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                 Index to Supreme Court Cases, 1704-1844       New Jersey Yearbook Project

Afro-Americans in New Jersey: a short history.    by Giles R. Wright  New Jersey Historical Commission, 1989.     NJSL

Atlantic City as a winter health resort.   by Boardman Reed  Allen, Lane & Scott's printing house, 1881    Arc     OpL

An account of the centennial celebration at Princeton, N.J., June 27th, 1876.   by William Clarke Ulyat  The Press printing office, 1877    OpL

American Circular Letters: New Jersey: A Christian's Separation from the World, 1853 [East N.J. Baptist Assn.]   1853    1869

An Analytical Index to the Colonial Documents of New Jersey, in the State Paper Offices of England.   by William Adee Whitehead, Henry Stevens. 1858    Goo

The Anglican Church in New Jersey    by Burr, Nelson R. (Nelson Rollin), 1904-1994. 1954    HT

Argument of Samuel L. Southard, in the Case of Stacy Decow and Joseph Hendrickson Versus Thomas L. Shotwell: Delivered at Trenton, Before the Court of Appeals of the State of New Jersey, at a Special Term in the Eighth Month, 1833       By Samuel Lewis Southard, Stacy Decow, et. al.    New Jersey. Court of Appeals Contributor  Published by Elijah Weaver, 1834    Goo

At the forks of the Delaware, 1794-1811; chronicles of early travel to Easton and neighboring parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including extracts from a hitherto untranslated and unpublished manuscript. By Rayner Wickersham Kelsey. A paper read at Easton, Pennsylvania, November 13, 1919, before the Northampton county historical and genealogical society.   Kelsey, Rayner Wickersham, 1879-      1920    HDT

Bethlehem church and its pastor;   [ Barnes, Albert, -- 1798-1870 & Hunt, Holloway Whitfield, -- 1769-1858      by  Robert Wharton Landis, 1809-83.  1851. Goo   MoA   

Bloomfield and Montclair and their leading business men   by John Austin Williams   Mercantile publishing company, 1891  OpL

Books, Pamphlets and Newspapers Printed at Newark, New Jersey, 1776-1900.     by Frank Pierce Hill, Varnum Lansing Collins.   1902   Goo

Boyd's Atlantic City directory     Goo   1920

Between Peasant & Urban Villager: Italian-Americans of New Jersey & New York, 1880-1980…    by Michael J. Eula, 1993   Que

Bi-centennial celebration of the Old stone church, September 29, 1880     Cedarville, N.J]   [Fairton, N.J. Presbyterian congregation at Fairfield ]    Arc

Biographical and genealogical history of Morris and Sussex ...  1899   Goo    vol 2

Bloomfield, old and new   by Joseph F. Folsom Centennial Historical Committee, 1912   OpL

The business directory of New York City , and Newark City , N.J.   1889, pt.1

Calendar of New Jersey wills : edited, with an introductory note on the early testamentary laws and customs of New Jersey    FHA  vol 1 1670-1730

Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Administrations, Etc.   Arc     Vol 1    Vol 2     Vol 4     Vol 5     Vol 6   vol 23    vol 30

Index of wills , inventories, etc. in the office of the secretary of state prior to 1901.. - New Jersey . Dept. of State  Arc    vol 1   vol 2    vol 3

The Charter or Fundamental Laws, of W New Jersey , Agreed Upon…   1676: Yal

A church & community survey of Salem County, New Jersey.    Comm. on Social & Religious Surveys (US)   NY   1922     Cor

Salem County, New Jersey  Farm Directory   DC  1913 

Church members, marriages, and baptisms, at Hanover, Morris Co., N.J by First Presbyterian Church (Hanover, N.J.)  OpL

The Clays and Clay Industry of New Jersey.   by Henry Barnard Kümmel, Heinrich Ries, George N. Knapp. 1904     Goo

Cockpit Of The Revolution: The War For Independence In New Jersey    by Leonard Lundn,   Princeton   1940   CMU

Concession & Agreement of Lords Proprietors of New Caesarea, or New Jersey, With Settlers; Feb 10, 1664   Yale  

Constitution of New Jersey;   Yale     July 2, 1776     Ratification Dec 18, 1787  

Corporations of New Jersey: List of Certificates to December 31, 1911    NJSL

A discourse, Synod of New Jersey in the 1st by John Thomas   Duffield, 1823-1901.   Phila, 1866    MoA  

Documents relating to the colonial history of the state of New Jersey

An analytical index to the colonial documents of New Jersey, in the State ...     by Henry Stevens, William Adee Whitehead  - 1858   Goo  

General index to the Documents relating to the colonial history of the state of New Jersey , First series, in ten volumes - Frederick William Ricord, William A Whitehead, William Nelson  Arc

v. 1.      1631-1687

v. 2.      1687-1703 vol 18

v. 3       Administrations of Lords Cornbury and Lovelace, and of Lt-Govenor Ingoldesby, 1703-09

vol 19

v. 4       Administrations of Gov  Robert Hunter and President Lewis Morris, 1709-20 

vol 20  Extracts from American Newspapers, relating  to NJ
v. 5       Administrations of Gov  Burnet and Montgomerie, President Lewis Morris,
              Gov Cosby, Presidents  Anderson and Hamilton, 1720-37
vol 21

v. 6.      Administrations of Governor Lewis Morris and Presidents John Hamilton and John Reading, 1738-47

vol 22
v. 7     v.8    Administration of Governor Johathan Belcher, 1746-1757 vol 23

v. 9      Administrations of President John Reading, Lt-Gov Thomas Pownall, Governors Francis Bernard, Thomas Boone, Josiah Hardy and William Franklin, 1757-76

vol 24
v. 10                   "   "   continued vol 25
vol 11    1687-1803 vol 26   Extracts from American newspapers relating to New Jersey 
vol 12 vol 27
vol 13 vol 28
vol 14 vol 29
vol 15 vol 30 
vol 16  
vol 17  

Duke of York's Confirmation to the b>24 Proprietors; March 14 [re New Jersey] 1682:   Yal

Duke of York's 2nd Grant to William Penn &...for the Soil & Government of W. New Jersey; Aug 6 1680:   Yal

Dunellen, New Jersey 1909     DC  1909  

The Early Germans of New Jersey: Their history, churches, & genealogies.     by Theodore Frelinghuysen Chambers.   1895    Har    Arc

Essex county , N.J., illustrated  by Vail, Merit H. Cash   Arc   vol 1      vol 2

Experiment in Independence: New Jersey in the Critical Period, 1781-1789    by Richard P. McCornick   1950    RUP  

Extracts from the journal of proceedings of the provincial congress... Burlington, ...   New Jersey. Provincial Congress   1835 

Family records, or, Genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants... 1851    OpL

Fanwood and Scotch Plains, New Jersey 1909    DC   1909

First Baptist Church of Bloomfield, N.J. (organized Nov. 25th, 1851)   Young People's Association connected with the church, 1876   OpL

The Fundamental Constitutions for the Province of E New Jersey in America 1683:   Yal

Genealogies of New Jersey Families from the Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey   Goo

Genealogy of Early Settlers in Trenton and Ewing, "Old Hunterdon County ...     by Eli Field Cooley, William Scudder Cooley, Hannah Louisa Cooley - Mercer County (N.J.)   1883   FHB   Goo    

Hunterdon County, New Jersey 1914 Farm and Business Directory    DC

The Jerseyman  [Hunterdon County (N.J.)  Genealogy ]    HT  vol. 1    vol. 6     vol. 7    vol 8    vol. 9    9-11 1903-05     vol. 10     vol. 11             

Genealogical history of Hudson and Bergen counties, New Jersey      by Cornelius Burnham Harvey,    New Jersey Genealogical Pub. Co., 1900    OpL

Gloucester County Slavery Records   WJHP 

Gouldtown, a Very Remarkable Settlement of Ancient Date: Studies of Some Sturdy Examples... early colonial history of Cumberland County and souther New Jersey and some early genealogical records     by William Steward, T. G. (Theophilus Gould) Steward. Lippincott.  1913    Arc     Goo    

Historic American Buildings/Engr Survey: New Jersey: Photos & Drawings   LC  

Historical Sketch, Confession of Faith, and Catalogue of Members, of the ...    Bloomfield (N.J .) Presbyterian church  K. Kellogg, 1835   OpL

Historical sketch of the city of Newark, New Jersey    by Herbert [Lando] Thowless   Holbrook Newark directory co., 1902   OpL

City Directories for city of Newark   1851-52

The History and Antiquities of New England, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.     by John Warner Barber. 1856   Goo

History and Genealogy of Fenwick's Colony, New Jersey ‎   by Thomas Shourds - Salem County (N.J.)  1876   Goo

History of Asbury Park and Long Branch , together with the traditions of the Indians & settlers of Monmouth & Ocean counties, N.J      by George Castor   Martin, b1885  Arc

The History of St. John's Church, Elizabeth Town, New Jersey, from the Year ...    by Samuel Adams Clark   1857   Goo  

Elizabeth, New Jersey 1921 City Residential Directory    DC

Industries of New Jersey: Essex County including city of Newark    by Richard Edwards, Historical Publishing Company  1882    Goo

Industries of New Jersey: Hudson, Passaic and Bergen counties    by Richard Edwards, Historical Publishing Company 1883    Goo

Industries of New Jersey: Trenton, Princeton, Hightstown, ...   by Richard Edwards , Historical Publishing Company  1882   Goo

Historical and genealogical miscellany; data relating to the settlement and settlers of New York and New Jersey    by Stillwell, John E.,  comp   Arc

The history of New Jersey from its earliest settlement        by William Henry Carpenter    MoA

A Civil and Political History of New Jersey: Embracing a Compendious History of the State, from ...     by Isaac S. Mulford   1851    Goo     MoA

Genealogical and memorial history of the state of New Jersey ..     by  Francis Bazley Lee, 1869-1914, ed   1910   Arc   

vol 1    vol 2    vol 3    vol 4   vol 5     vol 6    vol 7   vol 8

History and government of New Jersey ..     By  Daniel C. Knowlton (Daniel Chauncey), b. 1876   Arc

The history of New Jersey, from its discovery by Europeans to the adoption of the federal constitution. By Thomas F. Gordon    1834   HT

The history of New Jersey, from its earliest settlement to the present time. by  John O. Raum,    1877   HT   v.1   v. 2

New Jersey: A Guide to Its Present & Past.  Federal Writers'Project  1939    PrL    Que

A History of the First Presbyterian Church of Hopewell, at Pennington, New Jersey ... by Rev. George Hale,  Philadelphia: Press of Henry B. Ashmead, 1876    Arc


The Jewish colonies of South Jersey: historical sketch of their ...    by William Stainsby   1901    Goo

Journal of the Proceedings of the Legislative-Council of the State of New ... by Legislative Council, New Jersey   1838  Goo

History of the Washington Association of New Jersey By Edmund Drake Halsey  1891  Goo

Journal of the Votes and Proceedings of the Convention of New-Jersey   by New Jersey Burlington, NJ: Printed and sold by I. Collins, 1776   Rut

Proceedings and Address of the Second Convention of Delegates, Held at the City of Trenton, on the Fourth July, 1814, to the People of New-Jersey      by Federal Party   1814  OpL

Maladies, remedies and physicians of colonial days in Burlington County, and other kindred topics   by Stackhouse, A. M. (Asa Matlack)  1874  ABC    Arc

MAPS: New Jersey [State, City, National Parks, Historical]   UT

Marriage records, 1665-1800    [ The early marriage laws of New Jersey, by W. Nelson.--Index to marriage bonds and records in the office of the secretary of state at Trenton.--Marriage records of > the following churches and county clerks: Hackensack Reformed [Dutch] church. 1695-1800. Schraalenburgh Reformed [Dutch] church, 1724-1801. Paramus Reformded [Dutch] church, 1664-1801. Essex county, 1795-1801. Lyons Farms Baptist church, 1795-1800  ]    by William  Nelson,       Arc  vol 1   vol 2   vol 3     Goo 

Memorial cyclopedia of New Jersey    by Mary Depue Ogden,    Memorial History Co., 1915  OpL    vol 1     vol 2     vol 4

Minisink Valley Reformed Dutch Church records  (Orange County, N.Y. Walpack, N.J.  Minisink, N.Y.)     by  Royden Woodward Vosburgh   1913

The Montclair Annual: Who's who in Montclair‎   1916   Goo

Narratives of Early Pennsylvania, West New Jersey & Delaware, 1630-1707 [maps]   by Albert Cook Myers,  1912  Que

New Brunswick, New Jersey in the World War    DC

New England Society of Vineland, New Jersey : organized 1902 : constitution, officers and members, 1902-1906.  by New England Society of Vineland, N.J. 1906 HT

New Jersey Centennial Tea Party: Held at Taylor Opera House, Trenton ...     by Woman's Branch (New Jersey, United States Centennial Commission   1874   Goo

The New Jersey Scrap Women Writers   by Margaret Tufts Yardley   1893   Goo

New Jersey vital records from Monmouth Democrat [1937-1942]    1900   Arc l A-D     OpL

Newark, New Jersey 1835 - 36 City Directory    DC   1835 - 36    1840 - 41     1851-52

History of the Newark Baptist City Mission From Its Origin in 1851 to Its Seventeenth Anniversary in 1868by Edgar Mortimer Levy    MoA    

Industries of New Jersey: Essex County including city of Newark    by Richard Edwards Historical Publishing Company  1882     Goo

Records of the Town of Newark, New Jersey: From Its Settlement   by Newark (N.J.) 1864   Goo

Newton, New Jersey.   by Henry Huston  1897    Arc      OpL

Ocean City [N.J] guide book and directory   1892   1895

  History of Asbury Park and Long Branch , together with the traditions of the Indians & settlers of Monmouth & Ocean counties, N.J      by George Castor   Martin, b1885  Arc

Ocean City, New Jersey  City Directory   DC   1928

Official register of the officers and men of New Jersey in the revolutionary war   Adjutant-General's Office, New Jersey Historical Records Survey Project   Goo

One hundred and eightieth anniversary of the settlement of New Jersey    by the Germans and the sesqui-centennial of German Valley 1893    Har

Personal Names of Indians of New Jersey: Being a List of Six Hundred and Fifty Such Names,...   by William Nelson, 1904   Goo

Paterson, New Jersey  City Directory    DC   1859  

Pioneers of Old Hopewell with Sketches of Her Revolutionary Heroes    by Ralph Ege    Hopewell (N.J.)  1908   Arc    Goo

Plainfield, New Jersey  City Directory    DC  1909

Ploughs & Politicks: Charles Read of New Jersey & His Notes on Agriculture, 1715-1774  by Carl Raymond Woodward, 1941   RUP

The Provincial Courts of New Jersey: With Sketches of the Bench and Bar…   by Richard Stockton Field  1849   Goo

The Quaker Colonies     by Sydney G. Fisher  MBk

Rail-road usurpation of New Jersey    by Charles Summer,   1811-74   MoA

Report of the Commission of Immigration of the State of New Jersey, 1914   Har

Report, State Commission for Erection of Monument to Ninth New Jersey Volunteers at New Berne, North Carolina.  1905  ECU  

Residential Directory for Asbury Park, Ocean Grove, West Grove, Bradley Beach, Neptune City, Avon, Belmar, Allenhurst, Deal,  Loch Arbor   DC  1910

Scannell's New Jersey's first citizens and state guide ...     by J. J. Scannell, 1917    OpL

The Shark River district, Monmouth County, New Jersey   by George Castor Martin   OpL

Shrewsbury, New Jersey 1887 Dog Tax List    DC   1887

Somerset, New Jersey 1914 Farm and Business Directory    DC  

The story of an old farm; or, Life in New Jersey in the eighteenth century    (Somerset County N.J.)    by Andrew D. Mellick, 1844-1895   Arc

The Shark River district, Monmouth County, New Jersey: and genealogies of Chambers, Corlies, Drummond, Morris, Potter, Shafto, Webley and White     by George Castor Martin     Arc

The Standard guide to Atlantic City, N.J. ...    Standard guide publishing co., 1909   Arc  OpL

A study of slavery in New Jersey     by Henry Scofield Cooley,    Balt., 1896 DjV

Surrender from the Proprietors, E & W New Jersey, Their Pretended Right of Government to Her Majesty; 1702    Yale

The two hundred and fortieth anniversary of the Pittsgrove Baptist church, September 18th, 1921 - Daretown, N.J. Pittsgrove Baptist   Arc

Van Houten Manuscripts: A Century of Historical Documents, Assessment lists, Unrecorded deeds, Vendues, Inventories, Bonds, Letters, Accounts, Pleadings in Law Suits Paterson and vicinity        by Gerrebrandt Van Houten, William Nelson   - Paterson (N.J.) – 1894    Goo

Westfield and Mountainside, New Jersey 1909 Residential Directory   DC  1909