alice Marple  1918  Goo

Iowa educational directory / State of Iowa.    HT  1903-1921

Iowa official register.  [ Officials and employees, Politics and government  Directories.]    1890-1900   1892-1915

The Iowa Society All Name Index   Gweb

Iowa state gazetteer and business directory    1818-19

Iowa in War Times.    by Samuel Hawkins Marshall Byers. 1888   Goo

Iowa Journal of History     by State Historical Society of Iowa       1911   1921

The Iowa Society Sons of the Revolution   Rweb

Keokuk county , Iowa, cemeteries      Arc

Keokuk, Iowa 1901-02 City Directory     1901-02

Kiowa tales    by Elsie Worthington Clews Parsons, 1874-1 1969 MoA

Larson Pioneer Traits: address,   by Barthinius L. Wick, semi-cent. of the Norwegian settlement at Dunbar, Iowa , Sept 1908 1908?]  Har

Legal & political status of women in Iowa : An historical account of the rights of women in Iowa , 1838-1918    by Ruth A. Gallaher,    1918   Har

Legal Status of Women in Iowa [illus.]  by Jennie Lansley Wilson, 1894  LC

Pioneer mothers of the West; or, Daring & heroic deeds of American women [Spirit Lake, Iowa – Massacre…    by John Frost,  1800-59  Boston 1875  UCLA

U.S. Women's Bureau (Dept of Labor) Iowa women in industry [#19] 1922  Har

The life of James W. Grimes, Gov. of Iowa, 1854-1858; US senator 1859-1869   by William Salter,  1821-1910  MoA

Martin, Jesse Bigler, 1825-1908 Diaries, 1853-1857 [Mormon missionary to Engl, pioneer; Iowa to Utah; disease & deaths; disputes] 200-?   BYU

Mason City, Iowa   City Directory     1923  

New, Revised and Compiled Ordinances of the City of Bedford, Taylor County, Iowa by Bedford (Iowa), Frank Wisdom   1912    Goo

Organization and proceedings of the Pioneer Settlers' Association of Scott County, Iowa, with a full report of the first festival - Pioneer Settlers' Assoc. of Scott County   Arc

Outstanding Iowa women    Daughters of the American Revolution. Iowa Society.    FHB

Parish, John Carl John Chambers [US congressman from Kentucky; Gov. Iowa Territory; War 1812] [Iowa Biography Series] 1909   KDL

Past and Present of O'Brien and Osceola Counties, Iowa       by John Licinius Everett Peck, Otto Hillock Montzheimer, William J. Miller   1914     Goo

Past and Present of Lucas and Wayne Counties, Iowa: A Record of ...     By Theodore M. Stuart  1913   Goo    vol 1   vol 2

The Pilgrims of Iowa  by Truman Orville Douglass   Goo

Pioneer Traits: address, B. L. Wick, semi-cent. of the Norwegian settlement at Dunbar, Iowa, Sept 1908    by Barthinius Larson Wick,    1908    Har

Portrait and Biographical Album of Benton County, Iowa: Containing ...   1887    Goo

Portrait and biographical album of Fayette county, Iowa.    Lake City publishing co., 1891   OpL

The Telegraph-herald's abridged history of the state of Iowa and directory of Fayette County, including the city of Oelwein, with a complete classified business directory  1906  HT

Portrait and Biographical Album of Jefferson and Van Buren Counties, Iowa ..     Lake City Publishing Co,   1890      Goo     OpL

Portrait and biographical album of Linn County, Iowa     Chapman brothers, 1887  OpL

Washington High School, Linn Co., Iowa . The Annual: An approved & illustrated History of the Class of 1921    Gen

Portrait and Biographical Album of Louisa County, Iowa...    by Acme Publishing Co, Chicago  1889    Goo

Portrait and Biographical Album of Mahaska County, Iowa...    by Chapman Brothers  1887    Goo

Recollections and sketches of notable lawyers and public men of early Iowa belonging to the first and second generations : with anecdotes and incidents illustrative of the times - Stiles, Edward Holcomb, 1836-   Arc

Records of the First Presbyterian Church, Earlham, Iowa, 1870-1900        by Gayle Junkin   OpL

Register of the Society of Sons of the Revolution, Iowa     1887   1897   1912

Roster and Record of Iowa Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion,..with Historical Sketches...     by Iowa Adjutant General's Office, 1908   GenN    Goo

Rural church life in the Middle West: as illustrated by Clay County, Iowa ... ‎    by  Benson Young Landis   1922    Goo

Selections from the Mary Noble Postcard Collection [small coll.; Iowa Women's Archives, Univ of Iowa Library]    UI 

The story of the Forty ninth [Iowa, U. S. vol. inf. Spanish-American War , 1898 ]     by James E. Whipple    Arc

Tombstone records of Cerro Gordo County , Iowa : copied from graves registration W P A Project   US Work Projects Administration. Iowa   Arc

Treaty with the Comanche, Kiowa, and Apache; July 27 1853    Yale

Treaty With the Kiowa, Comanche, & Apache; October 21 1867   Yale

Western-Leander Clark college, 1856-1911   by Henry Winfield Ward     OpL

The western tourist and emigrant's guide through the states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, and Wisconsin, and the territories of Minnesota, Missouri, and Nebraska: being an accurate and concise description of each state and territory; and containing the routes and distances on the great lines of travel ... large and minute map, exhibiting the township lines.. the boundaries of counties, and the position of cities, villages and settlements, etc., etc.    by J. H. (Joseph Hutchins) Colton , 1800-1893.  New York, J.H.Colton & Co. 1855    MoA

Woodbury & Plymouth Counties] History of the Counties of Woodbury and Plymouth , Iowa ...including Sioux City 1890-91   GenN