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Reel 2016 Sewel - Seymour, Frederick W. Veterans Administration pension payment cards, 1907-1933

reel2017 Seymour, George - Shady, Raymond C. Veterans Administration pension payment cards, 1907-1933

Arc A Record of the Seymour family in the Revolution

HT A Record of the Seymour family in the Revolution. 1912

Arc A Winter in Washington; Or, Memoirs of the Seymour Family ... By Margaret Bayard Smith

Arc Arms and pedigree of Semour of Payson, Illinois Grafton press. Genealogical department.

Arc Genealogical records of Thomas Burnham, the emigrant : who was among the early settlers at Hartford, Connecticut, U.S. America, and his descendants

FHB George Lathrop Cooley and Clara Elizabeth Hall : their ancestors and descendants in America : with allied lines descended from immigrants with allied lines descended from immigrants Richard Seymour, George Lily, Richard Smith and John Vincent

HT The descendants of Moses and Sarah Kilham Porter of Pawlet, Vermont, with some notice of their ancestors and those of Timothy Hatch, Amy and Lucy Seymour Hatch, Mary Lawrence…

Goo The Seymour family by Amy Audrey Locke 1914

OpL The Seymour family : a reprint from the Morris genealogy 1900

Goo The Seymour family, history and romance by Amy Audrey Locke 1914
Caroline Goo The mother of clubs: Caroline M. Seymour Severance: an estimate … by Caroline Maria Seymour Severance, Ella Giles Ruddy 1906
David Goo In memoriam, David L. Seymour: born, December 2, 1803, died … 1867
Edward Arc Seymour Hicks: twenty-four years of an actor's life - Hicks, Seymour, i.e. Edward Seymour, 1871-
Herbert Goo Mertonsville park; or, Herbert Seymour's choice, by the author of … by Woodward (mrs.) 1869
Horatio Goo [ Hon Horatio ] Seymour and Blair: Their Lives and Services : with an Appendix … by David Goodman Croly - Reconstruction - 1868
Horatio Goo An address in memory of the Hon. Horatio Seymour, LL.D. By Delano C. Calvin 1886
Horatio Goo Hon. Horatio Seymour, LL.D., ex-Governor of the State of New York, … by Isaac Smithson Hartley 1885
Horatio Arc Horatio Seymour, the War Record of a Peace Democrat: A Peace Man in War, A War Man in Peace! by Union Republican Congressional Committee 1868
Horatio Arc Horatio Seymour. The war record of a peace Democrat. A peace man in war, a war man in peace! Pub. by the Union Republican congressional committee, Washington, D. C - Republican congressional committee, 1867-1869.
Horatio Arc Memorial address on the life, character, and services of Horatio Seymour, delivered at the Capitol, April 14, 1886, upon invitation of the Senate and Assembly of the State of New York - Brooks, Erastus, 1815-1886
Horatio Arc Proceedings of the Senate and Assembly of the state of New York, in relation to the death of Horatio Seymour, held at the Capitol, April 14, 1886 - New York (State). Legislature
Horatio Goo Public record: including speeches, messages, proclamations, ... of Horatio Seymour 1868
Horatio Arc Shall capital own labor? The Rebel Democracy the enemy of the people. Seymour and Blair's nomination means revolution, repudiaton and slavery! Union Republican Congressional Committee
Horatio Goo The Life and Public Services of Horatio Seymour: Together with a Complete and Authentic Life of... by James Dabney McCabe 1868
Horatio Arc The Lives of Horatio Seymour and Frank P. Blair, Jr. Seymour and Blair campaign edition; Philadelphia: T. B. Peterson and Bros., 1868
Origen Goo Memorial of Origen Storrs Seymour, of Litchfield, Connecticut: … by Timothy Dwight, John Williams 1882
Philip Goo Philip Seymour, or, Pioneer life in Richland County, Ohio: founded … by James F. M'Gaw, R. Brinkerhoff 1858
Richard Arc Genealogy of the descendants of Richard Seymour, from the first settlement of Hartford, Conn. In 1635
Richard OpL Richard Seymour, Hartford, 1640 : a paper read before the Connecticut Chapter Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America ... by Maria Watson Pinney, New Haven : Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor, 1903?
Richard Goo Seymour and Blair: their lives and services : with an appendix … [earliest settlers of Hartford, Connecticut] By David Goodman Croly 1868

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