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Long Island, New York

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Antiquities of Long Island.      by   Gabriel Furman.    Cor 

Baptisms, marriages, funerals, recorded at Grace Episcopal church, Jamaica, Long Island, New York, 1769-1853.   1913   OpL

A brief history of the First Presbyterian Church of Newton, Long Island    by Wm. H.  Hendrickson,  The Church?, 1902   OpL

City Directories    1878-1879, pt .2

A docvmentary history of het (the) Nederdvytsche gemeente. Dutch congregation, of Oyster Bay    by Henry A . Stoutenburgh,  1842-1919  Arc  vol 1  vol 2

Early history of Suffolk County, Long Island.    By Henry Nicoll.     Cor

Early Long Island Wills of Suffolk County, 1691-1703.  by William Smith Pelletreau,1840-1918.    Cor

Historic Long Island, by Rufus Rockwell Wilson      by  Rufus Rockwell Wilson ,  1865-1949   Arc

The History of Long Island, from Its Discovery to the Present Time: With Many Important and interesting matters to the present...   by Benjamin F Thompson. 1843    Goo

History of Long Island; Containing an Account of the Discovery & Settlement; ...    by Benjamin Franklin Thompson,   Cor    Goo 1918

History of Southold, Long Island; Its First Century    by Epher Whitaker, 1820-1916   Cor 

Town of Southold, Long Island .Personal index prior to 1698, and index of 1698.    by Charles Benjamin   Moore, d. 1893.    Cor

Griffin's journal.   [ first settlers of Southold, the names of the heads of those families, being only thirteen at the time of their landing; first proprietors of Orient, biographical sketches]    by Augustus Griffin,   Published in 1857, A. Griffin (Orient, L.I) Southold (Long Island, N.Y.)    OpL

Settlement of Southold [NY] [Long Island]    by George Rogers Howell, 1833-1899    Cor

When Southampton and Southold, on Long Island, were settled    by Howell, George Rogers, 1833-1899    Cor

A history of the town of East-Hampton, N.Y.     by Henry Parsons  Hedges.  1898  Cor

A Montauk Cemetery at Easthampton, Long Island  1920   Goo

Partial genealogy of the descendents of Samuel Parsons, of East Hampton, L. I., 1650    by George Rogers Howell,   1833-1899     Cor

Records of the town of East Hampton, Long Island, Suffolk Co., N.Y., with other ancient documents of historic value. by East Hampton, N.Y. 1887    HT

History of the town of Flushing, Long Island, New York     by Henry D Waller   Cor

Long island    by Long island railroad company   Cor

Long Island Genealogies: Families of Albertson, Andrews, Bedell, Birdsall ... Willets, Williams...    by Mary Powell Bunker  1895    Goo

Miscellaneous documents relating to the city of New York and Long Island, 1642-1696    by New York historical society   Cor

Records of the First church in Huntington, Long Island, 1723-1799. Being the record kept by the Rev. Ebenezer Prine, the pastor during those years. Containing lists of members of the church, and of baptisms and of marriages, a confession of faith, accounts of trials of members... with full index of names    by Huntington, N. Y. First church.    Cor

Records of the town of Jamaica, Long Island, New York, 1656-1751     Long Island Historical Society, 1914    OpL

Register in alphabetical order, of the early settlers of Kings County, Long Island, N.Y. : from its first settlement by Europeans to 1700 : with contributions to their biographies and genealogies, compiled from various sources     by Teunis G.  Bergen, 1881     Cor        Goo

Stony Brook Association of Long Island Assembly.    by Stony Brook Association.   Cor

When Southampton and Southold, on Long Island, were settled    by Howell, George Rogers, 1833-1899    Cor

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