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The Congregational Year-book      by National Council of the Congregational Churches of the United States,  Executive Committee  1882    Goo    

The Year Book of the Congregational Christian Churches of the United States ...   Goo    1890   1906

A Centurial History of the Mendon Association of Congregational Ministers: With the Centennial...    by Mortimer Blake. 1853   Goo

A half-century of the Unitarian controversy, with particular reference to its origin, its course, and its prominent subjects among the Congregationalists of Massachusetts.     by George Edward Ellis, 1814-1894.    Boston : Crosby, Nichols, and Company, 1857     MoA

History of Congregationalism from about A.D. 250 to the Present Time: In Continuation...     by George Punchard. 1881   Goo

Congregationalists in America: A Popular History of Their Origin, Belief, Polity, Growth and Work     by Albert Elijah Dunning   1894    Goo

A History of the Congregational Churches in the United States.    by Williston Walker. 1894   Goo

The Home Missionary.      by American Home Missionary Society, Congregational Home Missionary Society,   Goo 1871    1889  

Proceedings of the Advisory Council of Congregational Churches and Ministers called by the Plymouth Church of Brooklyn, N.Y. and held in Brooklyn from the 15th to the 24th of February, 1876. by Advisory Council of Congregational Churches and Ministers, 1876   HT