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HT Cleland Cousins: A Genealogy and Biographical Album of Cleland, and the Allied Families of Baker, Blair, Collins, Fisher, Gowdey, Haylett, Hume, Moody, Oliver, Richards, Ross, Wells, Etc. Dallas: Lithography by Lamb-Wilkerson, 1962

FHB Bliss family : Thomas Mulvanaghty/Mulvanaughty (later changed to Bliss) married circa 1832 Leitrim County, Ireland Winifred Gilchrist/Kilchrist; family histories for….

LC Trip to Montana by wagon train, 1865 Apr 14-Nov 9 [Mo. to Montana & Oregon; San Francisco & Panama] by Benjamin Ross, b. 1840 200-?

OpL The early pioneers and pioneer events of the state of Illinois including personal recollections of the writer by Harvey Lee Ross, Eastman Brothers, 1899

Goo The Ruggles, Kingsley, Ross and Goodwin Revolutionary Ancestry of Henry ... by Henry Stoddard Ruggles – 1901

Arc A record of the descendants of Isaac Ross and Jean Brown and the allied families of Alexander, Conger, Harris, Hill, King, Killingworth, Mackey, Moores, Sims, Wade, etc by Annie Julia Mims Wright, "Mrs W. R. Wright", 1876-

Goo A record of the descendants of Isaac Ross and Jean Brown: and the allied … 1911

OpL The George Ross, 1730-1779 memorial being the proceedings at the dedication of the Ross pillar and tablet at Lancaster, on June 4 1897 1897

Arc Recollections and experiences of an abolitionist, from 1855 to 1865 by Alexander Milton Ross, 1832-1897
Alexander Arc Letters of a pioneer, Alexander Ross, 1783-1856
Alexander OpL Alexander Coffman Ross by Cor. MBk. Galbreath Press of F.J. Heer, 1905
Alexander Arc Alexander Coffman Ross, Author of "Tippecanoe and Tyler, too" by Galbreath, C. B. (Charles Burleigh), 1858-1934
Alexander Goo Memoirs of a reformer, 1832-1892‎ Alexander Milton Ross - Slavery - 1893
Charley Goo The father's story of Charley Ross, the kidnapped child: containing a full … By Christian Kunkel Ross
Thomas Opl Thomas 'Taylor' Ross UEL 1716-1794 & his Descendants 1716-1998 byAlex W Fraser, 1998

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