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Abstract of wills on file in the Surrogates Office, City of New York        by New York (County) Surrogate's Court   

vol    I   1665-1707 vol   7   Jun  6, 1766-Nov. 29, 1771 vol  13   Sept 3, 1784-Jun 12, 1786
vol   2   1708-1728 vol    8   1771-1776 vol  14   Jun 12, 1786-Feb 13, 1796
vol   3   1730-1744 vol   9   Jan 7, 1777-Feb 7, 1783 vol  15   Feb 15, 1796-Jan 14, 1801
vol   4   1744-1753 vol  10   Oct 23, 1780-Nov 5, 1782 vol   16   Corrections to Vol 1-5
vol   5   1754-1760 vol  11   unrecorded wills prior to 1790 vol   17   Corrections to Vol. 6-9 & 11
vol   6   1760-1766 vol  12   Jun 17, 1782-Sept 11, 1784  

Abstracts of wills on file in the Surrogate's...    by New York County (N.Y.). Surrogate's Court,...   1902   Goo

Appleton's Dictionary of New York & its vicinity ... w/maps of NY & vicinity   1890   Har

Assessment of the real and personal property of the East ward of the city of New York as made up June 24, 1791; with order from the mayor, recorded &c to collect the same, and receipts from the city treasurer for amounts paid in by the collector     by New York (City) Assesors    Cor

Bank of the Manhattan Company, chartered 1799; a progressive commercial bank.     by Bank of the Manhattan Company, New York.  Cor

Biography of Hon. Fernando Wood, mayor of the city of New-York.   by Xavier Donald MacLeod    Cor

The Biographical record of the City of Rochester and Monroe County, New York    Arc  1902

The bombardment of New York : and the fight for independence on the waters of New York City against the sea power of Great Britain in the year 1776 - Bolton, Reginald Pelham, 1856-1942   Arc

Book of Charters, Wills, Deeds and Other Official Documents [relating to the Library]     New York Public Library, George Lockhart Rives   Arc

The Brown Book: A Biographical Record of Public Officials of the City of New York for 1898-9    Martin B. Brown company, 1899    OpL

Catalogue of the Alumni, Officers and Fellows, 1807-1880.   College of Physicians & Surgeons, Medical Dept. of Colunbia College in the City of New York      1880    Goo

Choate versus Platt.   by New York (City) City Vigilance League.  Cor

The City of New York: A complete guide...& a complete new street directory... [illus.; map]  1876  MoA

Trow's general directory of the boroughs of Manhattan and Bronx, city of New York   Arc  1903 pt.2    1907, pt.3     1910    1914, pt.2

New York City, New York 1859 City Directory - indexing in progress   multiple sources

1786    1827   1839   1842    1848    1859     1859    1872   1876    1877    1878-79, pt .2     1889, pt.1     1890  

Brooklyn, New York , city directory  1903 pt.1       1912, pt.3

Colonial records of the New York Chamber of commerce, 1768-1784    Goo

The Colosseum, Broadway, 35th and 36th Streets, New York   by New York State Pamphlets  Cor

Death in the Bronx: The Stockbridge Indian Massacre, 1778 [w/Bibliography, Indians & the Revolution]    by Richard S. Walling,    AmR

A description of the province and city of New York; with plans of the city and several forts as they existed in the year 1695    by John Miller, 1666-1724.  Cor

The draft riots in New York. July, 1863 : The metropolitan police, their services during riot week. Their honorable record.    By David M. Barnes,  New York : Baker & Godwin, 1863.  MoA

Expedition of Capt Samuel Argall...to the French settlements in Acadia & Manhattan Island 1613   by George Folsom, 1802-1869  Cor

Exposure of a seven years' conspiracy inflicting greater loss and ruin on the City of New York than all other conspiracies, thefts, frauds and peculations combined   by New York State Pamphlets   Cor

Family Monographs: The History of Twenty-four Families Living in the Middle West Side of New York...  by Elsa Goldina Herzfeld . 1905    Goo      MoA  

Fifth Avenue old and new, 1824-1924,    by Henry Collins Brown , 1862-1961.   New York,:  1924   MoA

Final report of the Committee on Taxation of the city of New York., New York (N.Y.)   MoA  

Forty years of Edison service, 1882-1922; outlining the growth and development of the Edison system in New York City Martin, Thomas Commerford, 1856-1924   Arc

Genealogical record, Saint Nicholas society of the city of New York, organized February 28,1835 incorporated April 17, 1841   by Saint Nicholas society of the city of New York. Cor  vol 1   vol 2    vol 3

General Catalogue of Union Theological Seminary in the City of New-York ...      by Edwin Francis Hatfield   1876    Goo

The great metropolis: a mirror of New York.     Browne, Junius Henri, 1833-1902.   n Francisco, Cal.,: American publishing company;, H. H. Bancroft & co., [etc., etc.], 1869.     MoA

Historic tales of olden time; concerning the early settlement and advancement of New York City & State.     by John Fanning   Watson, 1779-1860    Cor

Historical sketch and government of the Gneral Society of Mechanics and Tradesman of the City of New York.    by The Society  1785 - 1914.   Cor

History of St. George's Church in the city of New York , 1752-1811-1911 - Anstice, Henry, 1841-1922    Arc

History of the City of New York: Its Origin, rise, and progress.    by Mrs Burton Harrison, Martha Joanna Lamb. NY: A.S. Barnes Co., 1877-1896.   MoA    vol 1   vol 3      Goo   vol 1    vol 2

History of the city of New York : from its earliest settlement to the present time.     by Mary L.  Booth   Cor

A history of the Moravian Church in New York City    by Harry Emilius Stocker, 1876-1929   Arc

History of the New York Chamber of commerse, with notices of some of its most distinguished members.     by Charles King, 1789-1867.    Cor

A History of the Parish of Trinity Church in the City of New York     by Morgan Dix, John Adams Dix, Leicester Crosby Lewis, Charles Thorley Bridgeman, Clifford P. Morehouse   1906    Goo

How New York city is governed.   by James Parton, 1822-1891     Cor

How the other half lives; studies among the tenements of New York, by Jacob A. Riis; with illustrations chiefly from photographs taken by the author.,    by acob August  Riis, 1849-1914.   MoA  

The Jewish communal register of New York city, 1917-1918 ..., Jewish Community of New York City.  Arc    MoA

The Leaven in a Great City [NYC, poor, Social Settlements]    by Lillian William Betts,    NY 1902   UCa

Ledger number I, Chamberlain's office, corporation of the city of New York, May 11,1691, to November 12, 1699.    by New York (City) Bureau of city chamberlain    Cor

Marriages reported ..  [ Arranged by months, 1888-1897, by boroughs, 1898-1936. The boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens and Richmond, created by the charter of 1897, are not included until 1898 ]     New York (N.Y.). Dept. of Health   Arc    vol 1901    vol 1902

The Memorial History of the City of New-York: from its first settlement to 1892      by James Grant Wilson , 1832-1914 .  1892    Goo    UTo  vol 1    vol 2    vol 3   vol 4

Miscellaneous documents relating to the city of New York and Long Island, 1642-1696    by New York historical society   Cor

New York: A Sketch of the City's Social, Political, & Commercial Progress from the First Dutch Settlement    by Theodore Roosevelt,   1906    Bar

New York as it was and as it is: giving an account of the city from its settlement to the present...   by John Disturnell, 1876   Goo

New York's Chinatown : an historical presentation of its people and places,   by Louis Joseph Beck,    MoA

New York city newspapers, 1820-1850, a bibliography,       by Louis Hewitt Fox, 1883-   The University of Chicago press, 1928    MoA   

Nooks and corners of old New York.     by   Charles Hemstreet. New York : Charles Scribner's Sons, 1899.   Cor    MoA

The old merchants of New York City.    by Joseph Alfred Scoville.  1811-1864.  MoA  vol 1    vol 2  vol 3   vol 4    vol 5

The old streets of NY under the Dutch.  A paper, NY Hist. Soc.,  Gerard, James Watson, 1823-1900.  1874.     MoA

Orderly Book of the Three Battalions of Loyalists, Commanded by Brigadier… …list of New York Loyalists in the City   ...    by De Lancey's Brigade (Loyalist) 1776-1778, William Kelby   1917     Goo

Original book of New York deeds, January 1st, 1672/3 to October 19th,1675.  by New York (City)  Cor

Proceedings of the New York State Historical Association    by New York State Historical Association      vol 9  1910

Queens Borough, New York City, 1910-1920    by Chamber of Commerce     OpL

Recollections of persons and events, chiefly in the city of New York; being selections from his journal   by James McFarlane Mathews    Cor

Reminiscences of fifteen years of the history of the First Presbyterian Church, Utica, N. Y. A discourse delivered January 7, 1866     by Philemon Halstead Fowler, 1814-1879    Cor

Retrographs: Comprising a History of New York City Prior to the Revolution; Biographies of George...     by F. S. (Ferdinand S.) Bartram, 1888    Goo

Revolutionary soldiers resident or dying in Onondaga County, N.Y.; with supplementary list of possible veterans, based on a pension list of Franklin H. Chase, Syracuse, N.Y     by Beauchamp, William Maritin, 1830-1925   Cor

Robert Hamilton, the founder of queenston.    by Howland, Henry Raymond, 1844-    Cor

Rochester; its founders and its founding    by Howard Lawrence Osgood, 1855-1909"   Cor

Roswell Park: a memoir, by Charles G. Stockton, M. D.     by Charles G, Stockton, 1853-     Cor

Roswell Willson Haskins. Paper read before the society, December 19, 1870.    by Lars Gustaf Sellstedt, 1819-1911   Cor

The secrets of the great city; a work descriptive of the virtues and the vices, the mysteries, miseries and crimes of NY City    by James Dabney McCabe, 1842-33    Cor

Shepp's New York City illustrated : scene and story in the metropolis of the Western world : how two million people live and die, work and play, eat and sleep, govern themselves and break the laws, win fortunes and lose them, and so build and maintain the New York of to-day, Shepp, James W.     MoA

The social history of Flatbush-manners & customs of the Dutch settlers in Kings County   NYC     by Gertrude Lefferts Vanderbilt,    1881   1899

The Story of the Bronx from the Purchase Made...    by Stephen Jenkins.   1912    Goo

Tax lists of the city of New York, December, 1695-July 15th, 1699.     by New York (City) Assessors     Cor

Valentine's Manual of Old New York   by New York (N.Y.). Common Council  1916   Goo   OpL

The Wealth and Biography of the Wealthy Citizens of the City of New York: Being an Alphabetical arrangement of persons estimated to be worth $100,000, and upwards…     ed by Moses Yale Beach , 1800-1868. New York : The Sun Office     Goo    1845    1846   1855

Who's who in New York (city and State) .    by Lewis Randolph Hamersly, John William Leonard, William Frederick Mohr, Herman Warren Knox,  1904   Goo

Who's who in New York (city and state)  by New York, Lewis Historical Pub.   Cor

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