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The Four Old Lodges, Founders of Modern Freemasonry, and Their Descendants ...‎    by Robert Freke Gould   1879   Goo

History of the Ancient and Honorable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons, and Concordant Orders    ed William James Hughan,  Boston & NY, Fraternity Publishing Co.  Goo     1890    1892     

A Legislative Investigation Into Masonry : Being a Correct History of the ...    by Benjamin Franklin Hallett   1832   Goo

Masonic Biography and Dictionary: comprising the history of ancient masonry, antiquity of... 28"    list of lodges in the United State   Augustus Row 1868   Goo

Report of the Committee Appointed by the General Assembly of the State of Rhode Island ...    by Benjamin Hazard, Rhode Island , General Assembly - Freemasonry – 1832    Goo ;

Revised Odd-fellowship Illustrated: The Complete Revised Ritual of the Lodge, Encampment ... by Jonathan Blanchard    Cook, 1891   OpL

Richardson's monitor of free-masonry; being a practical guide to the ceremonies...     DBI  

The Secret Tradition in Freemasonry     by Arthur Edward Waite London: Rebman, 1911    vol 1    vol 2

The universal masonic record and directory: containing the name, business, profession and residence of each subscriber; the name of the lodge, chapter, council, and encampment, to which he is attached; and the rank, position, and degree, he has attained in the order Confined exclusively to members of the masonic fraternity in good standing. Containing also a list of all masonic lodges in the world, with the place and time of meeting of each lodge, as far as known Hyneman, Leon. Philadelphia, and New-York: L. Hyneman, 1860.  MoA