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Arc A family chronicle by Gertrude Agnes Sullivan Lyster

FHB The Sullivan family of Sullivan, Maine : with some account of the town

FHA The Ryle family history : related families, Barden, Callahan, Courtney, Culligan, Murray, O'Rourke, Sullivan

Gut A Woman Who Went to Alaska by May Kellogg Sullivan Boston: James H. Earle and Co., 1902

Goo The Story of My Life: With Her Letters (1887-1901) and a Supplementary by Helen Keller, John Albert Macy, Anne Mansfield Sullivan, Annie Sullivan 1905

FHB Dailey family; Talty family pedigree : also Sullivan and Greelis family : John (Jack) Dailey, 1901-1996; Margaret Talty, 1908-19-- ; Matthew (Matt) Hilary Dailey

FHA The Bowdoin family : including some account of the Belgrave, Grinnell, Hamilton, Howland, Irving, Kingsford, Ligon, Means, Morris, and Sullivan families
Alexander Goo Report of the Trials of Alexander M. Sullivan and Richard Pigott, for by Alexander Martin Sullivan, Richard Pigott, Thomas Pakenham Law - Trials (Libel) - 1868
Arthur Goo Arthur Sullivan By Henry Saxe Wyndham, Ernest Ford
Barry Goo Barry Sullivan and His Contemporaries: A Histrionic Record by Robert MoA. Sillard 1901
Barry Goo Barry Sullivan: A Biographical Sketch by William John Lawrence, Thomas Barry Sullivan 1893
Daniel Goo Daniel Sullivan's Visits, May and June, 1781: To General John Sullivan... By Thomas Coffin Amory 1884
Irvin FHB Irvin W. Sullivan, a common soldier by Donald E Pease
James Goo Life of James Sullivan: With Selections from His Writings by Thomas Coffin Amory - Statesmen 1859
John Goo Journals of the military expedition of major general John Sullivan by John Sullivan, Frederick Cook 1887
John Goo Journals of the Military Expedition of Major General John Sullivan Against by New York (State). Secretary's Office, Frederick Cook, George Stillwell Conover - Sullivan's Indian Campaign, 1779 1887
John Arc Gen. John Sullivan and the battle of Rhode Island : a sketch of the former and a description of the latter by Thomas Hamilton Murray, b1857
Keywords: Sullivan, John, 1740-1795; Rhode Island, Battle of, R.I., 1778
John Arc The life and battles of Jack Johnson, champion pugilist of the world. Together with the complete records of John L. Sullivan, James J. Corbett, Robert Fitzsimmons, James J. Jeffries, Tommy Burns, Peter Jackson and Jim Flynn
John Goo The Military Services and Public Life of Major-General John Sullivan by Thomas Coffin Amory 1868
John FHB Materials for a history of the family of John Sullivan of Berwick, New England and the OpL'Sullivans of Ardea, Ireland
John Goo A New Hampshire Lawyer in General Washington's Army: A Biographical Sketch ...John Sullivan by Oscar E. Rising, Adam Hubley 1915
John Goo Lives of John Sullivan, Jacob Leisler, Nathaniel Bacon, and John Mason by Oliver W. Peabody, Charles F. Hoffman 1844
John Goo General John Sullivan: a vindication of his character as a soldier ... By Thomas Coffin Amory 1867
John Goo Letters and Papers of Major-General John Sullivan, Continental Army by John Sullivan.
Louis Goo Louis H. Sullivan, thinker and architect by Anthony Barker 1900
Richard Goo Memoir of Hon. Richard Sullivan by Thomas Coffin Amory 1885
Thomas Goo Passages from the Journal of Thomas Russell Sullivan, 1891-190 by Thomas Russell Sullivan 1917
Timothy Goo Timothy D. Sullivan (late a Representative from New York): Memorial ... by United States Congress 1914

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