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Princess Anne Co.

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Princess Anne County, Virginia Bible records     by Lukei, Melinda Jones   Arc   vol 1-3

Princess Anne County , abstract of deed book       by Gamble, Jeri L.  Arc   bk 21

Princess Anne County minute books : an index to enslaved and free African -Virginians in Princess Anne County   vol 1-5     vol 6-18

Princess Anne County guardian accounts : an index to enslaved and free African -Virginians in Princess Anne County    Arc  vol 1-5

Princess Anne County loose papers    by John Harvie Creech,   Arc  vol 1, 1700-89

The Last Walk" : Princess Anne County Training School/Union Kempsville High School     Arc  1938-1969

The tiger : yearbook     Annual student yearbook of Princess Anne County Training School. Princess Anne County Training School was renamed Union Kempsville High School    Arc   1946   1955    1958    1959    1960    1961    1965   1966   1967   1968    1969  

Marriages of Princess Anne County , Virginia :  1749-1821    by  Elizabeth B. Wingo,    Arc  vol.1, 1749 - 1821      vol 2, 17 9 9 -18 2 1  

Old churches, their cemeteries and family graveyards of Princess Anne County , Virginia - Green, Laurie Boush; West, Virginia Bonney   Arc

Old houses in Princess Anne , Virginia      by Kellam, Sadie Scott; Kellam, Vernon Hope   Arc

Our heritage : Black history : Princess Anne County , Virginia Beach, Virginia : a pictorial history - Hawkins-Hendrix, Edna
Part of the Edgar T. Brown Collection.   Arc

Population schedules of the seventh census of the United States, Virginia    Virginia Federal Population Census Free Schedules - Princess Anne , Pulaski, and Putnam Counties  Arc   1850  Reel 0971

A proposal for a comprehensive high school for negroes in Princess Anne County      by  Joseph V.  Boykin,   Arc

Princess Anne telephone directory : Back Bay, Creeds, Munden, Princess Anne , Pleasant Ridge, Sandbridge, Virginia, Knotts Island, North Carolina Arc  1963

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