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FHL A Blanchard memorial : being a brief account of our ancestors so far as the writer has been able to trace them through the various branches back to colonial times, together with a short history of our own family

Goo A History of the Putnam Family in England and America…. By Eben Putnam 1908

FHA Genealogical records of the Williamson family in America : tracing the wives back to the earliest settlers

HT Genealogical sketch of the Andrew Putnam family, comp. by Judge Job Barnard...for the Chautauqua County historical society, 1916. 1919

MoA Record of an obscure man ..., Putnam, by Mary Lowell, 1810-1898.

Goo The Putnam lineage: historical-genealogical notes concerning the Puttenham …‎ Eben Putnam 1907

HT The Upton memorial : a genealogical record of the descendants of John Upton, of North Reading, Mass. ... together with short genealogies of the Putnam, Stone and Bruce families
Andrew Goo A brief history of the Andrew Putman (Buttman, Putnam) Christian Wyandt (Weyandt, Weygandt, Voint, Wyand) and Adam Snyder families (Schneider) of Washington County, Maryland 1909
Enos Goo In memory of Enos Putman 1898
George Goo George Palmer Putnam: A Memoir, Together with a Record of the Earlier Years … by George Haven Putnam 1912
Israel Goo An essay on the life of the Honourable Major General Israel Putnam. Boston : Published by Samuel Avery, No. 89 Court Street, 1818
Israel Goo The Life of Israel Putnam, Major-general in the Army of the American Revolution: major-general in... by William Cutter 1858
Mary Arc Mary Louisa Duncan Putnam : a memoir ; William Clement Putman : a memoir by Elizabeth Duncan Putnam, MBk. 1867
Rufus Goo Journal of Gen. Rufus Putnam Kept in Northern New York During Four Campaigns ... by Rufus Putnam, Ephraim Cutler Dawes 1886
Rufus Arc The Rutland home of Major General Rufus Putnam, 1738-1824; by Stephen Carpenter Earle, 1839-

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