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Annual Report of the Syracuse Central Library - Syracuse Central Library  1895    Arc

Bulletin of the Syracuse Public Library :   ( Syracuse , N.Y.) Arc    November-December 1908

A finding list of genealogies and local history in the Syracuse Public Library, Syracuse , N.Y  1902

Constitution by-laws, house rules and list of officers and members of the Century Club of Syracuse   Arc

First Annual Address to the Congregation of St. James' Free Church, Syracuse    by Joseph Morison Clarke, 1827-   Cor

Early landmarks of Syracuse     by Gurney S  Strong   Arc

Early records [births] of the First Presbyterian church of Syracuse Syracuse , N.Y. First Presbyterian church  Arc  vol 1   vol 2

The First National Bank of Syracuse : the story of fifty years, 1863-1913    Arc

Fore-fathers' day, December 22nd, 1874    by New England Society of the City of Syracuse    Cor

From a forest to a city : personal reminiscences of Syracuse, N. Y.    by  Marcus Christian Hand  Arc

Reminiscences of Syracuse [NY] Cheney,   1808-1871  Cor

Geschichte der Deutschen in Syracuse und Onondaga County [Germans in Syracuse und Onondaga County written in German]    Syracuse union  1897  Arc

History, incorporation, rules and regulations of Oakwood Cemetary, at Syracuse, N. Y., together with the dedication odes    1860  Arc   Cor

History of Oakwood Cemetery (Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York). Digitized edition of this book by Henry Perry Smith    1871   ABC

A History of the Schools of Syracuse from Its Early Settlement to January 1, 1893    by Edward Smith  Arc

Manual of the Onondaga Historical Association [Syracuse, NY]    Cor

The Onondaga Historical Association Syracuse, NY [Its officers, history, charter, by-laws...]    Cor

Memorial history of Syracuse , N.Y., from its settlement to the present time      by Bruce, Dwight Hall, 1834-1908   Arc   vol 2

Memorial meeting of the Syracuse Browning Club, held at May Memorial Church, Syracuse , N.Y., January 9, 1890 - Syracuse Browning Club   Arc

Notable men of central New York; Syracuse and vicinity, Utica and vicinity, Auburn, Oswego, Watertown, Fulton, Rome, Oneida, Little Falls. XIX and XX centuries - Stoddard, Dwight J., pub   Arc

Past and present of Syracuse and Onondaga County, New York : ... to the beginning of 1908   by  Beauchamp, William Martin, 1830-1925. Arc  vol 1  vol 2

Speech of Hon. James E. Cooley [b1802], before the Democracy of Syracuse, in mass meeting Nov 1853    Cor

A synopsis of the Early History of Onondaga County [Syracuse NY]    Church of the Most Holy Rosary   Cor

Syracuse and Onondaga County, New York : pictorial and biographical   Arc

Syracuse and its surroundings illustrated    Arc

Syracuse & Onondaga County [NY] Through Postcards [150 cards; The Onondaga Country Library Postcard Collection   SyU

Trading post to city.    Syracuse NY       Cor

When Syracuse was a village : snap shots of early days, taken from village records in the city clerk's office    Arc  vol 1   vol 2

Where to find it; bibliography of Syracuse history    by Chase, Franklin H. (Franklin Henry), b. 1864   Arc

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