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Eau Claire Cemetery Records     Freedom's Journal - first African Americans newspaper

University of Wisconsin Digital Collections     Wisconsin [Legislature] Blue Book   

Wisconsin Historical Society     Wisconsin Yearbook Project

100 years of pictorial& descriptive history of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.    by T. A. [Theodore Asa] Taylor. Wisconsin Rapids, 1934 [- 1940].      Wis

The addresses at the inauguration of Charles Kendall Adams, LL. D. to the presidency of the University of Wisconsin January, 17, 1893.    Arc    OpL

Along the Wisconsin River: Descriptive of the Wisconsin River Valley, Its  by A. Decker   MML

The American sketch book : a collection of historical incidents with descriptions of corresponding localities ...[ Eau Claire,  Augusta,  Chippewa Falls, Black River Falls. Neillsville, Clark County, Menomonie, Dunn County, Sparta, Reedsburg, Baraboo, Devil's Lake, Brown County]   La Crosse, Wis : Sketch Book Co., 1874-76      MoA

An educational survey of Janesville, Wisconsin  1918   Arc

The Antiquities of Wisconsin   by Increase Allen Lapham  Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution, 1855    Wis

Oshkosh Local History Books   25 online books available at Oshkosh Public Library

Atlas of the city of Oshkosh, Wis.  by Harvey W.  Leach. 1895   Wis

Oshkosh, Wisconsin City Directory   DC  1886/7   

Biographical and statistical history of the city of Oshkosh, Winnebago Co., Wisconsin : its early history, progress, and present condition      Contains information gathered from old settlers and from early newspapers: Finney and Davis, (Northwestern Office), 1867    Wis

Prepared for and published in the [Oshkosh Daily] Northwestern [1867] Contains information gathered from old settlers and from early newspapers, including the Northwestern... 1867    Wis

Autobiography, Orrin Henry Ingram : May, 1830--December, 1912.    by Orin Henry Ingram, 1830-1918.   1912 .   Wis

Bellis' Twin City Directory, 1892 for Centralia and Grand Rapids, WI      by J. R. Belli    Scls

Index to birth, marriage and death notices published in The Wisconsin Valley Leader,  1902-1906   MPL

The Bench and Bar of Wisconsin: History and Biography, with Portrait Illustrations.   by Parker McCobb Reed.  1882    Goo

Betty's Scrapbook of Little Recipes for Little Cooks, Saved from Wisconsin Agriculturist and Farmer 1930s     by Betty Dahlberg     Wis

Blue book for the State of Wisconsin    Goo  

1865   1870   1872   1873   1876   1879    1911   1917   1919   1925   1927   1929   1933   1937   1940   1942   1944   1962

Butter factories and cheese factories operated in 1916: dairy statistics for 1915 as reported by the operators of butter and cheese factories. 1917     Wis

Captain William P. Moore's Civil War diary , September 7, 1861-June 26, 1862 .   History of Company G, 10th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, describing the organization of the company from the Jackson County Rifles, and its movements and battles in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama until the time of Moore's death; includes observations on slavery and the effects of war.      MoA

Centennial records of the women of Wisconsin by Woman's State Centennial Executive Committee, Wis.  1876   OpL

Centennial Story 1890-1990: McMillan Memorial Library, Wisconsin Rapids,     by Alice McCaul Hayward  online ed 2000   MML

Central Wisconsin's Railroads: Past and Future     by Ray Specht    1981  Mem

Cheese making in Wisconsin: a short history. 1924  Wis

Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin.  HT   LC   MoA     

     INDEX     vol 4    vol 5     vol 6    vol 7    vol  8    vol 9    vol 10    vol   11     vol 12     vol   14    vol  14     vol 15     vol 16    vol 17    vol   18    vol 18    vol  19        

      vol 19       vol 20      vol 20       vol 22     vol  24     vol 2     vol 26   vol  27     vol   28    vol 29    vol 30     vol 31  

Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin ,     by State Historical Society of Wisconsin (partial serial archives)   CMU

Colonization and community development: report of progress.   1921?    Wis

Cranberry Culture on a Western Plan: With Valuable Items and Recipes from Growers and Members of the Wisconsin Cranberry Association,    by Augustus G. Cary 1891    MML

Dairying in Wisconsin and its possibilities in Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma: being a report of a four days tour of the "Land of Milk and Money" by a special train load of representatives from Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, over C. M. and St. P. Railway, composed of 135 bankers, farmers, county agents, editors, college representatives, business men...during the week of July 6 to 11, 1924   Wis 

Early days in the Chippewa Valley, [Wis]     by Charles Smith Bundy, 1831-1928.    Menomonie, Wis., Flint-Douglas ptg. co, 1916.   LC      text   image

The early history of Rochester Wisconsin.   by Ida L. Ela, 1935   Wis 

Erving, Burdick & co's Milwaukee city directory, for 1857 & 1858. Milwaukee,: King, Jermain & co. [printers, 1857]   MoA

The founding of Milwaukee   By Edwin S. Mack   1907   Goo

History of Milwaukee, city and county: William George Bruce, Josiah Seymour Currey  1922    Goo   vol 1    vol 2    vol 3

History of Milwaukee, Wisconsin: From Pre-historic Times ...    Goo

History of the Milwaukee light guard     by  Herbert C. Damon   1875   Goo

The medical history of Milwaukee : 1834-1914   by Louis Frederick Frank  1915   Goo

Memoirs of Milwaukee County: From the Earliest Historical Times ...   Goo   vol 1    vol 2, pt 1   vol 2 pt 2

Milwaukee, a half century's progress, 1846-1896: a review of the ...     Goo

The Milwaukee cook book    By Kingsley Methodist Church (Milwaukee, Wis.)  1907    Goo

Milwaukee Press Club book     by Henry Eduard Legler, Charles Keeler Lush, W. T. Walthall   1895   Goo

Milwaukee's great industries: a compilation of facts concerning Milwaukee's ...    By Association for the Advancement of Milwaukee  Goo

Pioneer History of Milwaukee    by James Buck Buck    Goo   1881     1886     1890  

The port of Milwaukee : Historical--descriptive--prospective   Milwaukee (Wis.). Board of Harbor Commissioners   1922   Goo

Farmer co-ops in Wisconsin     by Florence Colfax Bell, 1899- .  1941   Wis

First yearbook, 1938 (Wisconsin Rural Electric Cooperative Association) 1938  Wis

Fond du Lac  Brigham & Co's Fond du Lac city directory & business advertiser for 1857-58.  by A.D. Briigham. 1857   UWis

Brigham and Co's Fond du Lac city directory and business advertiser for 1857-58.   by A. D. Brigham.   Wis

Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin City Directory    DC  1928

Fond du Lac county gazetteer : containing directories of Fond du Lac, Ripon and Waupun, and historical and descriptive sketches of the several townships of the county.    1868    Wis

Fond du Lac illustrated, 1898    by E. C. Williams. 1898     Wis

The history of Fond du Lac County, as told by its place-names.    by Ruth Shaw Worthing.   1976    RWb   Wis

Franksville : "the first 100 years", Franksville, Wisconsin, 1875-1975.   in conjunction with the 25th annual Kraut Festival,   July 24-27, 1975   (Franksville Businessmen’s Association) 1975   Wis

General information 1941-42.    [University of Wisconsin], Madison, Wisconsin, 1941     Wis

The geography and economic development of southeastern Wisconsin.    by   R. H. Whitbeck.   1921   Wis

The geography of the Fox-Winnebago valley     Whitbeck, R. H., 1871-1939  Ray Hughes  1915  Wis

Grand Rapids: Descriptive of Grand Rapids, Wood County, and the Wisconsin River ,    by A. Decker   MML

Hand book of Wisconsin.     by S[ilas] Chapman    2d ed., enlarged & improved.   Milwaukee, S. Chapman, 1855.    LC   text     image

Historic Heg Memorial Park: photographic views and brief historical sketches of the outstanding points of interest in...Racine County, Wisconsin.     by Ella Stratton Colbo.   1975    Wis

Historic places and people in the land of milk and honey: Wisconsin's treasure: a tribute to our past, a celebration of the present and our commitment to continue the good life.   1998.   Wis

History & Memories: Portage County, Belmont Township [2 vols., illus.]    by Wayne A. Guyant.   1984    UWis-S PDF

History and my memories of Wind Lake Telephone Company.   by Melvin J. Johnson.   1996    Wis

A history of agriculture in Wisconsin.    by Joseph Schafer, 1867-1941.   Madison, Wisconsin: State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1922    Wis

A history of Neenah.   1958    Wis

History of Neenah, illustrated : being a complete historical sketch from the "early days" to the present time, with interesting incidents and personal reminiscences, containing also a full and complete record of Neenah in the Rebellion and a complete city and business directory    by Gustavus A. Cunningham.   1878     Wis

Index to Shattuck History of Neenah, 1878-1958 and a summary of earlier years.    by Terry A. Nyman.   1979     Wis

Wright's Neenah-Menasha city directory 1924 : containing an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens, a farmers list and rural route directory of the whole county, a miscellaneous directory of city officers, churches, colleges and schools, public parks, banks, secret, benevolent, trade and social organizations, an improved street and avenue guide and directory of householders, a "Buyers' Guide" and a complete classified business directory.      Wright Directory Co.   1924    Wis

History of Scandinavians & Biographies 1897 - Iowa, Wisconsin Memorial Record of the Fathers of Wisconsin.   Containing sketches of the lives and career of the members of the Constitutional Conventions of 1846 and 1847-8; with A history of early settlement in Wisconsin.   AcG

A History of the City of Saint Paul, and of the County of Ramsey, Minnesota       by J. Fletcher Williams    MoA

History of the University of Wisconsin,  by Reuben Gold Thwaites   Wis  

History of the University of Wisconsin : from its first organization to 1879 : with biographical sketches of its chancellors, presidents, and professors    by  Butterfield, Consul Willshire    Arc

The History of Wisconsin ,    by William Rudolph Smith   MO

An illustrated history of the state of Wisconsin:    by Charles Richard Tuttle, b1848.   1875     Goo      MoA

History of northern Wisconsin, containing an account of its settlement, growth, development, and resources; an extensive sketch of its counties, cities, towns and villages, their improvements, industries, manufactories; biographical sketches, portraits of prominent men and early settlers; views of county seats, etc. .. - Western historical co., Chicago, pub     Arc

The History of Wisconsin: In Three Parts, Historical, Documentary, and Descriptive...     by William Rudolph Smith. 1854     Goo     MoA    vol 1     vol 3

History of the Territory of Wisconsin, from 1836 to 1848.    by Moses McCure Strong.   Democrate Printing Co. State Printers. 1885     Goo

History of Wiskonsan, from its first discovery to the present period, including a geological and topographical description of the territory with ...     by Donald McLeod.   1846    Wis

History of Wisconsin Under the Dominion of France.    by Stephen Southric Hebberd.   1890   Goo

Memories of Early Wisconsin & the Gold Mines     by John Barber Parkinson, (1834-1927)    1921 LC

Recollections of the early history of northern Wisconsin.     by   Henry Samuel Baird, 1800-1875.   Madison,: 1859.     MoA

The State of Wisconsin,: embracing brief sketches of its history, position, resources and industries, and a catalogue of its exhibits at the Centennial at Philadelphia. 1876. 1876.      MoA

Wisconsin and its resources: with lake Superior, its commerce and navigation. Including a trip up the Mississippi, and a canoe voyage on the St. Croix and Brul"e rivers to lake Superior. To which are appended, the constitution of the state [etc.]    by James S. Ritchie. Philadelphia,: C. Desilver; Chicago, W. B. Keen, 1858.    MoA

The Wisconsin Idea ,     by Charles McCarthy    Wis

Wisconsin in Three Centuries, 1634-1905.     by Henry Colin Campbell. 1906     Goo

Wisconsin: The Americanization of a French Settlement      by Reuben Gold Thwaites   1908   Har    Goo

Western portraiture, and emigrants' guide: a description of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa; with remarks on Minnesota, and other territories.      by  Daniel S. Curtiss,    1852.   MoA

Hon. Lucien B. Caswell: Fort Atkinson's "grand old man." Born Nov. 27, 1827. Died April 26, 1919      Wis

In Jesus' Name Shall All Our Work be Done: Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of Norway Evangelical Lutheran Church, Wind Lake Wisconsin, 1843-1993 ,      by Karen Hanson    Wis

Index to Shattuck History of Neenah, 1878-1958 and a summary of earlier years.    by Terry A. Nyman.   1979    Wis

Index to the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society Transactions [and reports, 1859-1918].    1932     Wis

The Jew and the land.    Bulletin No. 7 ed. By William Kirsch. Madison, WI, 1918-1920.   Wis

Journal of the ... Annual Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Churchin the Diocese of Wisconsin -  June 1865       Goo

Law for the Clergy: a compliation of the statues of the states of Illinois,Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin, relating to the duties of clergymen in the solemnization of marriage, the organization of churches and religious societies….    By Sanford Amos Hudson, 1817-1905.  Chicago, S.C. Griggs & Co.  1877.    MoA 

The society of colonial wars in the state of Wisconsian.  List of officers and members, including pedigrees and a record of ...  1906   Goo

Men of Progress: Wisconsin,   ed Andrew Jackson Aikens   LC

Notable men of Wisconsin    Milwaukee, Wis.   Williams publishing co.   1902  LC   text    image viewer

A Merry Briton in Pioneer Wisconsin   by Morleigh    LC

Monroe, Wisconsin  ODS   1891

My land, my home, my Wisconsin: The epic story of the Wisconsin Farm and farm family from settlement days to the present.    by Robert Edward Gard   1878    Wis

Northern Wisconsin, a hand-book for the homeseeker.   By William Aanon Henry   Madison, Democrat Printing Co.   1896   AmM      image viewer

Order of exercises and addresses at the dedication of the Carnegie library of Beloit college.     1905    OpL   

Portrait Biographical Album of Green Lake, Marquette and Waushara ...      by Wisconsin Historical Society,  1890   Goo

A Preliminary Railroad Survey in Wisconsin, 1857 ,    by Andrew McFarland Davis    LC

Prepared for and published in the [Oshkosh Daily] Northwestern [1867] Contains information gathered from old settlers and from early newspapers, including the Northwestern... 1867    Wis

Recollections of a long life, 1829-1915,    by Isaac Stephenson, 1829 -1918.   Chicago,     1915.   LC   text    image viewer

Report on the iron of Dodge and Washington counties, state of Wisconsin, by James G. Percival ... by James Gates Percival, 1795-1856.    1855.    MoA

Reminiscences of a pioneer missionary,   by Rev. Chrysostom Verwyst. 1841-1925.   1916   LC   text    page viewer

The Revised Charter & Ordinances of the City of Kenosha, with the By-Laws of the Council ,    by Kenosha (Wis)   MoA

Soldiers' and citizens' album of biographical record[of Wisconsin] containing personal sketches of army men and citizens prominent in loyalty to the Union Brown, H. O.,  1888   Arc

A summer holiday. A brief description of some of the most popular summer resorts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota, and the routes by which they can be reached.   LC

Territorial legislation in Wisconsin. Annual address before the State historical society of Wisconsin, Thursday evening, February 4th, 1870 ... Published by order of the Legislature. by Moses McCure Strong.   Madison,: Atwood & Culver, 1870.     MoA

The town of Norway, then and now : a bicentennial project.   by Barbara Palmer & Jim Pederson.   1983   Wis

Transactions of the Wisconsin Fruit Growers' Association for the year 1855; including the award of premiums at the annual exhibition, held at Milwaukee, on the 18th, 19th and 20th days of Sept., and the report of the convention, held at Whitewater on the 12th and 13th days of September, etc., etc.    Wisconsin Fruit Growers’ Association.   1856     Wis

The Union Cemetery : a biographical history    (Stevens Point, Wisconsin)  FHA

The United States biographical dictionary and portrait gallery of eminent and self-made men; Wisconsin volume  American Biographical Publishing Company    Arc

The University of Wisconsin: its history and its alumni, with ...   by Reuben Gold Thwaites  1900  Goo

Waterford : stories of our village and its busy life, Waterford, Wisconsin.   1923  Wis

The Emerald (1948)   Waterford High School yearbook,   Waterford, WI 1948    Wis

A brief history of our Waterford area churches.  by Ruth Albee.   Wis

Wisconsin Gazetteer ...: containing the names, location, and advantages, of the counties, cities,...     by John Warren Hunt , 1826-18591853   Goo    MoA

The western tourist and emigrant's guide through the states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, and Wisconsin, and the territories of Minnesota, Missouri, and Nebraska: being an accurate and concise description of each state and territory; and containing the routes and distances on the great lines of travel.  … large and minute map, exhibiting the township lines of the United States' surveys, the boundaries of counties, and the position of cities, villages and settlements, etc., etc.  by J H (Joseph Hutchins) Colton, 1800-93.    1855  MoA

Wisconsin Blue Books,     ed. by Wisconsin. Legislature.    Legislative Reference Bureau   

1853-2004    1867   1873   1874   1975    1876   1877    1879   1881  1883    1885   1889   1891  1893   1895   1897   1899  

1905              1907   1909   1911    1913   1915   1917    1919

Wisconsin gazetteer, containing the names, location and advantages of the counties, cities, towns, villages, post offices, and settlements, together with a description of the lakes, water courses, prairies, and public localities, in the state of Wisconsin, alphabetically arranged: by John Warren Hunt.    by John Warren Hunt, 1826-1859.   Madison,: B. Brown, printer, 1853.     MoA

Wisconsin Rapids Bridge History ,     by Theodore W. Brazeau       MML

Wisconsin's Belgian community : an account of the early events in the Belgian settlement in northeastern Wisconsin with particular reference to the Belgians in Door County.   by Hjalmar Rued Holand, 1872-1963.   1933     Wis

Wright's Neenah-Menasha city directory 1924 : containing an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens, a farmers list and rural route directory of the whole county, a miscellaneous directory of city officers, churches, colleges and schools, public parks, banks, secret, benevolent, trade and social organizations, an improved street and avenue guide and directory of householders, a "Buyers' Guide" and a complete classified business directory.      Wright Directory Co.   1924    Wis

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