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History of the College of New Jersey: From Its Origin in 1746 to the Commencement of 1854.  by John Maclean.   1877    Goo

Addresses and Proceedings at the Celebration of the One Hundredth American Whig Society of the college of New Jersey ...   by  Henry Clay Cameron, Richard Stockton Field   1871   Goo

Inauguration of James McCosh ...: As President of the College of New Jersey ... by Princeton University, James McCosh - 1868   Goo

  Circulars – John Hopkins University Circulars.   November 1882 – October 1883    by Princeton Uiversity   Goo  

Correspondence, 1896-1905 [describes her MD training at Johns Hopkins & practice in Boston; superintendent…   Hannah Glidden Myrick, 1871   Har

Princeton, Sixty-three: Fortieth-year Book of the Members of the Class of 1863 by Princeton Class of 1863, Princeton 1904   Goo

Princeton College during the eighteenth century.    by Samuel Davies Alexander,   1819-94   NY 1872   MoA    OpL  

Class of 1903, Princeton University: Five Year Record by Princeton University Class of 1903,   by Howard Wilmurt Ameli, Princeton University - 1909  Goo

Princeton Univ Historical Postcard Collection [Princeton & environs]  PrU

Princeton University Bulletin by Princeton University   1895   Goo

Catalogue of the officers annd students of thhe Theological Seminary of the ... ‎  by Princeton Theological Seminary  1917   Goo

The Princeton review  by James Manning Sherwood, Jonas M. Libbey, John Forsyth, Henry Boynton Smith, Charles Hodge, Lyman Hotchkiss Atwater   1884  Goo

A discourse addressed to the alumni of the Princeton Theological Sem.    by William Buell Sprague,   1795-1876   MoA  

Glimpses of colonial society and the life at Princeton College, 1766-73      by William Paterson, 1745-1806. J.B. Lippincott Co, 1903  Goo   LC    UCa

Athletics at Princeton: a history‎ by Frank Presbrey, James Hugh Moffatt - Biography & Autobiography - 1901   Goo

The Graduate college of Princeton     by Andrew Fleming West, Princeton university press, 1913     OpL

Necrological reports and annual proceedings of the Alumni association of ...‎   by Joseph Heatly Dulles, Princeton Theological Seminary  1891  Goo

Reminiscences of Princeton College, 1845-1848   by Edward Wall, Princeton Univ. Press, 1914   OpL   Goo

Princeton--old and New: Recollections of Undergraduate Life by James Waddell Alexander - 1898  Goo

Official positions held by alumni of Yale, Princeton , Columbia, Brown, University of Pennsylvania and by the men educated at William and Mary College ...‎ by Richard Henry Greene    1890    Goo

Practical Christian Sociology: A Series of Lectures at Princeton Theological ...   by Wilbur Fisk Crafts  1907    Goo

Princeton College During the Eighteenth Century‎    by Samuel Davies Alexander  1872   Goo    MoA

Twenty years of Princeton College‎ by James McCosh  1888   Goo

Princeton Theological Seminary Class of 1890 Class of 1890, Princeton Seminary, forty - fifth anniversary, May 1935  Arc

Address to the first graduating class of Rutgers female college; 1867      by Henry Miller Pierce, 1831-1902 Agathynian Press, 1867    MoA     OpL

Catalogue of the officers and alumni of Rutgers College (originally Queen's College) in New Brundswick, N.J., 1766-1916 by Rutgers College.   State Gazette Publishing Co., 1916    OpL 

The centennial celebration of Rutgers college, 1870   MoA

Addresses at the Inauguration of Merrill Edwards Gates ...: As President of Rutgers ...‎    by utgers University, Merrill Edwards Gates    1883   Goo

Catalogue of Washington and Jefferson College...   by Wasington and Jefferson College  HT 1944/1945  

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