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Complete both early and late history of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan: a grammar of their language, personal and family history of the author.  by Andrew J. Blackbird, b. 1810. Harbor Springs, Mich: Babcock & Darling, 1897   Gut    OnL

The Conspiracy of Pontiac   and the Indian War After the Conquest of Canada  by Francis Parkman 1903  Goo

History of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan; a grammar of their language, and personal and family history of the author,      by Andrew J. Blackbird (Mack-e-te-be-nessy), late U.S. interpreter ...   Ypsilanti, Mich., The Ypsilantian job printing house, 1887    Can    Gut     LC text   image    MB     OpL

Indian and Pioneer History of the Saginaw Valley: With Histories of East Saginaw, Saginaw City,...    by Thomas & Galatian . 1866   Goo

Indian Cession of 1819 Made by the Treaty of Saginaw ...      by William Lewis Webber    1895    Goo

The Life of Pontiac, the Conspirator, Chief of the Ottawas     by Edward Sylvester Ellis, New York: Beadle and Company, 1861   CWR

Personal memoirs of a residence of thirty years with the Indian tribes on the American frontiers: with brief notices of passing events, facts, and opinions, A.D. 1812 to A.D. 1842.  Henry R. Schoolcraft, 1793-1864 [Indian agent in St. Mary (Sault Ste. Marie) from 1822 to 1836; 1836 Ojibwa treaty ]  1851     LC

The Wolf and Furton sites, Macomb county, Michigan,    by Emerson F. Greenman  Ann Arbor [Mich.] University of Michigan, 1939.  HT