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FHA A Barltrop chronicle embracing Bakers, Brays, Nichols and Carpenters

FHA Allen, Riggs, Nichols, Salton & Cilley families : of Osceola and Ottawa Counties, Michigan

FHA Ancestors & descendants of Thomas Onemus Downey, 8 December 1881 and related families : Belyeu, Nichols, Polk by Euel Moreland Luce : also see Ancestors and descendants of George N. Luce 11 July 1888

FHA Cook, Murphy, Hodges families of early Virginia : in the ancestry of Elizabeth L. Nichols

FHA Descendants of Eleazar and Mary (Nichols) Evans of Belmont County, Ohio

HT Genealogical notes of the Chamberlaine family of Maryland, (Eastern shore,) and of the following connected families: Neale-Lloyd, Tilghman Robins, Hollyday-Hammond-Dyer, Hughes-Stockton, Hayward, Nicols-Goldsborough, and others 1880

Arc Historical and genealogical sketch of the Nickols-Thomas family in Ohio : with partial ancestry, and collateral relatives in Virginia

Arc Kith and kin, containing genealogical data of the following families: Dixon, Andrus, Battin, Beal, Bosworth, Chapin, Converse, Copeland, Cummins, Esterly, Hanna, Hardenberg, Holloway, James, Kendall, Mast, Nichols, Shed, Stewart, Walker, Wallbr

HT Kith and kin, containing genealogical data of the following families: Dixon, Andrus, Battin, Beal, Bosworth, Chapin, Converse, Copeland, Cummins, Esterly, Hanna, Hardenberg,…

Arc Martin genealogy. Descendants of Lieutenant Samuel Martin of Wethersfield, Conn., showing descent from royalty; also giving brief histories of, and descent from, the following colonial families: Nicols, Bradstreet…

FHA Nichols family Bible records, ca. 1824-1993

HT Nichols genealogy from 1648 to 1952, with origins of the name. by Bates, Augusta Scott Nichols. 1952

HT The Genealogy of the Nichol family : a sketch. 1922
Charles Arc Charles A. Nichols, 1876-1920. (late a representative from Michigan) - United States. 66th Congress, 3d session, 1920-1921
Clarina Arc The responsibilities of woman / a speech by Mrs. C.L.H. Nichols, at the Woman's Rights Convention, Worcester, October 15, 1851 Clarina I. Howard Nichols,
Ernest Goo The Inauguration of Ernest Fox Nichols, D.Sc., LL.D., as president … by Ernest Martin Hopkins 1909
Ezra FHA Revolutionary war service of Samuel Brown : with descendants of Ezra and Polly Brown Nichols, 1761-1940
Francis HT Addresses and lectures of Francis Marion Nichols prepared and delivered by the author during the time he occupied the mayor's office, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Francis Arc Sergeant Francis Nicholls of Stratford, Connecticut, 1639, and the descendants of his son, Caleb Nicholls 1909
George Goo A Salem Shipmaster and Merchant: The Autobiography of George Nichols by George Nichols, Martha Nichols 1921
George HT George Nichols, Salem shipmaster and merchant. An autobiography...ed. with introduction and notes by his granddaughter, Martha Nichols 1913
Howard Goo In Memoriam, Howard Gardner Nichols 1897
Humphrey FHA Revolutionary War pension of Humphrey Nichols
Humphrey HT The ancestors and descendants of Humphrey Nichols of Newark, New Jersey, and of his brothers and sisters [by] Frederic C. Torrey …
I. Goo Remembered words: from the sermons of Rev. I. Nichols [Portland, Maine] 1860
By Ichabod Nichols
Ichabod Goo Remembered words from the sermons of Rev. Ichabod Nichols, late pastor of the ...‎ Unitarian Universalist churches - 1860
Irene Arc Two funeral sermons : the former, preached in Otis, at the interment of Mrs. Naomi D'Wolf, the latter, in Becket, at the funeral of Miss Irene Nichols, 1796-1811 by Joseph L. Mills,
James HT Lands of sacred story. Sketches of travel and personal experiences which appeared in the Christian Union during 1908-1909. By James T. Nichols. Introd. By Charles S. Medbury.
John Arc In memoriam. A selection from the letters of the late John Ashton Nicholls, 1823-1859
John Goo Memoir of John Nichols, by A.C. Extr. From The Gentleman's magazine‎ by Alexander Chalmers 1826
John Arc Memoir of the late John Gough Nichols, F.S.A - Nichols, Robert Cradock, 1824-1892
John HT Memoirs of John Nichols … with tributes of respect to his memory by Nichols, J. B. 1779-1863.
John HT Proof of the pudding : autobiography of John Harmon Nichols by Nichols, John Harmon, 1840-1914.
Luther HT Luther Nichols by Watts, Mary Stanbery, 1868-
Polly FHA Revolutionary war service of Samuel Brown : with descendants of Ezra and Polly Brown Nichols, 1761-1940
Rose FHA The ancestors of Edward Ray (Ed) Hankins (1933-2000) : book 10 [Edward Ray Hankins, son of Daniel Ray Hankins (1905-1976) and Ruth Ellen Woodruff (1910-1991), was born in 1933 in Burden, Kansas. He married Rose Marie Nichols.]
Samuel HT Your soldier boy Samuel; civil war letters of Lieut. Samuel Edmund Nichols, Amherst, '65, of the 37th regiment Massachusetts volunteers, arranged by Charles Sterling Underhill.
Sidney HT Proceedings at the trial of Joel B. Erhardt, De Witt C. Wheeler and Sidney Pitt. Nichols … by New York   Mayor (1877-1878 : Ely) 1877
Willard Arc Ancestors of Willard Atherton Nichols who participated in the civil and military affairs of the American colonies : and those who were soldiers in the Continental Armies during the War of the Revolution and those who served in the War of 1812
William HT Memorial services held in the House of Representatives and Senate of the United States, together with tributes presented in eulogy of William F. Nichols, late a Representative…
William Goo William Ripley Nichols: A memorial‎ by W. R. Campbell 1887


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