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Account of spasmodic Cholera as it appeared in Lexington [Ky.] in June 1833    by Lunsford Pitts Yandell, (MD) 1805-1878     KDL

Account of the people called Shakers : their faith, doctrines, and practice, exemplified in the life, conversations, and experience of the author during the time he belonged to the society : to which is affixed a history of their rise and progress to the present day     by Thomas Brown. b1766    Troy, New York, 1812  KDL

Address, settlement of Breckinridge County: on the site of Hardin's old fort, near Hardinsburg, Nov 1882    by William Campbell Preston Breckinridge,   KDL

Attention!!! 2d bat. 10th regt. K. M. Company orders for 1827.     [broadside]    Kentucky. Militia. Regiment of Infantry.    LC

The bank dinner: an expose of the Court Party of Ky.: & the curtain drawn from…     by Philip Ricard Fendall,   1794-1868.   1824   LC

Battle of the Thames , in which Kentuckians defeated the British, French, & Indians, Oct 1813, w/list…   Bennett Henderson Young,  1842-1919.    1903  KDL

Beginnings of Literary Culture in the Ohio Valley: historical & biographical sketches   by William Henry Venable, 1836-1920 Cinc.  1891   KDL

Berea College , Ky: an interesting history    approved by the Prudential Committee. 1875.   Goo OpL

Biographical memoirs of the members of Covington & Newport Commanderies, K.T     Knights Templar,   Ky    KDL

Biographical record of Daniel & Mary (Jackson)Williams: early Kentucky pioneers.    by Julielma M Kelley,   1898   KDL

Bird's eye view of the general conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, w/observations …    by Jacob W. Powell,   1 920?   KDL

Blades o' Bluegrass: Selections of Kentucky poetry, biographical sketches     by Fannie Porter Dickey,   1892    KDL

The Blue Grass Cook Book, [Illus. (Photos) A. L. Coburn] ("Never bake a ham under a year old")   by Minnie C. Fox,    NY, 1904    MSU

Blue-grass region of Kentucky & other Kentucky articles    by James Lane Allen, 1849-1925    NY   KDL    1892    1907

Boonesborough; its founding, pioneer struggles, Indian experiences, Transylvania days, and revolutionary annals by George Washington Ranck   J. P. Morton & company, printers, 1901   OpL

Address, [re] the first settlement of Kentucky; at Boonesborough May 25, 1840    by James Turner, Morehead, 1797-1854   Frankf, 1840    KDL

Bourbon County men and women who served in World War Two     Bourbon County Woman's Club (Paris, Ky.)  KDL

Bowling Green and Warren County, Ky., immigration society : a condensed, accurate...development of the city and county.    KDL

A brief history of the rise, progress, and termination of the proceedings of the Synod of Kentucky , relative to the late Cumberland presbytery : in which is brought to view a brief account of the origin and present standing of the people usually denominated Cumberland Presbyterians : as taken from official documents and facts in possession of Synod    Kentucky Synod  Arc

A Brief History of the Colored Churches of Frankfort, Ky.    by Joseph R Underwood,   Frankf, 1906   KDL

Capital [sic] removal: public aspects of the question by a committee of citizens of Frankfort. History of …    1891   KDL

Catalogue of the officers & alumni of Washington & Lee Univ., Lexington, Va., 1749-1888   KDL

Catalogue of the officers and students...   by Augusta College (Augusta, Ky.)   1843

Cave Hill Cemetery (Louisville, Ky.) Charter, by-laws and rules and regulations...(incorporated 1848)...charter of Cave Hill Investment Co    KDL

Celebration of the centennial of the organization of the Second Presbyterian Church, Lexington, Ky.: Oct 10-15    1915   KDL

Cemetaries [sic] of Campbell county , Kentucky - Campbell County Fiscal Court (Campbell County , Ky.)    Arc

The Centenary of Catholicity in Kentucky    by Benedict Joseph Webb  Arc

Centenary of Kentucky: proceed. celebration, Filson Club 1892, 100th ann., adm. into the Union [w/songsheets]   1892    KDL

Centennial celebration of the Old Mud-Meeting House near Harrodsburg, Ky., August 25, 1900     KDL

Centennial history of the Kentucky School for the Deaf, Danville, Kentucky    by Charles Paxton Fosdick, 1856-.   1923? KDL

Christian County, Kentucky    by W. T. Fowler,   1915?    KDL

Church record, Containing the histories of the Churches:   biographies... pastors : list of officers and members   Lexington Ky.   1897    KDL

Circular letter of Chilton Allan to his...congressional district of the counties of Franklin, Woodford, Fayett  1835   KDL

Coal industryin Kentucky : an historical sketch   by Willard Rouse Jillson, 1890-  KDL

Collins' historical sketches of Kentucky: History of Kentucky,     By Lewis Collins, Richard H. Collins   1878   Goo   vol 1

Commemorative exercises, 40th ann. of the presidency of Jas. K. Patterson: Jun 1909; biographical sketch.   Univ of Kentucky    1909   KDL

Condensed history of Fleming County, Kentucky   1908   KDL

Conquest of the Old Southwest: The Romantic Story of the Early Pioneers into Virginia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Kentucky, 1740-90   by Archibald Henderson      Gut

Corporate history of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad Company & roads in its system  by Edward Warren Hines,   1905  KDL

Counties of Christian & Trigg, Kentucky: historical & biographical   ed William Henry Perrin,  d. 1892?  1884   KDL

Crestlands: Centennial story of Cane Ridge [A Story of Early Kentucky] by Mary Addams Bayne, illus. O. A. Stemle]      Cinc.  1907  KDL

1785-1909: Daniel Drake & his followers; historical & biographical sketches [early western medicine]  by Otto Juettner,  1865-   Cinc. 1909  KDL

Danville Literary & Social Club, "Anaconda": history & semi-centennial celebration, Dec 27, 1889    KDL

The Discovery, Settlement and Present State of Kentucke [appendix: autobiography of Daniel Boone]   by John Filson,  1784   KDL     LC        UNL  

Eastern Kentucky Papers: The Founding of Harman's Station, with an Account of the Indian...    by William Elsey Connelley.  1910   Arc    Goo  

Ekkoes from Kentucky   [ Democratic Party 1865-69]   by Nasby, Petroleum V., 1833-1888   Arc   

An Epitome of the Kentucky State Historical Society    by Lewis Franklin Johnson, 192-?    KDL

Excursion to the Mammoth Cave, & the barrens of Kentucky: with some notices of the early settlement of the state    by Robert Davidson, (Rev.) 1808-76     1840    KDL  

Facts about Cumberland Falls.    Williamsburg Commercial Club    KDL

Famous Kentucky Tragedies & Trials: A collection of important...tragedies & criminal trials...    by Lewis Franklin Johnson,   1922    KDL

Farmwork & Schools in Kentucky   by Edward N. Clopper,   1917  Har

50th anniversary of the Univ of Kentucky, 1866-1916: proceed. of celebration, Oct. 1916    KDL    OpL

The Filson Club and Its Activities, 1884-1922    by Otto Arthur Rothert. Louisville, Kentucky. 1922   Goo

1st annual meeting of the Ky Baptist Hist. Soc., Campbellsville, Ky, 1904: ... as pertain[ing] to the life     by Thomas Treadwell Eaton, 1845-1907.    Louisville, 1904   KDL

First explorations of Kentucky: Doctor Thomas Walker's journal of an exploration of Kentucky in 1750, being the first record of a white man's visit to the interior of that territory,..notes and biographical sketches.  by Josiah Stoddard Johnston, 1833-1913.   KDL

Forget-me-nots of past & present [1st Catholic settlers & immigrants in Ky.]  by Ignatius Mary Ahmann,  (Rev.) 1902?  KDL

The Forest Runners: A Story of theGreat War Trail in Early Kentucky ,    by Joseph A. Altsheler    KDL   Gut

Frontier Nursing Service [1924- ] Oral History Project ["primary health care in the mountains of eastern Ky"]  1978-  KDL

Full and authentic report of the testimony on the trial of Matt. F. Ward : certified to be correct by Thomas D. Brown, clerk of Hardin Circuit Court; Wm. Alexander, former commonwealth attorney for theHardin District; and Judge Al ex. Walker... with the speeches of Gov. Crittenden, Gov. Helm, T.F. Marshall, esq., and Nathaniel Wolfe, esq., and the reply of Alfred Allen, esq., ..   by   Matthew Flournoy Ward, 1826-62    KDL

Genealogies and Sketches of Some Old Families who Have Taken Prominent Part in the development of Virginia & Kentucky...‎   by Benjamin Franklin Van Meter  1901    Goo

A general account of the Commonwealth of Kentucky,    J. Wilson and Son, 1876.   MoA

Geschichte der Deutschen Gemeinde der Hoffnungsvollen Kirche, in Boone County, Kentucky: Vortrag gehalten vor.   by H. A. Rattermann, 1880  Har

A Guide to Kentucky Place Names.  by Kentucky Geological Survey  UKy

Hand-book of Clark County & the City of Winchester, Kentucky    by W. M Beckner   Chicago, 1889   KDL

Historic families of Kentucky: With special reference to stocks immediately derived from the...  by Thomas Marshall Green. 1889   Goo    HT

Historical album Knights Templar: souvenir of the 28th triennial conclave, Louisville, Kentucky, 1901   KDL

Historical sketch of Berea College : together with addresses in its behalf    by Rev. Jos. P. Thompson ... at Cooper Institute.    KDL

Historical sketches of Christ Church, Louisville, Diocese of Kentucky.    by James Craik,   1806-1882.    1862  Arc   KDL

Historical sketches of Kentucky : embracing its history, antiquities, and natural curiosities, geographical, statistical, and geological descriptions; with anecdotes of pioneer life, and more than one hundred biographical sketches of distinguished pioneers, soldiers, statesmen, jurists, lawyers, divines, etc. - Collins, Lewis, 1797-1870   Arc

Historical tribute to St. Thomas' Seminary at Poplar Neck: near Bardstown, Kentucky  by William J. Howlett, (Rev.)  St. Louis,  1906  KDL

History of the Bell County Assn of Baptists: over a quarter of a century of growth, 1896-1922     by Henry Harvey Fuson, 1876-1964   Covngtn, 1922     KDL

History of Big Bone Baptist Church [Boone County, Ky.]    by James A. Kirtley,  1882?   BH

History of Bullittsburg Baptist Church [Boone County, Ky.] by N S Walton.  1894  BH

History of the Burlington Baptist Church [Boone County, Ky.]   by A. M. Vardiman, 1881  BH

History of Daughters College (1856-1893): and its founder John Augustus Williams     collaborators: Ann Shanks Bourne, Mattie Terhune Davis   KDL

History of Daviess County, Kentucky, together with sketches of its cities, villages, & townships.    Chicago, 1883   KDL

History of Dry Creek Baptist Church [Kenton County, Ky.]     by S. P nbsp; Brady   1873    BH

History of freemasonry in Kentucky : in its relations to the symbolic degrees : to which are added, in the form of notes and brief historical abstracts ...     by Rob Morris, 1818-1888   KDL

History of Great Crossings Church [Kentucky]   by John Nicholas Bradley,  1876?   KDL

History of Henderson County, Kentucky [illus.]  by Edmund Lyne Starling.  1887  KDL

History of Higher Education in Kentucky [J Hopkins U diss.]  by Alfred Fayette Lewis,   GPO 1899   Goo

History of Irvine & Estill County, Kentucky. by Elbridge Clark Park.  1906?  KDL

History of Kentucky        by  Charles  Kerr, 863-1950, ed     Arc   vol 1   vol 2     vol 4    vol 5 

A History of Kentucky and Kentuckians: The Leaders and Representative Men in ...      by E. Polk Johnson, Lewis Publishing Company  1912    vol 1   vol 2   vol 3   

The history of Kentucky: including an account of the discovery, settlement, progressive improvement, political..  by Humphrey Marshall, 1760-1841.   1812   LC

History of Kentucky: from its earliest settlement to the present time.    by Timothy Shay Arthur & W.H. Carpenter    KDL  1852     LC   1854

The history of Methodism in Kentucky    by Albert Henry Redford, 1818-84.    1870    vol 1    vol 2    vol 3

The history of Methodism in Kentucky    by Albert Henry Redford, 1818-84.    1868-70     vol 1   vol 2

History of Middle Creek Baptist Church [Boone County, Ky.]    by S. P.   Brady    1874   BH

A History of Muhlneberg County.   by Otto Arthur Rothert. 1913    Goo

History of Russellville and Logan County  1878   DMK

History of Sand Run Baptist Church [Boone County, Ky]     by R.E.Kirtley,    1876     BH

History of the Anti-Separate Coach Movement of Kentucky    1895 KDL KDL

History of the Burlington Baptist Church [Boone County, Ky.]   by A M Vardiman   1881  BH

History of the churches of Boone's Creek Baptist Assn of Kentucky: with a brief history of the Association  by S. J. Conkwright,   1923   KDL

History of the early settlers of Sangamon County, Illinois. Auspices of the Old Settlers' Soc.   by John Carroll Power     MoA

History of the feuds of the mountain parts of Eastern Kentucky: Lives of Noah & John Reynolds [French-Eversole.    by Noah M. Reynolds,   1923  KDL

A history of the feud between the Hill and Evans parties of Garrard County, Ky.      by   J.J. Thompson of Brookville, Mississippi.      MoA

History of the Frankfort cemetery   by Lewis Franklin Johnson, 1859-    KDL

History of the Franklin Baptist Association from 1815 to 1912     by U.V. Williams ; F.W. Eberhart.    KDL

History of the Kentucky Derby, 1875-1921      by John Lawrence O'Connor,  1875- compiler   Arc

History of the Lexington Post Office, 1794 - 1901: with additional important postal information     by Tom L. Walker,   Lex, 1901    KDL

History of the Lutheran churches in Boone County, Kentucky: sketches of the pastors who have served them    by H. Max Lentz,    1902    KDL

History of the feud between Hill & Evans parties of Garrard County, Ky.   by J J Thompson.   1854   MoA

History of the United Brothers of Friendship, and Sisters of the Mysterious Ten, in Two Parts: A Negro Order Organized August 1, 1861, in the City of Louisville, Ky    by W. H. Gibson  1897 Link

Immigration Soc : A condensed, accurate, & fair description of the resources & development of the city & county.    Bowling Green & Warren Co., Ky.,    1885   KDL

A journal, containing an accurate and interesting account of the hardships, sufferings, battles, defeat and captivity of those heroic Kentucky volunteers and regulars, commanded by General Winchester, in the years 1812-13. Also, two narratives, by men that were wounded in the battles on the River Raisin and taken captive by the Indians  Arc

Kentucky , a pioneer commonwealth     by Nathaniel Southgate Shaler, 1841-1906   Arc

Kentucky cook book;      by Emma (Allen) Hayes,   Mrs. 1868-   Arc

Kentucky receipt book      by  Mary Harris   Frazer   Arc

Kentucky: Historical Timeline [ca. BC 12,000 - 1997]   2003?   KDL

Kentucky miners fight [strike]   1932     Arc

Kentucky Poems    by Madison Julius Cawein   MoA

Kentucky resolutions of 1798 : an historical study    by Ethelbert Dudley Warfield, 1861-1936.   KDL

Kentucky State Constitution   200?    KyS

The Kentucky State Register, for the Year 1847: Containing the Names and ... edited by Taliaferro Preston Shaffner  Goo  1847

The Tory proprietors of Kentucky lands.   by Wilbur Henry  Siebert, 1866-1961   1919    KDL

Kentucky Union Railway Company. KDL

Kentucky University alumni book, 1861-1896   by George Whitefield Kemper, 1870-1921.    1896   KDL

Kentucky's New Deal of the 1820's [1824 "reorganizing" Act comp. to FDR control of judiciary] (Ky St. Bar J)   by Cassius Marcellus Clay,   1895-1959,    1939? KDL   

Larue County, Kentucky cemeteries    by Edward Benningfield   McDowell Publications, 1982   OpL

Letters from the East & from the West [Valley of the Conn. River; Alleghany reg., Ohio, Ind., Ky.]     by Frederick Hall, 1780-1843.   1840?   KDL

Life of Rev. R. Downey Blair: w/sketches of his pastorates [missionary work in Kentucky; Civil War]   by Lucinda Victoria Blair Hansbrough. 1908  KDL

Louisville 50 years ago: a souvenir issued honor of firms ... in business 50 years or more, 1873-1923.    Louisville (Ky). Board of Trade.    1923    KDL

MAPS : Kentucky [State, City, National Parks, Historical]   UTx

Marriages performed by the Reverend William Kavanaugh   Methodist Episcopal minister...certified that all couples he married in Jefferson County, Kentucky between April 1805 and March 1806   LC

Marriage records, Boone County, Kentucky, 1798-1818   FHA

The marriage records of Jackson Co, Kentucky : 1858-1905   FHA

Mayfield bar [law]    by R. G. Robbins   1911   KDL

Memorial volume containing the papers and addresses that were delivered at the jubilee of the General Association of Baptists in Kentucky : held in honor of the semi-centennial anniversary of the body, at Walnut-Street Baptist Church, Louisville, October 20-22, 1887.    KDL

Mr. Rowan's motion: for an inquiry into the conduct of Harry Innis district judge of the US, for Kentucky. Kentucky General Assembly.   Wash, 1908   KDL

Petitions of the early inhabitants of Kentucky to the Gen. Assembly of Virginia, 1769-1792  by James Rood Robertson,  1864-1932.   1914   KDL

Obituary addresses on the occasion of the death of the Hon. Henry Clay, a senator of the United States from the state of Kentucky, delivered in the Senate and in the House of representatives of the United States, June 30, 1852, and the funeral sermon of the Rev. C. M. Butler, chaplain of the Senate,  July 1, 1852    MoA

Official souvenir program of the 35th annual session [Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, Louisville , 1919    KDL

Old Covington, Kentucky    by Eleanor Childs Meehan   KDL

One 1000-acre land grant in the name of JohnLewis.   Kentucky   Governor (1796-1804: Garrard)    1796   LC

Outline history of the Wilderness of Kentucky; ... religious movements of the early settlers; Church history…    by Henry Clay Smith, 1923?    KDL

An outline of the history of the church in the state of Kentucky, during a period of forty years : containing the memoirs of Rev. David Rice, (1733-1816)   and sketches of the origin and present state of particular churches, and of the lives and labours of a number of men who were eminent…      by Robert H. Bishop, (Robert Hamilton), 1777-1855.    1824     LC

Outline history of the Wilderness of Kentucky; ... religious movements of the early settlers; Church history…     by Henry Clay Smith, 1923?   KDL

A partial list of Confederate burials in battle, Grove Cemetery, Cynthiana, Kentucky, Harrison County   FHA

Patrick Henry land grant to William Duvall, John Hawes, and John May     [Land grant inJefferson County, Kentucky granted by Henry to William Duvall, John Hawes, and John May.   11784 acres along the Green River.  A brief note on the back of the document signed by Daniel Boone describes the land.]   KY.    LC

The Patriots and Guerillas of East Tennessee and Kentucky       by John A. Brents   1863   kih   Kih

Pioneer life in the West: ... adventures of Boone, Kenton, Brady,Clarke, the Whetzels, ... in their encounter    Phila.   1858  KDL

Political beginnings of Kentucky : a narrative of public events bearing on the history of that state up to the time of its admission into the American Union      by   John Mason Brown, 1837-1890    KDL

Prehistoric Men of Kentucky: A history of what is known of their lives & habits...implements & other relics    by Bennett Henderson   Young, 1842-1919.    1910    KDL

Preliminary Bibliography of Boone County [Ky.] Books    BoH

Press reference book of prominent Kentuckians; contains portraits and biographical sketches of men prominent ... in the state of Kentucky ; also pictures of state, municipal and other buildings .. - La Bree, Ben (Benjamin), ed    Arc

Proceed. of the Kentucky Negro Educational Assocation, 1916-1929 and v.01-1 v.17-2 (1952)   KDL

Recollections of men and horses    by Hamilton Busbey.   KDL

Record of marriages in Lewis County, Kentucky for the period of years 1806 to 1851 inclusive   by   Annie Walker Burns 1894-  Arc

The Recovery: A Story of Kentucky    by Joseph A. Altsheler     Goo US access only   

The Register of the
Kentucky State Historical Society        Index vol 1-20

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vol 5   1907 vol 10  1912 vol 15  1917  

Report of the Kentucky Comm. to the Peace Conference at Washington, made to the legislature...    1861   KDL

Revolutionary soldiers in Kentucky        by Anderson Chenault Quisenberry, 1850-1921   Arc

Sang Branch settlers; folksongs & tales of a Kentucky mountain family.     By Leonard Roberts, Music transcribed by C. Buell Agey    1974   MoA

School history of Kentucky, from the earliest discoveries & settlements to ... 1888   by Zachariah Frederick Smith, 1827-1911  Louisv, 1889   KDL

Selected Materials by Kentucky Authors   Kct

Shakertown Journal  Shakertown at Pleasant Hill, Ky., Inc.   Dated 1 January 1816 - 31 March 1816.    LC

Slave Life in Virginia and Kentucky; or, Fifty Years of Slavery in the Southern States of America      by Francis Fedric    1863     UNC

Ellen: or, The Chained Mother; and Pictures of Kentucky Slavery    by Mary B. Harlan   ISU   ISU ,

A Kentucky protest against slavery    by David Rice, 1733-1816.   Arc

Slavery in Kentucky       by Ivan Eugene McDougle   Arc

Some account of the epidemic diseases which prevail at Mays-Lick, in Kentucky     by Daniel Drake, 1785-1852.   1808    LC

Some Webster County, Kentucky families - Baker, Bassett, Givens, Johnson, Payne, Price, Rice and others by Minerva Bone Bassett, 1915-; Gillespie, Patricia Randle, 1923- Arc

Souvenir history of the Christian Church of Cynthiana, Ky.; w/a brief sketch of the Reformation by J.J. Haley.     by W. S. Cason,, Lily Webster, et. Al    1901    KDL

The statute law of Kentucky : A complete index to the names of persons, places and subjects mentioned in Littel's laws of Kentucky : a genealogical and historical guide  Arc

Story of a monument: memorial the unknown Confederate dead, May 1887, at Hopkinsville, Ky. ...    by S.C.M.   NY,   1888   KDL

The Story of Kentucky ...    by Emma M. Connelly.  1890   Goo

Story of Kentucky    by Rice S Eubank,    1913   KDL

Story of Mayfield [Kentucky] through a century, 1823-1923.   by D. Trabue Davis,  1923  KDL

Story of Whitesburg Ky. : the open sesame to Midas' mines     by Louis Pilcher ; assisted by William Kelley Brown.   KDL

Subscription of settlers pledging a bounty for Indian scalps taken in Jefferson County, Kentucky ... the men of Mars Lick, Kentucky offering a bounty on all Native American scalps taken in Jefferson County west of the main road leading from Louisville to Shepherdsville. Amounts of money, both pledged and paid, are recorded next to the signatures of thirty-four settlers.    LC

Supply charges for Kentucky Mounted Volunteers     Supply charges for Kentucky Volunteers commanded by Major General Charles Scott for 1794.   From the James Young Love papers.    1794    LC

There's something in a name: How the counties & county seats of the 1st cong. dist., Kentucky got their names  by Martha C. Grassham Purcell, 1920   KDL

Thoroughbred horse : his origin, how to breed and how select him, with the Horse breeders guide. Embracing one hundred tabulated pedigrees of the principal sires, with full performances of each and best of their get, covering the season of 18f 1892 / by Sanders Dewees Bruce, 1825-1902   KDL

To the freemen of the county of Fayette      by  Robert  Wickliffe,   Arc

Traveling Church: An account of the Baptist exodus from Virginia to Kentucky in 1781 under ... Rev. Lewis Crai…   by George Washington Ranck,   1841-1900.    Louisville, 1891    KDL

Thrilling adventures among the Early Settlers: ...encounters with Indians, Tories, & refugees; ...     by Warren Wildwood, (pseud.)   Phila.   1890    KDL   

Western cavaliers: Hist. of the Methodist Episcopal ch. in Kentucky 1832-1844 [S. Methodist Publ H]     by Albert Henry Redford, 1818-84   Nashv, 1876   KDL     MoA

 Warren County, Kentucky deeds, books A-C, 1797-1807    Arc

The Wilderness Road: a description of the routes of travel by which the pioneers & early settlers first came to Kentucky    by Thomas Speed, 1841-1906.    1886    LC

Year book of the Society, Sons of the Revolution, in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, 1894-1913 : and catalogue of military land warrants granted by the Commonwealth of Virginia to soldiers and sailors of the Revolution   Arc    KDL

Year book [of] the Society of Colonial Wars in the Commonwealth of Kentucky ...   By General Society of Colonial Wars (U.S.). Kentucky  Goo  1917 

Youth's History of Kentucky: from the earliest discoveries & settlements to ... 1898    by Zachariah Frederick Smith, 1827-1911   Louisv, 1898    KDL

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