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FHB A collection of histories of Milton O. and Linnie W Parker Gold and some of their ancestors by Hamilton, Gene; Hamilton, Alice Gold, 1969-

FHB Antecedents and descendants of Margaret Ann Rhoades Smith (1860-1949) : a genealogical, historical and reminiscent account of some Rhoads, Newman, Parker, Wright, Hamilton, Ramsey and related families in their pioneer days

Arc Genealogy and biographical notes of John Parker of Lexington and his descendants by Theodore Parker, 1869-

Arc Genealogy of the Wells family and families related by Gertrude W. Custing, (Gertrude Wells)

Goo Gleanings from colonial and American records of Parker and Morse ...: Parts 1585-1915 by William Thornton Parker 1915

Arc Our family history by Donald Dean Parker, b. 1899

FHB Parker, Pond, Peck : family records, 1636-1892 by Edwin Pond Parker, 1836-1920

FHB The Train family : including some account of the Barnwell, Brown, Cuthbert, Fuller, Hand. Leiter, Middleton, Parker, Payson, Savage, and Tomlinson families

Cor Writings of General Parker. Extracts from his letters, & Autobiographical Memoir by Ely Samuel Parker

Cor Writings of General Parker. Extracts from his letters, and an autobiographical memoir of historical interest. By Ely Samuel Parker,
Allen UNC Recollections of Slavery Times, by Allen Parker. Worcester, MA: Chas. W. Burbank & Co., 1895
Arthur BPL Dream that came true: autobiography Arthur Harold Parker, African American educators--Biography;
Carleton Goo An American idyll: the life of Carleton H. Parker by Cornelia Stratton Parker 1919
Cynthia UCa Cynthia Ann Parker: ... her capture at the massacre of the inmates of Parker's Fort; of her [25 yrs] among the… by James T. DeShields, 1861-1948 St Louis 1886
Daniel OpL Daniel McNeill Parker, M.D. By William Frederick Parker 1910
David OpL A Chautauqua boy in '61 and afterward reminiscences by David Bigelow Parker, 2nd lieutenant, 72nd New York, detailed superintendent of the mails of the Army of the Potomac, U S marshal, district of Virginia, chief post office inspector 1912
Ely Cor The life of General Ely S. Parker, last grand sachem of the Iroquois and General Grant's military secretary by Arthur Caswell Parker, 1881-
Henry UNC Autobiography of Henry Parker, b. 1835 186?
Joel OpL Memorial of Joel Parker. Monmouth Democrat Print., 1889
John Arc Genealogy and biographical notes of John Parker, 1729-1775 of Lexington and his descendants by Theodore Parker, 1869-
John Arc Glances at the ancestors of John Parker : born 1807, died 1891 by Henry Parker Ward, 1865-1926
Moses Goo Moses Greeley Parker, M.D. by Frederick William Coburn 1821
Peter Goo A Biographical Memoir of the Late Sir Peter Parker: Baronet, Captain of His … by George Dallas 1815
Peter Arc The history of Peter Parker and Sarah Ruggles of Roxbury, Mass. and their ancestors and descendants, with the best wishes of the author by John William Linzee, 1867-
Sophia HT Kinfolks, a genealogical and biographical record of Thomas and Elizabeth (Stuart) Harllee, Andrew and Agnes (Cade) Fulmore, Benjamin and Mary Curry, Samuel and Amelia (Russell) Kemp, Samuel and Sophia Ann (Parker) Dickey…. 1934
Thankful FHB Briant Morton, esq., Englishman (1704-1793) : wives: Thankful Parker - 1st, Lucy White Chamberlain, widow - 2nd and descendants of: Cape Cod, Mass, Cape Elizabeth (Falmouth) Gorham & Jackson plantation of Waldo County, Maine
Theodore vol 1 Life and Correspondence of Theod. Parker, Minister of the 28th … by John Weiss 1863
Theodore Goo Life and Correspondence of Theodore Parker: Minister of the Twenty-eighth ... by John Weiss, Theodore Parker - Unitarian churches - 1864
Theodore Arc Parker, Theodore, 1810-1860; The South-Boston Unitarian ordination by J. H. Fairchild, (Joy Hamlet), 1790-1859
Theodore Arc Parker, Theodore, 1810-1860; Modern agitators: or, Pen portraits of living American reformers by Bartlett, D. W. (David W.), 1828-1912
Theodore Arc The Life-work of Theodore Parker: A Discourse Preached at the M.E. Church, Warren Street ... By Fales Henry Newhall
Theodore DiC The Trial of Theodore Parker, for the "Misdemeanor" of a Speech in Faneuil Hall against Kidnapping, before the Circuit Court of the United States, at Boston, April 3, 1855.
Theodore MoA Theodore Parker: A biography by Octavius Brooks Frothingham, 1822-95
Theodore Goo Theodore Parker: Yankee Crusader by Henry Steele Commager 1982
Theodore Arc Tributes to Theodore Parker, comprising the exercises at the Music hall, on Sunday, June l7, l860, with the Proceedings of the New England anti-slavery convention, at the Melodeon, May 31… resolutions of the Fraternity , 28th Congregational society
Thomas Arc (Thomas Parker, d 1683) Genealogy and biographical notes of John Parker, 1729-1775 of Lexington and his descendants by Theodore Parker, 1869-
William OpL The genealogy of Wm. Thornton Parker by William Thornton Parker

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