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Sibley’s private journal, 1846-1882    Details of daily life at Harvard, local and national events. (large file; takes 60 or more seconds to load)  


An address, before the Association of the alumni, Harvard college    by Robert Charles Winthrop,  1809-94   MoA

An address delivered before the Assn of the alumni of Harvard college  by Cornelius Conway Felton, 1807-62   MoA

 Harvard Alumni Directory   by Harvard Alumni Directory (Office), Harvard University, Harvard Alumni Association   1919   Goo   OpL

 Harvard memorial biographies...    ed Thomas Wentworth Higginson    MoA      1866  vol 1    vol 2    1967   vol 1    vol 2    OpL     vol 1    vol 2

 Harvard University Directory     by Harvard Alumni Association   1914   Goo            

The Harvard Register   by Moses King, Harvard University    Goo   1828      1880  

 Memorials of the class of 1833 of Harvard college by Harvard University. Class of 1833. J. Wilson and son, 1883  OpL

 Necrology of Alumni of Harvard College,   Arc  1851-52 to 1862-63   MoA   1851-52 to 1862-63      1869-1872

Quinquennial catalogue of the officers and graduates   1905   Goo

Report of the Class of 1857 in Harvard College     by Harvard College (1780- ). Class of 1857.  J. Wilson and Son, 1882  Arc     OpL

Report of the committee of the Association of the Alumni of Harvard college    MoA

Sibley's Harvard graduates: biographical sketches ...    by John Langdon Sibley, Mass Historical Society, Clifford Kenyon Shipton   1885   Goo

Twenty-fifth anniversary report of the secretary of the Class of 1881 ...   Harvard College   1906    Goo

A sketch of the history of Harvard College and of its present state     by Samuel Atkins Eliot,   C.C. Little and J. Brown, 1848    OpL    

Bits Of Harvard History  by Samuel F. Batchelder,  Cambg. 1924    CMU  

                The Centennial History of the Harvard Law School, 1817-1917   by Harvard Law School Association (1886- ) – 1918       Goo

The history of Harvard University   by Josiah Quincy, 1772-1864.  1860    Goo    MoA   vol 1    vol 2    

A History of Harvard University, from Its Foundation, in the Year 1636, to ...   by Benjamin Peirce   1833    Goo    OpL

The Story of Harvard   by Arthur Stanwood Pier   1913   Goo   

An analysis of the early records of Harvard College, 1636-1750.   by Andrew McFarland Davis, Library of Harvard University, 1895  OpL

A few notes concerning the records of Harvard College    by Andrew McFarland Davis, Library of Harvard University, 1888   OpL

Against All Odds : The Legacy of Students of African Descent at Harvard Medical School Before Affirmative Action, 1850-1968     by Nora N. Nercessian    Har  

Annals of the Astronomical Observatory of Harvard College,    ( partial serial archives )      vol 8   1855-76  

The annual address, Harvard Natural History Society, May 1853.  by Thomas Hill, 1818-91  MoA

A catalogue of the officers and students of Harvard University, for the academical year 1860-61 : first term    1860-61

Directory   by Harvard University, Deakin University   1910    Goo

A copy of the laws of Harvard college, 1655. Intro. Samuel A. Green    MoA

The courses leading to the baccalaureate in Harvard College and Boston College     by Timothy Brosnahan,    Woodstock College, 1900   OpL  

An evaluation of the Negro elementary schools of Daytona Beach, Florida to determine the basis for a revision     by Frances W. Strachan,   1956   UFl

Fair Harvard: a story of American college life...     by William Tucker Washburn, 1841-1916.   1869   MoA

Harvard     by John Hays Gardiner  1914 Goo  

Harvard and Its Surroundings   by Moses King    1880     1882

Harvard Celebrities: A Book of Caricatures & Decorative Drawings  by Henry Ware Eliot   1901  Goo

Harvard College   by George Birkbeck Norman Hill, MacMillan, 1895    OpL

The Harvard Lampoon College wit and humor  1889  Goo

Harvard Law Review    Harvard Law Review Association, Harvard School     1922

The Harvard medical school: a history, narrative and documentary. 1782-1905    by Thomas Francis Harrington, James Gregory Mumford   1905   Goo

Harvard of Today from the undergraduate point of view     by John Brett Langstaff   1914   Goo

Harvard Stories: Sketches of the Undergraduate     by Waldron Kintzing Post   1893   Goo

Harvard University Bulletin.  Issued     by the Harvard University Library Cambridge, Mass.   Goo    Vol 6 #45-52; 1890-92

The Harvard Volunteers in Europe.   Personal records of experience in military, ambulance and hospital service 1914     by Mark Antony De Wolfe Howe 1916  Goo

History of the Harvard Law School and of Early Legal Conditions in America     by Charles Warren 1908   Goo

Historical Register of Harvard University, 1636-1936. [Math Dept]   Cambridge: Harvard University, 1937. Har

John Harvard and His Times   by Henry Charles Shelley  1908  Goo

Life of Henry Dunster, first president of Harvard college  by Jeremiah Chaplin, 1813-1886 (Rev)    MoA  

Lists of Harvard graduates  1642-1782     1783-1857

A list of portraits in the various buildings of Harvard University      by William Garrott Brown,   Library of Harvard University, 1898     OpL

And Mark An Era: The Story Of The Harvard Business School    by Melvin T. Copeland,  Bost. 1958   CMU

Mechanism in thought & morals. Address, Phi Beta Kappa Soc, Harvard Univ, 1870   by Oliver Wendell Holmes    1871   MoA

A catalogue of the fraternity of [Phi Beta Kappa], Alpha of Massachusetts. Harvard University, Cambridge ...   HT 1846    1849   1878

The People's Health: A Memoir of Public Health and Its Evolution at Harvard ,  by Robin Marantz Henig     NAP

Notices: triennial & annual catalogs, Harvard univ.: w/catalogs of 1674, 1682, & 1700     by John Langdon Sibley, 1804-85   MoA

Official Guide to Harvard   by Harvard University, Harvard Memorial Society    1903   1907

An Oration Pronounced at Cambridge, Before the Society of Phi Beta Kappa. August 27, 1824. ...     by Edward Everett,  (Harvard University)    Arc

President A. L. Lowell of Harvard, President S. W. Stratton of M.I.T., Judge Robert Grant and Governor Fuller...  by Bartolomeo Vanzetti     MSU

Psychological Laboratory of Harvard University ,    by Hugo Münsterberg    1893    PsC

Report of the Committee of the Overseers of Harvard College, Appointed to ...   Harvard University Board of Overseers   1860   Goo

Report on the rights & duties of the president & fellows of Harvard college...    MoA

Rules, orders, & statutes of Harvard college, July, 1686. Mass Hist. Soc., March 1876    by Charles Deane, 1813-89   MoA

Secretary's report   Harvard University. Class of 1891    vol 1891    vol 2     vol 3    vol 4

A turning point in higher education; address of Charles Eliot, pres., Harvard College 1869; Intro. Nathan M. Pitt     by Charles William Eliot,   1834-1926   MoA

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