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The American Catholic who's who    1910   Goo

Biographical Cyclopaedia of the Catholic Hierarchy of the United States, 1784-1898: A Book for...   by Francis X. Reuss. 1898    Goo

The Catholic School System in the United States: It's Principles, Origin, and Establishment.   by James Aloysius Burns.   1908   Goo

The Catholic pioneers of America     by John O'Kane Murray,   1847-1885    Chicago : Brennan Bros, 1882   OpL   

Catholic world.  MoA      vol  32  #189 Dec 1880

Directory of Catholic Colleges and Schools     by James Hugh Ryan, Francis Michael Crowley, Edward P. Dunne, Dept. of Education, James Edward Cummings, National Catholic Welfare Conference

Dept. of Education, National Catholic Welfare Conference, National Catholic Welfare Council (U.S.), National Catholic Welfare Conference    1921   Goo
Dunigan's Six Cent Catholic Almanac and Laity's Directory ‎  Goo  1859

Historical Records and Studies.   by United States Catholic Historical Society – 1899.  Goo  1899    1900    vol 4 pts 1 & 2

History of the Catholic Church in the New England States    by William Byrne, William Augustine Leahy. 1899   Goo 

A History of the Catholic Church Within the Limits of the United States: From the First Attempted...     by John Gilmary Shea   1888    Goo  

Indian (Flat-head) and White in the Northwest, Or, A History of Catholicity in Montana.   1894  Goo

Records of the American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia.        American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia 1886    OpL

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