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Allegheny County's hundred years   by George Henry Thurston   Pit

Allegheny County: Its early history & subsequent development, ...till 1790 (A. A. Lambing); from 1790 ...      by Allegheny County  Centennial Comm   1888    Pitt

Allegheny County's Americans by choice : descriptive material about the foreign born of Allegheny County    ed by Margaret E. Hartford  Pitt

Allegheny County : a sesqui-centennial review, 1788-1938    ed by George E. Kelly.     Pitt 

Allegheny County Pennsylvania : illustrated    compiled by the Consolidated Illustrating Co .     Pitt

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, in the war for the suppression of the rebellion, 1861-1865 : roll of honor, defenders of the flag, attack on Fort Sumter, S.C., April 12, 1861, surrender at Appomattox, Va., April 9, 1865      published by authority of the Board of Managers, Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall ; compiled and arranged by and under the direction of Samuel M.Evans    Pitt 

History of Allegheny County, Pa.: ...its Early Settlement & Progress; ... cities, towns & villages; religious, biographies…    1889   Pitt

History of Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania....     by Samuel W. Durant,   Pitt 

America's Industrial Centre : Pittsburgh's Great Industries & its development in the leading products…     J. Morton Hall,  1891   Pitt  

125th Anniversary: Smithfield German Evangelical Church   Goo

As others see us; an anniversary review of some of the positive achievements of the Associatedcharities of Pittsburgh during four pioneer years of service by representatives of co-operative charities, business men and women, social workers, clergymen, physicians, nurses, teachers and others.     by Family Society of Allegheny County.    Pitt     

Biographical review; v. 24, ... sketches of leading citizens of Pittsburg & the vicinity, Pa.    1897   Pitt   DCMS

The book of Pittsburgh: including herein a record of the participation of the city of Pittsburgh in the Sesquicentennial International Exposition at Philadelphia.   Sesquicentennial Committee Pittsburgh  Pitt

Carnegie High School Yearbook    Arc   [ 1936 includes the school's alumni directory for the years 1899 -1936 ]  1956

Carnegie Institute and Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.       Pitt  

Catalogue of the Carnegie Library School. Sixteenth Year, 1916-17    Pitt

Cemeteries      link: Allegheny Cemetery

Allegheny Cemetery : historical account of incidents and events connected with its establishment…reports of 1848 and 1857 ; proceedings of corporators, June 21, 1873… list of officers, managers and corporators to date…funeral oration of Wilson McCandless, esq., on Commodore Barney and Lieut. Parker    Goo  Pitt

The Allegheny Cemetery, Pittsburgh, Pa. : its origin and early history, also a report of its condition, progress and business during the last ten years, June 1,1900-May 31, 1910      Pitt


Brief biographical sketches of the deceased bishops and priests ...diocese of Pittsburgh...to the present    intro by  Rev. Andrew Arnold Lambing  1914   Pitt

Centennial volume of the First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh, PA., 1784-1884.    Pitt  

Early Pittsburgh Presbyterianism; tracing the development of the Presbyterian church... from 1758-1839,    by William Wilson McKinney    Pitt

Historical and descriptive statement published on the occasion of the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the German Evangelical Protestant Smithfield Church (Congregational) Pittsburgh, Pa., Oct. 16, 1932.  Pitt

A history of the Catholic church in the dioceses of Pittsburg and Allegheny from its establishment to the present time. By Rev. Andrew Arnold Lambing   Pitt

History of the churches of the Pittsburgh Baptist association     by William Russell Pankey    Pitt  

The history of the First English Evangelical Lutheran Church in Pittsburg, 1837-1909.    Pitt

History of the First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh, Pa., 1801-1901    by William J. Reid    Pitt

History of the Pittsburgh Synod of the General Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1748-1845-1904…a brief sketch of each congregation...     by Ellis Beaver Burgess  1869-1947    Pitt  Pitt

The history of the Pittsburgh Synod of the Reformed Church in the United States : preparedin commemoration of its fiftieth anniversary.    David B. Lady     Pitt

A century and a half of Pittsburg and her people     by John Newton Boucher, 1854-1933.  Arc  vol 4    Goo    Pitt  vol 1    vol 2    vol 3    vol 4  

A Century of Banking in Pittsburgh    by Edward White, 1851-    Pittsb   1903    Pitt  

A chronological table of the judges and other officers of Allegheny County, Pa…. list of the members of the bar since the formation of the county to the present time...     by Daniel W. Olegar.  1863    Pitt


City/Business Directories     multiple sources 

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The western address directory containing the cards of merchants, manufacturers, and other business men, in Pittsburgh, (Pa.) Wheeling, (Va.) Zanesville, (O.) Portsmouth, (O.) Dayton, (O.) Cincinnati, (O.) Madison, (Ind.) Louisville, (K.) St. Louis, (Mo.) ...      by W. G. Lyford    1837    OpL

Constitution, by-laws and rules of the Concordia Club of Pittsburgh with list of members.     Pitt  

Directory of the philanthropic, charitable, & civic agencies of the city of Pittsburgh, 1913-17    vol 1      Pitt   

Directory of the Pittsburgh Musical Society, Local No. 60 A.F. of M., 1925.    Pitt   

Year book & directory of the Chamber of Commerce of Pittsburgh, Pa., 1903    Pitt

District No. 15 of Allegheny County Pennsylvania in the Great War : a history of activities at home and abroad from...1917 to the home-comings in 1919     Pitt

old Pittsburgh; an address delivered before the Pittsburgh chapter, DAR at Carnegie Institute, Nov. 30, 1923.    by Annie Clark Miller,   Pitt   

Fifteen years of civic history.   Civic club of Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, Pa. 1895-1910    Pitt  

"Flems" views of old Pittsburgh: a portfolio of the past precious with memories [illus.]    George Thornton Fleming, 1855-1928   Pittsburgh, 1905   CMU

Fort Duquesne and Fort Pitt. Early names of Pittsburgh streets.     Daughters of the American Revolution. Pittsburgh Chapter, Pittsburgh, Pa.     Pitt

Four Score & Ten: Memorials of Pioneers in Pittsburgh's Progress    by George A. Kelly, (company) Pittsburgh   1919   Pitt    

A full account of the great fire at Pittsburgh, on the tenth day of April, 1845 : with the individual losses and contributions for relief      by J. Heron Foster      Pitt  

A Great many good things, or, A cook book of Pittsburgh recipes / compiled by the officers of Helen E. Pelletreau Scholarship Committee of 1894-95       Pitt  

The greater Pittsburg real estate reference book : containing full data concerning over 1,000 real estate transactions in greater Pittsburg from 1899 to July 1, 1903, including names of buyers and sellers of all properties valued at $20,000 or more each, together with their dimensions, locations, prices and prices per fromt foot and square foot     compiled by William Fell Smith.     Pitt  

Historic background & annals of the Swiss & German pioneer settlers of s.w. Pa... to the Revolutionary War:     by Henry Frank Eshleman,    1917   Har  

The historical and other relations of Pittsburgh and the Virginias Delivered before the Chamber of Commerce of the city of Pittsburgh at the Pittsburgh City Charter Centennial, October 31, 1916.    by William Alexander MacCorkle, 1857-.   Pitt

Historical data, Pittsburgh public parks    by Howard Stewart under sponsorship of the Greater Pittsburgh Parks Association  Pitt

History of Carnegie veteran association ... compiled at their request   by William Brown Dickson   1865-1942   Pitt

History of Freemasons, Pittsburgh Lodge no. 45, F. A. M., 1785-1910     Pitt

History of Pittsburgh and Environs: Biographical. ..     by American Historical Co. 1922     Goo

Historic Pittsburgh.    vol 22

The history of Pittsburgh : its rise and progress,      by Sarah Hutchins Killikelly, 1840-1912    Pitt

The History of Pittsburgh: With a Brief Notice of Its Facilities of Communication, and Other.   by Neville B. Craig.   1851     Goo     Pitt

The History of Pittsburgh, ...its facilities of communication...commercial & manufacturing    by Neville B. Craig.    Pittsb   1917     Pitt

The History of Pittsburgh: With a Brief Notice of Its Facilities of Communication, and Other.    by Neville B. Craig.   1851     Goo

History of the Allegheny Fire Department as gleaned from its earliest inciniency and from Fire Department records.    Allegheny (Pittsburgh, Pa.) Fire Dept.   Pitt

The history of the Masonic Fund Society for Allegheny county, 1847-1923; w/biog. sketches of deceased members   by Hiram Schock.   1923     Pitt

History of the Pittsburgh-Stoyestown turnpike     by Jonathan N. Boucher      Pitt

A history of the region of Pennsylvania north of the Ohio and west of the Allegheny river, of the Indian purchases, and of the running of the southern, northern, and western state boudaries.   Also, an account of the division of the territory for public purposes, and of the lands, laws, titles, settlements, controversies, and litigation within this region    by Hon. Daniel Agnew   1902    Pitt

In memory of the Early Settlers of Squirrel Hill [Pa.] & their descendants: incl./[those] interred in the Turn    Squirrel Hill [Pa.] M E Church    Pitts, 1905   Pitt

J. M. Kelly's handbook of greater Pittsburg: Historical, an encyclopedia, political and statistical, The Proposed Ship Canal, Directory and Guide; Street Directory and Lithographed Map in Colors.      Pitt

The Jewish community of Pittsburgh, December, 1938;    by Maurice Taylor, 1895-    Pitt

Joseph Ledlie and William Moody, early Pittsburgh residents; their background and some of their descendants.     by Ledlie Irwin Laughlin,      Pitt

The judiciary of Allegheny County    by J.W.F. White 1883     Pitt

Lewis' Pittsburgh guide, 1923   Pitt

Letters to the Connecticut courant, Pennsylvania independent republican, Washington chronicle, North Carolina union banner, Nemaha courier, Pittsburg commercial, and Topeka record,   Washington , United press association, 1867     LC

A manual of the Public Benefactions of Andrew Carnegie Comp. [Publ. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace     Wash   1919    Pitt 

Men of this big town of ours as seen by "Appy."    by George S. Applegarth,   Pitt

Municipal year book City of Pittsburgh.   Pitt

My high school days : including a brief history of the Pittsburgh Central High School from 1855 to 1871 and addenda / Geo. Thornton Fleming, 1855-1928.    Pitt

Pittsburgh & Allegheny Illustrated Review: Historical, biographical & commercial. A record of progress in comm….    by John William Leonard,   1889    Pitt

Pittsburgh & the Pittsburgh spirit: Addresses, Chamber of Commerce, Pittsburgh, 1927-28 history…    1828   Pitt

The Pittsburgh district civic frontage     Russell Sage Foundation    Arc

Pittsburgh in 1816    Arc

Pittsburgh: Its industry & commerce: coal, iron, glass, steel, copper, petroleum, & other mfg interests    1870     MoA

A place of great historic interest Pittsburgh's first burying-ground    by Charles William  Dahlinger,  1858-     1919   Arc
Report of the Economic Survey of Pittsburgh [smoke problem; homes, rents, food, wages, cost of living…   by John Thom Holdsworth,   1912   Har

A Short History of Pittsburgh, 1758-1908,    by Samuel Harden Church    CWU

Some Pittsburgh Memories: Incidents & reminiscences, ...of 70 years residence in the city at the forks of La B…    Harrison D. Mason, 1855    Pittsb. 1924   Pitt