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Alumni Directory, Central Michigan Normal School by Central Michigan University   1918

History of the Amphictyon society of Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, ... 1890   Goo

Lives of the founders and builders of Hillsdale College  1885  Goo

Quinquennial record of the Alumni Association of Hillsdale College  1876  Goo

History of the Alpha kappa phi society of Hillsdale college, ...   1890   Goo

History of the Amphictyon society of Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, ...   1890  Goo

Regulations for the students of Hillsdale college   By Hillsdale College  1893   Goo

Semi-centennial celebration of Michigan State agricultural college, May twenty-sixth, twenty-ninth, thirtieth and thirty-first, nineteen hundred seven. by Thomas Charles Blaisdell, 1908   Goo   OpL

The Agricultural College of the State of Michigan   1857   Goo

Catalogue of officers and graduates of the Michigan State Agricultural College ...   Goo  1873   1916

A history of the Michigan state normal school ... [ Eastern MI Univ ] By Daniel Putnam 1899   Goo

Year book of Michigan State Normal College     1900   1901   1905

The Northern college news, Marquette, Mich   Goo   vol 2, Issue 10  1920     vol  4, Issue 8  1922


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