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Virginia Colonial Records                            William & Mary College Historical Magazine  

Address of Joseph Segar, to the voters of the Norfolk district. (From the Norfolk Day book.) Washington, 1876   LC   

Address Calendar of Transcripts    by Virginia State Library Archives Division, Archives Division, Virginia State Library 1905   Goo

Address Camp Bragg and Fayetteville. Sketches of Camp and City    Richmond, Va.: Central Publishing Co., 1919  UNC  

Address The Colonial History of Vincennes, Under the French, British, and American Governments: From Its...  by John Law. 1858    Goo

An account of Virginia :its scituation, temperature, productions, inhabitants and their manner of planting and ordering tobacco…   by Mr. Thomas Glover, an ingenious chirurgion ….   Oxford : Reprinted from the Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society, June 20, 1676.   B.H. Blackwell, 1904   LC

An historical account [Bacon's Rebellion, 1676.] of some memorable actions, particularly in Virginia; also against the admiral of Algier, and in the East Indies: performed for the service of his prince and country, by Sir Thomas Grantham, knight, with an introduction by R. A. Brock ...   LC

The annual report of the Auxiliary society of Frederick County, Va., for colonizing the free people of colour in the United States.   by Auxiliary society of Frederick County, Va. for colonizing the free people of colour in the United States   1820  HT

Battles in Culpeper County, Virginia, 1861-1865: And Other Articles   by Daniel Amon Grimsley 1900  Goo

Beauchampe : or, The Kentucky Tragedy    by William Gilmore Simms Philadelphia: Lea and Blanchard, 1842   Vir   vol 1     vol 2

The Blue laws of New Haven colony, usually called Blue laws of Connecticut; Quaker laws of Plymouth and Massachusetts; Blue laws of New York, Maryland, Virginia, and South Carolina. First record of Connecticut; interesting extracts from Connecticut records; cases of Salem witchcraft; charges and banishment of Rev. Roger Williams, &c.; and other interesting and instructive antiquities. Compiled by an antiquarian     by R. R. Hinman,   (Royal Ralph), 1785-1868, comp   Arc

The border settlers of northwestern Virginia from 1768 to 1795: embracing the life of Jesse Hughes and other noted scouts of the great woods of the trans-Allegheny    by  Lucullus Virgil McWhorter  Arc

A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia… Discouered b˙ the English Colon˙ There Seated by Sir Richard Greinuile Knight In the ˙eere 1585... Speciall Charge and Direction of the Honourable Sir Walter Raleigh Knight Lord Warden of the Stanneries…   by Thomas Hariot, 1560-1621,White, John, fl. 1585-1593, translated by New York: J. Sabin & Sons, 1871   UNC      UNL       (reproduced in facsimile from the first 1588 )    UVa

Calendar of Virginia State Papers and Other Manuscripts ...: ... Preserved in the Capitol at ...       by Henry W . Flournoy, William Pitt Palmer   Arc

     vol 1  1652-1781      vol 2   1781          vol 3  1782-84        vol 4  1785-89        1789-92       vol 6  1792-93     vol 7  1794-95     
     vol 8 1895-98 some 1773-76               vol 9 1799-1807      vol 10  1808-35       vol 11  1836-69

Catalogue of the officers and alumni of Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia, 1749-1888 - Washington and Lee University   Arc   Goo  KDL

Chronicles of Border Warfare: or, a history of the settlement by the whites, of northwestern Virginia…   by Alexander Scott  Withers,1792-1865  Cinc 1895  Pitt

Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia ...    by County (Va) Lyman Chalkley, Mary Smith Lockwood 1912    Goo   vol 1   vol 3    RWeb vol 1-3  

The city of Manchester , Virginia - Manchester , Va. Board of trade    Arc

Colonial recipes, from old Virginia and Maryland manors: with ...    Goo

Colonial Records of Virginia   by Various Authors   MBk

The colonial vestry book of Lynnhaven Parish, Princess Anne County , Virginia, 1723-1786 - Lynnhaven Parish ( Princess Anne County , Va.)   Arc

Colonial Virginia.    by Julian Alvin Carroll Chandler, Travis Butler Thames. 1907   Goo

Colonial Virginia : its people and customs    by   Mary Newton Stanard  1917  Goo

Colonial Tax Lists, Virginia personal property tax lists, Census, and Court Records for Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennesse & Virginia   FAA

The Conquest of the Old Southwest: The Romantic Story of the Early Pioneers into Virginia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Kentucky, 1740-1790  by Archibald Henderson   Gut

The conquest of Virginia, the forest primeval : an account, based on original documents, of the Indians in that portion of the continent in which was established the first English colony in America    by  Conway Whittle Sams,1864-1935    Arc

Danville riot - Danville, Va. Committee of forty to investigate Danville riot.  Arc

A defence of Virginia, (and through her, of the South) in recent and pending contests against the sectional party.    by Robert Lewis Dabney, 1820-98. New York: E.J. Hale & Son, 1867   MoA

Directory of business and professional women in Richmond, Virginia, 1921-    The Virginia federation of business and professional women's clubs, 1921   OpL  

Documents, Chiefly Unpublished, Relating to the Huguenot Emigration to Virginia...    by R A Brock   1886    Goo    HT

Early courses and professors at William and Mary College.      by Lyon Gardiner Tyler    1904    OpL

Early Virginia immigrants,     by Greer, George Cabell. 1912     HT

East Indians in Colonial Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina   FAA

Economic History of Virginia in the Seventeenth Century: An Inquiry Into the Material Condition of the People, Based upon Original and Contemporaneous Records   by Philip Alexander Bruce. New York: Macmillan, 1895    Goo    UNC

Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography...   by Lyon Gardiner Tyler. 1915   Goo     vol 1    vol 2    vol 3    vol 4    vol 5

First annual catalogue of the officers and students of Hartshorn Memorial College Richmond, Va., 1883-84W. Jones, steam printer,   (African American women — Education) 1884  OpL

The First Voyage to Roanoke. 1584. ..Captains M. Philip Amadas and M. Arthur Barlowe, Who Discovered Part of the Countrey Now Called Virginia.    Written by One of the Said Captaines,   by Arthur Barlowe, 1550-1620,   1898   UNC

Forty years of active service  being some history of the war between the Confederacy and the Union and of the events leading up to it, with reminiscences of the struggle and accounts of the authors experiences of four years from private to lieutenant-colonel and acting colonel in the cavalry of the Army of Northern Virginia [12th cavalry 1862-65 and 23rd cavalry 1864-65]   by Charles Triplett O'Ferrall, The Neale publishing company, 1904    OpL

The Founding of Jamestown: Percy's Discourse of Virginia. Wingfield's Discourse of Virginia....  by Albert Bushnell Hart.  1907   Goo

The Fourth Voyage Made to Virginia in the Yere   WHS  1586 3rd   1587 4th  

Frederick Parish, Va. 1744-1780, Churches, Chapels, etc.   DMK

Free African Americans of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland and Delaware      FrAfAm 

The Free School Idea in Virginia Before the Civil War: A Phase of Political and Social Evolution.     by William Arthur Maddox.  1918  Goo

The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles: With the Names of the Adventurers, Planters, and Governours From Their First Beginning Ano: 1584. To This Present 1624. With the Procedings of Those Severall Colonies and the Accidents That Befell Them ...  Also the Maps and Descriptions of All Those Countryes, ...   by Captaine Iohn Smith, 1580-1631 Sometymes Governour in Those Countryes & Admirall of New England   UNC

Gibbens-Butcher genealogy: Embracing also other pioneer families of Virginia ... ‎      1894   Goo

Gloucester. One of the first chapters of the commonwealth of Virginia. By Sally Nelson Robins.   LC

Historical Sketches of “Old Bruton Church” Williamsburg , Va   DMK

Williamsburg Wills  Abt. 1750-1825      DMK

Historical Sketches of Virginia Hot Springs, Warm Sulphur Springs and Bath ... 1908    Goo

The History and Present State of Virginia, In Four Parts.   I. The History of the First Settlement of Virginia, and the Government Thereof, to the Present Time.   II. The Natural Productions and Conveniencies of the Country, Suited to Trade and Improvement.   III. The Native Indians, Their Religion, Laws, and Customs, in War and Peace.   IV. The Present State of the Country, as to the Polity of the Government, and the Improvements of the Land.    by Robert Beverley, 1673-1722    1705  UNC

History of African Methodism in Virginia, or Four Decades in the Old Dominion    by Israel L. Butt, (Israel La Fayette)    1908  UNC

A History of Bristol Parish, Va: With Genealogies of Families Connected ...   by Philip Slaughter  1879   Goo

History of Hampton & Elizabeth City Co. Va.  Tyler 1922   Arc   DMK

A history of Lynchburg's pioneer Quakers and their meeting house, 1754-1936, by Douglas Summers Brown ...   by Brown, Douglas Summers.  1936   HT

History of Randolph-Macon college, Virginia.       by Richard Irby,   Whittet & Shepperson, general printers, 1890     OpL

History of Southwest Virginia, 1746-1786, Washington County, 1777-1870    by Lewis Preston Summers       Goo

The history of the College of William and Mary from it's foundation, 1660, top 1874. J.W. Randolph & English, 1874    OpL

History of the Colony & Ancient Dominion of Virginia ...    by Charles Campbell, 1807-76.  Phila, 1860    MoA

The History of the First Discovery and Settlement of Virginia   by William Stith 1865  Goo

History of the tobacco industry in Virginia, 1860-1894 [Johns Hopkins Univ. Stud.]    by Benjamin William Arnold,  1870- Balt. 1897  UTo

The History of the Virginia Federal Convention of 1788: With Some Account of Eminent Virginians ...   by Hugh Blair Grigsby.  1890  Arc   vol 1   vol 2     Goo 

The history of Virginia, from its earliest settlement...   by Timothy Shay Arthur & W.H. Carpenter  1853  MoA

A History of Virginia from Its Discovery Till the Year 1781 ...   by John Wilson Campbell, Moses Hoge  1813  Goo

The History of Virginia: From Its First    Goo

A history of Virginia from its discovery till the year 1781. With biographical sketches of all the most distinguished characters that occur in the colonial, revolutionary, or subsequent period of our history by Campbell, John Wilson, 1779-1842   Arc

The History of Virginia's Navy of the Revolution    by Robert Armistead Stewart. 1934  Goo

Horrors of the Virginian Slave Trade and of the Slave-Rearing Plantations. The True Story of Dinah, an Escaped Virginian Slave, Now in London, on Whose Body Are Eleven Scars Left by Tortures Which Were Inflicted by Her Master, Her Own Father... Extracts from the Laws of Virginia, Showing That Against These Barbarities...    by John Hawkins Simpson,   London: A.W. Bennett, 1863  UNC

Institutional History of Virginia in the Seventeenth Century: An Inquiry Into the Religious... by Philip Alexander Bruce. 1910   Goo

Inventory of Slaves, from the Will of John Randolph Roanoke, Virginia    MCO

Jefferson and His Colleagues: A Chronicle of the Virginia Dynasty   by Allen Johnson 1921   Goo

John Smith , 1580-1631 The Generall Historie of Virginia...    By Captaine Iohn Smith , Sometymes Governour in Those Countryes & Admirall of New England.    UNC

Journal of Colonel George Washington, commanding a detachment of Virginia troops, sent by Robert Dinwiddie, Lieutenant-Governor of Virginia, across the Alleghany Mountains, in 1754, to build forts at the head of the Ohio ... ; with copies of original muster and pay rolls of the Virginia regiment...      Pitt

Justice in Colonial Virginia.     by Oliver Perry Chitwood. 1905  Goo   OpL

Justices of the Peace of Colonial Virginia, 1757-1775   by Virginia State Library, Edward Ingle  1922    Goo

King and Queen Virginia   by Alfred Bagby  1908  Goo

Laird & Lee 's guide to historic Virginia and the Jamestown centennial ... Full statistics and itinerary ..     Arc

Lane's Account of the Englishmen Left in Virginia, 1585-1586   WHS

The Leftwich Papers Portfolio effect the military, business and personal activities of Joel Leftwich (Nov, 22,1760 to Oct 20,1846)… operations of the 12th Virginia Militia Brigad, 1790 to 1842.     UVA

List of the colonial soldiers of Virginia. Special report of the Department of Archives and History for 1913. by Virginia State Library.   1961  HT

List of the Revolutionary Soldiers of Virginia:... by Virginia State Library. Archives Division. 1912   Goo

Virginia militia in the Revolutionary War : McAllister's data    by  McAllister, J. T. (Joseph Thompson), 1866-1927   Arc

Lives of Virginia Baptist ministers, 2nd ed.   FHA

Virginia Baptist ministers,  James Barnett  Taylor, 1819-1871. Philadelphia,, Richmond, Va.,: J. B. Lippincott & co.;, T. J. Starke;  1859   MoA

The Lower Norfolk County Virginia antiquary.   1895   HT  vol 1    vol 2    vol 3     vol 5

Norfolk, Virginia City Directory    1859

Map of Virginia. With a Description of the Countrey, the Commodities, People, Government and Religion.  In Travels and Works of Captain John Smith, President of Virginia, and Admiral of New England, 1580-1631, Part I John Smith. Ed. Edward Arber. Edinburgh: John Grant, 1910.   UMD

Memorial Ceremonies at the National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia: Under the ...  by Grand Army of the Republic - Memorial Day – 1868    Goo

Memoirs of Mary A. Maverick.  by Mrs Mary Ann Adams Maverick, Geo Madison Maverick. 1921 Goo

Message from the Execttive of the Commonwealth: With Accompanying Documents, Showing the Military and Naval Preparations for the Defence of the State of Virginia    1861      UNC

Minutes of the Council and General court of colonial Virginia, 1622-1632, 1670-1676, with notes and excerpts from original Council and General court records , into 1683, now lost     Virginia. Council    Arc

Mirror of olden time border life embracing a history of the discovery of America, of the landing of our forefathers at Plymouth and their most remarkable engagements with the Indians ... from...1620, until the final subjugation of the natives, in 1679 : also, history of Virginia, embracing its first settlement, the progressive movements of civilization... and a narrative of the ... struggle between the white settlers and Indians in north-western Virginia, Kentucky, & ... S. S. Miles Abingdon, Va 1849   OpL

Narratives of Early Virginia, 1606-1625.   by Lyon Gardiner Tyler.  1907   Goo

A narrative of the leading incidents of the organization of the first popular movement in Virginia in 1865 to re-establish peaceful relations between the northern and southern states, and the subsequent efforts of the "Committee of nine," in 1869, to secure the restoration of Virginia to the Union, by Alex. H.H. Stuart   LC

Notes on the Settlement & Indian Wars of the Western Parts of Virginia & Pennsylvania, 1763 – 1783….  by Joseph Doddridge, 1769-1826.   Pitt     LC

Notes on the State of Virginia      Thomas Jefferson, Madison, et al.   UVa

The Official Records of Robert Dinwiddie, Lieut enant-governor of the Colony of Virginia, 1751-1758.  by Robert Dinwiddie. 1883   Goo

Old chapel," Clarke County, Virginia [ Episcopal Church, Confederate Virginia Infantry Regiment, 2nd, Epitaphs ]     by Charles Randolph Hughes ,  OpL

Old Churches, Ministers and Families of Virginia.  by William Meade   Goo   vol 1  1878   1891     1894      1897  vol 2   1906

Old Surry, Va.     DMK

Old Virginia and Her Neighbours.   by John Fiske. Houghton Miffin 1897   Goo

Plantation and Frontier Documents: : 1649-1863  Illustrative of Industrial History in the Colonial...  by Ulrich Bonnell Phillips, John R. Commons. 1909   Goo

The Planters of Colonial V Virginia.     by Thomas Jefferson Wertenbaker. 1922  Goo

The Political History of Virginia During the Reconstruction  by Hamilton James Eckenrode. 1904    Goo

Prisoners of Hope, a Tale of Colonial Virginia.     by Mary Johnston. 1898    Goo

Proceedings of the first assemblyof Virginia, 1619.    by Virginia (Colony) General assembly   Cor

Register of the officers and cadets of the Virginia military institute, Lexington, Va. 1869 - Virginia Military Institute   Arc

Revolutionary Soldiers and Sailors for Northampton Co., VA     DMK

Richmond: An Illustrated Hand-book of the City and Battlefields, with Historic Sketch and Maps   by Charles Poindexter. 1907   Goo

  Directory of business and professional women in Richmond, Viriginia  1921  EVD

Richmond directory and  business and advistizer  1856  EVD

The Scotch-Irish Settlers in the Valley of Virginia: Alumni address at Washington College...   by Bolivar Christian, Wash and Lee University, Lexington, Va Alumni Assoc. Richmd, 1860   Goo    KDL

Scotch-Irish of the Valley of Virginia     by Joseph Waddle   1895    DMK

Services in Adams Chapel at the Dedication of the New Buildings of the Union Theological ...      Union Theological Seminary in Virginia   Arc

Seventy-five years in old Virginia; with some account of the life of the author and some history of the people amongst whom his lot was cast,--their character, their condition, and their conduct before the war, during the war and after the war, by John Herbert Claiborne ...    by John Herbert Claiborne,   1904   LC

The Shenandoah Valley in 1864    by George Edward Pond 1883   Goo   HAT

Shenandoah Valley Pioneers and Their Descendants : A History of Frederick County, Virginia  from its formation in 1738 to 1908.   Compiled mainly from original records ...    by Thomas Kemp Cartmell  1909    Goo

Sketches and Recollections of Lynchburg, by the Oldest Inhabitant      by Margaret Anthony Cabell  Richmond: C. H. Wynne, 1858    ABC   MoA  

Sketches of Virginia, Historical and Biographical    by William Henry Foote. 1850    Arc    Goo    MoA  

Slave Life strong in Virginia and Kentucky; or, Fifty Years of Slavery in the Southern States of America     by Francis Fedric   London: Wertheim, Macintosh, and Huntspan   1863   UNC

Social Life of Virginia in the Seventeenth Century: An Inquiry Into the Origin of the Higher..   by Philip Alexander Bruce. 1907   Goo

Some English Conditions Surrounding the Settlement ofof Virginia (Am Hist Rev)     by Edward P. Cheyney,  1907  DiD

Some emigrants to Virginia: memoranda in regard to several hundred emigrants ... William Glover Stanard   1911   Arc   DMK   Goo 

Some Prominent Virginia Families;     by Louise Pecquet du Bellet, Edward Jaquelin, Martha Cary Jaquelin 1907   Goo   Arc   vol 2    vol 4   

Index to Some prominent Virginia families by Louise Pecquet du Bellet - Davis, Wallace; Pecquet du Bellet Louise , 1853 -  Arc

Some Reminiscences.   by William Lawrence Royall.  1909    Goo

Statistical gazetteer of the state of Virginia, embracing important topographical and historical information from recent and original sources, together with the results of the last census population, in most cases, to 1854.    by Richards Edwards   Published for the proprietor, 1855   OpL

Stories of the Old Dominion, from the settlement to the end of the revolution     by John Esten Cooke, 1830-1886    Goo

Stratford Hall and the Lees Connected with Its History: biographical, genealogical and historical     by Frederick Warren Alexander. 1912    Goo

Statistical gazetteer of the state of Virginia, embracing important topographical and historical information from recent and original sources... census population, to 1854:   by Richard Edwards.   MoA

University of Virginia Board of Visitors Minutes, 1817-1999...complete meeting minutes for the Board of Visitors  from May 1817 to October 1999.   UVa

Installation of the first president of the University of Virginia, Dr. Edwin Anderson Alderman, 1861-1931 April 13, 1905     Arc  Goo

The Vestry Book of Saint Peter's, New Kent County, Va. from 1682-1758.   by National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the Commonwealth of Virginia, St. Peter's Parish  1905   Goo

Virginia : a history of the people   by John sten Cooke, 1830-1886   Goo

Virginia and Virginians: Eminent Virginians ... History of Virginia...     by Robert Alonzo Brock, Virgil Anson Lewis  1888    Goo  vol 1  vol 2

The Virginia cavaliers    By Kate Mason Rowland    Goo    vol 1  1886

The Virginia Committee System and the American Revolution   by James Miller Leake. 1917   Goo

Virginia County Names: Two Hundred and Seventy Years of Virginia History    by Charles Massie Long  1908   Goo

Virginia Heraldica: Being a Registry of Virginia Gentry Entitled to Coat ... genealogy     by William Armstrong Crozier   1908   Goo

The Virginia Housewife: or, Methodical Cook   by Mary Randolph,  Balt. 1838     MSU

The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography.   by Virginia Historical Society. 1906  Goo

Virginia, Overwharton Parish Register, 1720 to 1760, Old Staffordw   Arc

Virginia Slaves Freed After 1782    FAA

Virginia Wills Before 1799    by Wm. M. Clemens     DMK

Williamsburg Wills  Abt. 1750-1825      DMK

Students of the University of Virginia a semi-centennail Catalogue  1878   OpL

The western address directory containing the cards of merchants, manufacturers, and other business men, in Pittsburgh, (Pa.) Wheeling, (Va.) Zanesville, (O.) Portsmouth, (O.) Dayton, (O.) Cincinnati, (O.) Madison, (Ind.) Louisville, (K.) St. Louis, (Mo.) ; together with historical, topographical & statistical sketches,  of those cities and towns in the Mississippi valley ; intended as a guide to travellers ; to which is added, alphabetically arranged, a list of the steam-boats on the western waters     by W. G. Lyford    1837    OpL

 William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine   ABC