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Farrar's Illustrated Guide Book to Rangeley, Richardson, Kennebago, Umbagog, and Parmachenee ...     by Charles Alden John Farrar   1880   OpL

Keene and vicinity, its points of interest, and its representative business men, embracing Keene, Hinsdale, Winchester, Marlboro, Walpole, Swanzey and Charlestown   1891   HT

The leading business men of Dover, Rochester, Farmington, Great Falls and Berwick ... .   1890   HT

Leading manufacturers and merchants of New Hampshire : historical and descriptive review of the industrial enterprises of Portsmouth, Great Falls, Concord, Rochester, Nashua, Loconia, Dover, Manchester, Keene, and Claremont.     1887   HT

The Town Register Farmington, Milton, Wakefield, Middleton, Brookfield, 1907…     by B. V. Davis, A. J. Bryant, P. L. Lawton 1908    Goo   Arc    OpL

The town register : Meredith, Tilton, Gilmanton, Sanbornton, Gilford, Belmont, New Hampton, 1908   HT



Amherst and our family tree    by Anne M. Means, 1843-1923. 1921   HT 

History of the Town of Amherst, Hillsborough County, New ...   by Daniel Franklin Secomb   1883  Goo

History of the Town of Amherst, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire:    by Daniel Franklin Secomb   1883    Goo

History of the town of Antrim, New Hampshire , from its earliest settlement to June 27, 1877, with a brief genealogical record of all the Antrim families   by  W. R.Cochrane, (Warren Robert)  1880   Arc   Goo    HT

Antrim, New Hampshire 1891 Tax List    DC

History of the town of Antrim, N.H. for a period of one century: from 1744 ... By John Milton Whiton    1852   Goo

History of Barnstead [N.H.] from Its First Settlement in 1727 to 1872      by Jeremiah Peabody Jewett, Robert Boodey Caverly   1872    Goo   HT

The Barnstead Reunion: Celebrated at Barnstead, N.H., August 30, 1882   edited by Horace Nutter Colbath  1884   Goo   HT

History of Bedford, New Hampshire, from 1737: Being Statistics Compiled on ...  by Bedford (N.H )  1903   FHA   Goo  

The Early History of the Town of Bethlehem , New Hampshire   by Simeon Bolles   1883   

History of the town of Bristol, Grafton County, New Hampshire ...  by Musgrove, Richard Watson, 1840-   1904   HT

History of Brookline, formerly Raby, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire : with tables of family records and genealogies      by Edward E. Parker    Arc   OpL

The history of Canaan, New Hampshire      by Wallace, William Allen, 1815-1893   Arc

History of Candia: once known as Charmingfare     by Eaton, Francis Brown J. O. Adams, printer, 1852    OpL

History of the Town of Candia, Rockingham County, N.H., from Its First ...    by Jacob Bailey Moore, George Waldo Browne   1893    Goo

Annual report. Town of Center Harbor, New Hampshire (Volume 1914) - Center Harbor (N.H. : Town)  Arc

Central Harbor, New Hampshire 1936 Tax List    DC

Annual reports of the selectmen and other town officers, Charlestown , N.H. for the year ending December 31, 1899...     Arc

Claremont War History: April, 1861, to April, 1865: With Sketches of New ...    by Otis Frederick Reed Waite - Claremont (N.H.) 1868     Goo

Claremont, New Hampshire City Directory    DC  1917-18  

History of the town of Claremont, New Hampshire, for a period of one hundred and thirty years from 1764 to 1894 - Waite, Otis Frederick Reed, 1818-1895  Arc

Monograph of Union "Mark" Lodge, No.1, Claremont, New Hampshire : an abstract from the records, with a list of its members    by Charles B. Spofford,  (Charles Byron), b. 1863  Arc

History of the town of Cornish, New Hampshire, with genealogical record, 1763-1910     by Child, William H. (William Henry)    Arc   vol 1   HT

Annual report of the selectmen and other town officers, Cornish, New Hampshire   HT  1887-1921

The First Parish in Dover, New Hampshire: Two Hundred and Fiftieth ...    by First Parish Church, Alonzo Hall Quint, N.H. First Parish Church   1884    Goo

The autobiography of a landlady of the old school, with personal sketches of eminent characters, places, and miscellaneous items [ Wyatt, Sophia, d. 1857 ]    HT

Collections of the Dover, N.H., Historical Society.    HT   vol. I.

A compendious history of the First parish in Dover  1832   HT

Consecration of the Peirce Memorial Church, Dover, N. H., January 11, 1883   HT

A discourse delivered in the First Church of Dover, May 18, 1873, on the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the settlement of Dover, N. H., by George B. Spalding, pastor of the First Church 1873    HT

The Dover directory, containing the city record, the names of the citizens, and a business directory, with the roll of Dover volunters in the army and navy / by W.A. Greenough, Jr.   1865

Dover, N.H.   by  Fred E  Quimby   1898    HT

Dover, N.H., in the U.S. Navy in 1861-1865    by John R. Ham   HT

Dover, N.H., its history and industries issued as an illustrated souvenir of ... twenty-fifth anniversary of Foster�s Daily Democrat, descriptive of the city and its manufacturing and business interests   1898   HT

The Dover pulpit during the Revolutionary War : a discourse commemorative of the distinguished service rendered by Rev. Jeremy Belknap, D.D., to the cause of American independence     preached   by George B. Spalding  1876    HT

The First parish in Dover, New Hampshire   1884   HT

Historical memoranda concerning persons & places in old Dover, N.H. / collected by Rev. Dr. Alonzo Hall Quint & others & published in the Dover Enquirer from 1850 to 1888  HT

Journal of the Rev. John Pike, 1653-1710 of Dover, N. H.   inc.  Registers of births, etc   HT

Localities in ancient Dover. By John R. Ham   1887   HT

Notable Events in the History of Dover, New Hampshire: from the first settlement in 1623- 1865...    By George Wadleig.   1913   Goo    HT

The Connecticut River and the Valley of the : Three Hundred and ...   by Edwin Munroe Bacon - Dresden (N.H.) – 1907    Goo

History of the Town of Dunbarton: Merrimack County, New Hampshire ... by Caleb Stark   1860   Goo    HT

Dunbarton, New Hampshire Tax List     DC    Apr 1, 1914     Apr 1, 1925   

Sketch of Dunbarton, New Hampshire     by Ella  Mills 1848-    Arc   Goo

History of the Dunbarton baptist church: read before the Salisbury baptist ... By Adoniram Judson Hopkins   1878   Goo

Record of the centennial celebration of the incorporation of the town of ... By Dunbarton (N.H.)   1866   Goo   HT

A sermon, preached at Dunbarton, N.H., on the day of public ...   1832   Goo

History of the town of Durham, New Hampshire   by Everett Schermerhorn Stackpole Published by vote of the town, 1913  OpL

The Durham pageant - Durham (N.H.)  : Congregational Church   Arc 

Dedication of the Sullivan monument at Durham , New Hampshire : ...   1896   Goo

Agreement of the Settlers at Exeter in New Hampshire, Aug 4 1639   Yale

Brief record of events in Exeter, N.H. during the year xxxx, together with the names of the soldiers of this town in the war    by  Elias Nason    1861    1862

Cincinnati memorial hall and military museum   [ Society of the Cincinnati ] Exeter, New Hampshire   1903    HT

The confession of faith and the covenant of the First Congregational church in Exeter, N.H.   1832   HT

Exeter & Hampton, New Hampshire census & business directory     compiled by Mitchell ... [Registers of births, etcl. history, genealogy ]  compiled by Mitchell    1908

Exeter in 1830. Notes and occasional papers of William Gilman Perry ..   HT

Exeter in 1776. Sketches of an old New Hampshire town as it was a hundred years ago. Prepared for the ladies centennial levee held in Exeter, Feb. 22, 1876   HT

The First Church in Exeter, New Hampshire. 1898   & HT

The Gilman house, being a history of the dwelling house erected in Exeter  1906    HT

History of the town of Exeter     by  Bell, Charles Henry    HT

The Lincolnshire origin of some Exeter settlers. By V.C. Sanborn. The daughters of Balthazar Willix.     by Virginia Hall   1914   HT

Men and things of Exeter. Sketches from the history of an old New Hampshire town.   by Bell, Charles Henry    HT

"News-letter" handbook of Exeter. 1883   HT

The town register: Exeter, Hampton, 1908, comp. by Mitchell, Bartlett, Lawton, Tebbetts, Carpenter, Kinney and Hanson   1908   HT

A History of Dartmouth College and the Town of Hanover, New Hampshire.      by Frederick Chase, John King Lord   1891    Goo

The History of Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire, from 1752-1887    by John Foote Norton, Joel Whittemore 1888   Goo    HT

Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire Annual Report for the year ending Jan 31, 1931  including tax list    DC  

History of Francestown , N. H.: From Its Earliest Settlement April, 1758, to ...    by Warren Robert Cochrane, George K. Wood   1895   Goo    HT

Gilford, New Hampshire Annual Report for the year ending March 1, 1882   DC

The history of Gilmanton, embracing the proprietary, civil, literary, ecclesiastical, biographical, genealogical, and miscellaneous history, from the first settlement to the present time; including what is now Gilford, to the time it was disannexed.   By Daniel Lancaster    1848   HT

History of the town of Gilsum, New Hampshire from 1752 to 1879    by Silvanus Hayward,  1828-1908  Arc

HHistory of the Town of Hampton , New Hampshire, From Its Settlement in 1638, to the Autumn of 1892 ,    by Joseph Dow   LML

Exeter & Hampton, New Hampshire census & business directory     compiled by Mitchell ... [Registers of births, etcl. history, genealogy ].  1908

Hampton Beach; the Atlantic City of New England ..        by P. G.   Lamson, (Percy Gardner )  Arc  vol  2

A memorial of the town of Hampstead, New Hampshire. memorial of the town of Hampstead, New Hampshire.    by Noyes, Harriette Eliza, b. 1848.   1899   HT

History of the town of Hampton Falls, New Hampshire from the time of the first settlement within its borders    by Warren Brown,  b. 1836  Arc   vol 1   vpl 2

The history of Hancock, New Hampshire, 1764-1889.     Pub. by Orland Eaton, agent, Joshua Stanley Lakin, John Peabody Hills, town history committee.  by Hayward, William Willis, b1834.   1889   HT

History of the Town of Henniker, Merrimack County, New Hampshire: From the Date of the Canada...     by Leander Winslow Cogswell  1880    Goo

The history of Hillsborough, New Hampshire , 1735-1921   by Browne, George Waldo, 1851-1930  v. 1. History  -- v. 2. Biography and genealogy   Arc  vol 1  vol 2

Annals of the town of Hillsborough, Hillsborough county, N.H.: From its ... By Charles James Smith  1841   Goo

Hillsborough, New Hampshire Town Reports for  1902, 1903, 1905, 1906, 1907, 1911, 1913, 1915-1918    

The History of Hillsborough, New Hampshire, 1735-1921   by George Waldo Browne  1922   Goo   vol 1  

History of the Town of Hollis, New Hampshire, from Its First Settlement to the Year 1879: With...    by Samuel Thomas Worcester.   1879    Goo

Life and Times in Hopkinton , N.H.    by Charles Chase Lord   1890    Goo

History of the town of Jaffrey, New Hampshire, from the date of the Masonian charter to the present time, 1749-1880; with a genealogical register of the Jaffrey families, and an appendix containing the proceedings of the centennial celebration in 1873.    By Daniel B. Cutter.   1881  Goo    HT

A History of the Town of Keene from 1732: When the Township was Granted by Massachusetts...     by Simon Goodell Griffin, Frank H. Whitcomb, Jr Octavius Applegate.   1904   Goo

Annals of the town of Keene ... to 1815 ‎ by Salma Hale - 1851    Goo

Keene, New Hampshire 1895-6 City Directory   DC  1895-6

Re-told tales. Harold F.   Blake     [ Kensington (N.H.) Civil War, 1861-1865]     The Knowlton & McLeary co. (Farmington, Me)    1917   Arc     OpL

Catalogue: Nichols Memorial Library, Kingston, N.H., October 1,1898 Kingston (N.H.). Nichols Memorial Library  1898   Goo

The illustrated Laconian. History and industries of Laconia, N.H. Descriptive of the city and its manufacturing and business interests     by Vaughan, Charles W. (Charles Woodward ), b. 1862, comp  Arc

Old home week, Lee , New Hampshire, August 23, 1916 : two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of settlement of the territory : one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of incorporation of the town - Scales, John, 1835-1928   Arc

History of Littleton , New Hampshire     by George Clarence Furber, James Robert Jackson   1905    Goo   OpL  HT  vol 1  vol 2   vol 3

Manual of the First Congregational Church, Littleton, N.H.: issued in 1896 ‎      1896   Goo

The History of Londonderry, Comprising the towns of Derry and Londonderry, NH...     by Edward Lutwyche Parker. 1851   Goo

Early records of Londonderry, Windham, and Derry, N.H. ... ‎    1908   Goo

Vital records of Londonderry, New Hampshire ; a full and accurate transcript of the births, marriage intentions, marriages and deaths in this town from the earliest date to 1910    Arc   

The history of the town of Lyndeborough,   New Hampshire    by D. Donovan, The Tufts college press, H. W. Whittemore & co., 1906   Arc vol 1   vol 2    OpL

The Manchester, New Hampshire, directory ...    several volumes  1860-1922  HT Annual report of the City Library    by Manchester City Library (Manchester, N.H.)1900    HT

The Amoskeag Manufacturing Co. of Manchester, New Hampshire, a history   Printed [by] Amoskeag Manufacturing Co., 1915   HT

Annual report of the receipts and expenditures of the city of Manchester..., together with other annual reports and papers relating to the affairs of the city  1851  HT  1856-73   1878-1901

Annual report of the school committee of the city of Manchester, N.H. for the year ending ... / prepared by the Superintendent of Public Instruction   1891-1922   HT

Citiy directories   1879   1881   1882   1883   1901   1905   1920

Contributions to the history of Derryfield, New Hampshire ...   1897  HT 

Cook book / Women's Alliance, Unitarian Church, Manchester, New Hampshire.   1905   HT

The history of Manchester, formerly Derryfield, in New Hampshire : including that of ancient Amoskeag, or the middle Merrimack valley; together with the address, poem, and other...   1856    HT

The ladies' handbook and household assistant : a manual of religious and table etiquette, a selection of choice recipes for plain and fancy cooking, and a compend of rules,...  by St. James M.E. Church (Manchester, NH)   1886   HT

The Manchester, New Hampshire, directory ...   1860-1922

Manchester men : soldiers and sailors in the Civil War, 1861-'66   by George C. Gilmore  1898   HT

Ordinances of the city of Manchester, with a compilation of the general laws relating to the government of cities, and special acts relating to the city of Manchester 1884   HT

Semi-centennial of the city of Manchester, New Hampshire, September 6, 7, 8, 9, 1896 by Manchester, N.H. Eastman, Herbert Walter 1897   Goo   HT

The town church of Manchester / by Thomas Chalmers, pastor of the First Congregational Church, Manchester, N.H.   1903  HT

Willey's semi-centennial book of Manchester, 1846-1896, and Manchester ed. of the Book of Nutfield. Historic sketches of that part of New Hampshire comprised within the limits of the old Tyng Township, Nutfield, Harrytown, Derryfield, and Manchester, from the earliest settlements to the present time. By George Franklin [!] Willey. Biographical genealogical, political, anecdotal; illustrated with five hundred engravings   1896   HT

History of the Town of Marlborough: Cheshire County, New Hampshire.     by Charles Austin Bemis, 1881    Goo

History of the Town of Mason , N.H. from the First Grant in 1749 ...   by John Boynton Hill  - Registers of births, etc –1858    Goo

Milford, New Hampshire Tax Inventory as of April 1, 1947     DC

History of the town of Mont Vernon, New Hampshire     by Charles James Smith,  1820- comp   Arc

Nashua HS Comm. Programb    1897   1904 

An account of the Soldiers' and sailors' monument   Nashua (N.H)   Arc

Nashua, New Hampshire City Directory    1892   1897-1914

Report of the receipts and expenditures of the City of Nashua.   vol 1-49

New Castle, Historic and Picturesque    by John Albee - New Castle (N.H.) - 1884    Goo

Portsmouth and Newcastle, New Hampshire Cemetery Inscriptions: Abstracts ...    by Arthur Horton Locke   1907   Goo

Reminiscences of New Hampton, N.H.: also a genealogical sketch of the Kelley and Simpson families     by Frank H Kelley. 1889    Goo 

The history of New Ipswich, New Hampshire, 1735-1914 : with genealogical records of the principal families   by Chandler, Charles H. (Charles Henry)   Arc

History of Newbury, Vermont, from the discovery of the Coös country to present time. With genealogical records of many families. by Frederic Palmer Wells,    HT

History of Newfields, New Hampshire, 1638-1911 ‎    by James Hill Fitts, Nathan Franklin Carter  1912   Goo

The History of Newport, New Hampshire: from 1766 to 1878, with a genealogical register.    by Edmund Wheeler. 1879   Goo   HT

Newport, New Hampshire 1917 City Directory   DC  1917   

 TA Centennial Discourse Delivered on the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Bapist Church of Newton, NH  By William Lamson   1865   Goo

History of Northfield, New Hampshire 1780-1905:...   by Lucy Rogers Hill Cross  1905   Goo

History of old Chester [N.H.] from 1719 to 1869 ...    by  Benjamin Chase,.    Auburn, N.H.,: The author, 1869 Goo   MoA  

History of the town of Peterborough, Hillsborough county, New Hampshire ... by Albert Smith, John Hopkins Morison   1876   Goo  

Proceedings of the Sesqui-centennial Celebration Held at Peterborough, N.H., Thursday, Oct. 24, 1889 Goo

History of Pittsfield, N. H. in the Great Rebellion     by H. L. Robinson    Arc

Plymouth, New Hampshire 1934 Tax List    DC

The Portsmouth directory, containing the city record, and the names of the ... ‎  by H.A. Manning Company, W.A. Greenough & Co      1905    1850-1920

Centennial Celebration of the Dedication of the Congregational Meeting-House ...    by First Congregational Church Rindge, N.H.  1897  Goo

Address by Rev. A.W. Burnham, D.D., of Rindge, N.H.: At the Centennial celebration ..      by Amos Wood Burnham   1865    Goo

History of the Town of Rindge, New Hampshire, from the Date of the Rowley Canada Or Massachusetts...    by Ezra Scollay Stearns. 1875   Goo

History of the town of Rochester, New Hampshire, from 1722 to 1890      by  Franklin McDuffee   Arc  vol 1     vol 2

History of Rockingham County, New Hampshire and Representative Citizens by Charles A. Hazlett, Richmond-Arnold Publishing Co., Chicago, Ill., 1915  USG

The History of Salisbury, New Hampshire: From Date of Settlement...     by John Jacob Dearborn, James Osgood Adams, Henry Pearson Rolfe 1890     Arc    Goo

History of Sanbornton , New Hampshire    by Moses Thurston Runnels  Sanbornton (N.H.)   1882    Goo    HT

History of Stoddard, Cheshire County, N.H.    by Isaiah Gould    W. L. Metcalf, printer, 1897   OpL

Dedication of the Sullivan Monument at Durham, New Hampshire...     Alonzo Hall Quint - Sullivan Monument   1896    Goo

A history of the town of Sullivan, New Hampshire, 1777-1917:   by  Josiah Lafayette Seward   1921    Goo  vol 1  vol 2    HT

The History of Swanzey, New Hampshire, from 1734 to 1890.    by Benjamin Read, Benjamin Read, fl. 1892    Goo

The town register: Marlboro, Troy, Jaffrey, Swanzey, 1908 By Mitchell publishing co., Augusta, Me. (1908. The Mitchell-Cony co.)  1908   Goo

Sunapee, New Hampshire 1917-18 City Directory   DC  1917-18  

The story of Sunapee.    by  John H Bartlett,   1941  HT

Historical sketch of the town of Troy, New Hampshire, and her inhabitants from the first settlement of the territory now within the limits of the town in 1764-1897    by  Melvin Ticknor Stone   Arc

A History of Union, New Hampshire (1775-1992)   by Louis E. Tibbetts.   ABC

The History of Warner, New Hampshire, for One Hundred and Forty-four Years, from 1735 to 1879     by Walter Harriman    Arc

Warner Annual Report for the year ending Feb 15, 1912 ~ including tax list    DC

The history of Warren: a mountain hamlet, located among the White hills of ...‎     New Hampshire    by William Little  1870   Arc   Goo

 Forty fifth Anniversary of the Settlement of Rev. Edward Buxton as Pastor of the Second ...      Congregational Church (Webster, N.H.)    Arc

Webster Real Estate Tax list for the year ending Dec 31, 1917    DC

History of Wells , Vermont, for the First Century After Its Settlement     by Hiland Paul, Robert Parks   1869    Goo

History of the Town of Wilton, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire: With a Genealogical...    by Abiel Abbot Livermore, Sewall Putnam. 1888    Goo

(Supplement to) The History of Windham in New Hampshire: a Scotch settlement.    by Leonard Allison Morrison   1892   Goo

History of Wolfeborough (New Hampshire)      by Benjamin Franklin Parker. 1901   Goo

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