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American Jewish Year Book     by American Jewish Committee, Jewish Publication Society of America

       1899     1900     1901  1902   1903   1904   1905    1906   1907     1908     1909   1910   1911   1912   1913   1914    1915  

1916    1917    1918   1919   1920   1921    1922

Early history of the Jews in NY, 1654-1664.   by Oppenheim, Sam.     Cor

Eminent Jews of America     S. B. Goodkind, publication manager, the American Hebrew biographical company, incorporated    1918    Goo

From generation to generation : how to trace your Jewish genealogy and personal history by Kurzweil, Arthur   FHB

Hebrew union college     by Kaufmann Kohler, Ark publishing co., 1916    OpL

Twenty-fifth anniversary of the first graduation from the Hebrew union college    Cincinnati, Ohio, June 27-28 1908 Press of May & Kreidler, 1908    OpL

The International Jewish Cook Book: 1600 Recipes ...To The Jewish Dietary Laws ... Rules For Kashering…     by Florence Kreisler Greenbaum   NY 1919   MSU

Jewish immigration to the United States from 1881 to 1910. by Samuel Joseph,   Columbia Univ, 1914   OpL

Jewish Life in Pennsylvania    by Dianne Ashton   2007   Goo

Jewish Memories    by Lucette Valensi and Nathan Wachtel, trans. by Barbara Harshav   Berkeley: University of California Press, 1991  UCP

The Jews in America: ... their part in the building of the republic, ... [pre-rev. settlements; in politics…     by Madison Clinton Peters, 1905   Har

The Jews of Philadelphia: Their history from the earliest settlements ... events & institutions, ... leading     by Henry Samuel Morais,  1894   Har

Memorial volume   by Leo N. Levi, Hamburger Print. Co., 1905    OpL

Old Jewish Cemeteries, where the early settlers interred their dead      by Barnett Abraham Elzas, 1867-1936       Har

Papers of the Jewish Women's Congress: Held at Chicago, September 4, 5, 6, and 7,1893    1894    Goo

The Russian Jew in the United States: Studies of Social Conditions in New York, Philadelphia...     by Charles Seligman Bernheimer, 1905   Goo

The Settlement of the Jews in North America    by Charles P. Daly,   1893  Har

A sketch of Jewish history   by Gustav Karpeles  1897   Goo

Statement by Henry Ford Regarding Charges Against Jews, Made in His Publications, the Dearborn Independent, and a Series of Pamphlets Entitled "The International Jew," Together With an Explanatory Statement by Louis Marshall, President of the American Jewish Committee, and his reply to Mr. Ford    by Henry Ford and Louis Marshall 1927   AJC

The 250th anniv. of the settlement of the Jews in the US 1655-1905: addresses, Carnegie Hall, NY, ...     NY Co-operative Society   1906    Har

Why Am I a Jew?: I.Discourse Delivered Before Sinai Congregation,Chicago,1895.    by Emil Gustav Hirsch, 1895  Goo

The world's congress of religions: the addresses and papers delivered before ...   edited by John Wesley Hanson  1893    Goo

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