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The [American] Annual Monitor for ... , Or, Obituary of the Members of the Society of Friends ...    by Joseph Joshua Green    Goo    1849      1862       1874     1873

Clayton's Quaker cook-book : being a practical treatise on the culinary art ..     by H.J. Clayton.   Saancisco : Women's co-operative Printing Office, 1883    OpL

A concise account of the religious society of friends, commonly called quakers        by Thomas Wiltberger   Evans, ;  1800    OpL

Encyclopedia of American Quaker genealogy,    by WIlliam Wade Hinshaw.   1867-1947.   1936    HT  vol 1   vol  2     vol 3

History of the religious Society of Friends from its rise to the year 1828   by  Samuel Macpherson Janney,    DQC   vol 1   vol 2   vol 3   vol 4

Incidents Illustrating the Doctrines and History of the Society of Friends     by Joseph Walton   1897   Goo

Memoirs of the rise, progress and persecutions of the people called Quakers     by John Barclay   Nathan Kite, 1835    OpL

The Quaker Colonies     by Sydney G. Fisher  MBk

The Quakers in Great Britain and America : the religious and political history of the Society of Friends from the seventeenth to the twentieth century    by Charlesles Grederick Holder  New York: The Neuner company, 1913   OpL 

The Quakers in the American Colonies    Rufus Matthew Jones, Isaac Sharpless, and Amelia M. Gummere   London: Macmillan, 1911   Arc  

Quaker Records: Being an Index to "The Annual Monitor, " 1813-1892 ...    by Joseph Josuah Green    1894   Goo

Rules of discipline of the Yearly Meeting of Friends held in Philadelphia   Arc   1868

Some special studies in genealogy: The Quaker records by Josiah Newman ...   1908   Goo

Southern Quakers and Slavery : A Study in Institutional History    by Stephen Beauregard Weeks   1896    Goo

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