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Memorial volume by the Essex street church and society, Boston, to commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the installation of their ,  pastor Nehemiah Adams , D.D  Union Congregational church   Arc

Annals of King 's Chapel from the Puritan age of New England to the present day   by Foote, Henry Wilder, 1838-1889   edited by H.H. Edes, after the author's death    vol 2  pt 2  

Annual Report of the Benevolent Fraternity of Churches in the City of Boston - Benevolent Fraternity of Churches   Arc  1849   1900

The Form of Covenant, of the Old South Church in Boston, Massachusetts, with ...    by Old South Church    1833    Goo

An historical catalogue of the Old South church (Third church) Boston ‎   Old South Church (Boston, Mass.), Hamilton Andrews Hill, George Frederick Bigelow   1883   Goo

History of the First Church in Boston, 1630-1880    by Arthur Blake Ellis, George Edward Ellis   1881     Goo

A History of the Church in Brattle Street, Boston     by  Samuel Kirkland Lothrop  Arc

Manual of the Mother Church, The First Church of Christ Scientist In Boston Massachusetts    by Mary Baker Eddy,1910   MBe

Memorial of the commemoration      by the Church of the Disciples (Boston, Mass.) Prentiss & Deland, printers, 1860  OpL

Records and memories of Boston Church in the "Scotch Block"     by John McColl,    1920    OpL  


By-laws of the trustees of Mount Hope Cemetery of the city of Boston: [ with  lot owner names ]     By Mount Hope Cemetery (Boston, Mass.).  1874  Goo

Erection and dedication of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument in the army ...     By Boston (Mass.). City Council    1867  Goo

Mount Hope cemetery in Dorchester and West Roxbury  1952  OpL

Forest Hills Cemetery: its establishment, progress, scenery, monuments, etc   By William August Crafts  1860    Goo

Gravestone inscriptions and records of tomb burials in the Central burying ground, Boston Common    by Ogden Codman, The Essex institute, 1917    Arc

Historic burial-places of Boston and vicinity      by  John M. Merriam,  (John McKinstry ), b. 1862   Arc    OpL

Historical sketch and matters appertaining to the Copp's Hill Burial-Ground   - Boston (Mass.). Cemetery Dept    Arc   OpL

Old Copp's Hill and burial ground by E. MacDonald   1879   OpL

Inscriptions on the bronze tablets recently placed on the gates of the older burial grounds in Boston, Massachusetts     by Samuel A. Green  1883   Arc

Mount Auburn cemetery , Boston : Indelible photographs    Goo

Annual report of the Cemetery Department of the City of Boston for the ... By Boston (Mass.). Cemetery Dept  [ Epitaphs, first burying place in Dorchester pg 59 ]    1904   Goo

Memorials of the dead in Boston...inscriptions in the Kings Chapel Burial Ground  by Thomas Bridgman 1852   OpL

The sexton's monitor, and Dorchester cemetery memorial     by Daniel Davenport  1826  OpL


Address, [re] the birth of Spurzheim: & organization of the Boston Phrenological Soc., Jan 1838    by Elisha Bartlett, 1804-1855.   Boston, 1838    KDL

Boston and the Back Bay.  Reed & Lincoln, 1884    OpL

The Boston Directory ‎ Boston (Mass.)  DC  Goo  1800     1861    1860    1904  

Boston Massacre (in: Pratt: American History Stories, Volume II)     Boston 1908    Html

Boston notions  being an authentic and concise account of "that village," from 1630 to 1847     by Nathaniel Dearborn   Printed by N. Dearborn  1848,   OpL

The Boston Slave Riot and Trial of Anthony Burns    DiC

Boston Walks' the Jewish friendship trail guidebook: Jewish Boston ...    by Michael A. Ross   2003   Goo

Briefs and other records in the action of Baltimore & Boston barge company ...‎   Baltimore & Boston Barge Company,   1912  Goo

A Chart and Description of the Boston and Worcester and Western Railroads: In which is Noted the...   by William Guild   1847   Goo

Clark 's Boston Blue Book    1895    1898    1909

Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts    by William Richard Cutter. 1908    Goo

Graduation exercises at the close of the tenth year of the Massachusetts Normal Art School (Boston)    1883   Har

A guide-book of Boston for physicians     by Walter L. Burrage    The Merrymount Press,  OpL     1906     1921

The history and antiquities of Boston , and the villages of Skirbeck , Fishtoft, Freiston, Butterwick, Benington, Leverton, Leake , and Wrangle; comprising the hundred of Skirbeck, in the county of Lincoln. Including also a history of the East, West, and Wildmore fens, and copious notices of the Holland or Haut-Huntre fen ... sketches of the geology, natural history, botany, and agriculture of the district; a very extensive collection of archaisms and provincial words, local dialect, phrases, proverbs, omens, superstitions, etc.     by Pishey Thompson, 1784-1862.   MoA  

History of Boston: The Metropolis of Massachusetts, from Its Origin to the Present Period; with...  2nd ed.   by Caleb Hopkins Snow.  Abel Bowen Publisher, 1828  Goo

The History of the Bunker Hill Monument Association During the First Century ...    by George Washington Warren - Bunker Hill, Battle of, Boston, Mass., 1775 – 1877   Goo

A History of the Boston City Hospital from Its Foundation Until 1904.   by Isabel Adams (Hampton) Robb, Boston City Hospital, 1906    Goo

History of the Boston Massacre, March 5, 1770...trial of the soldiers...documents of John Adams...    by Frederic Kidder,   Cor

History of the Great Fire in Boston, November 9 and 10, 1872     by  Russell Herman Conwell   Arc

History of the Old South Meeting house in Boston      by Everett Watson Burdett   Arc

Hundred Years of Merchant Banking: A History of Brown Brothers and Company ...    by John Crosby Brown   1909    Goo

The Index  [Newspaper]    by William James Potter, Benjamin Franklin Underwood, Free Religious Association (Boston, Mass.)   1886    Jul - Dec 1886

Martin's Boston Stock Market: Eighty-eight Years, from January 1, 1798, to January, 1886   by Joseph Gregory Martin  Goo   Goo

A memorial of Edward Everett, from the city of Boston, Boston (Mass). City Council.   MoA

The memorial history of Boston    by Justin Winsor,  Osgood, 1881   OpL   

The Memorial History of Boston: Including Suffolk County, Massachusetts. 1630-1880....    by Justin Winsor, Clarence F. Jewett, 1880   Goo   OpL

Men of Boston and New England   AcG   

A municipal history of the town and city of Boston, during two centuries. From Sept. 17, 1630, to Sept. 17, 1830.    by Josiah Quincy, 1772-1864.  Goo   MoA

National register of historic places inventory - nomination form: Dudley station historic district    United States. National Park Service   Arc

No. 47 Court street, Boston ... by John Tyler Hassam    1903   OpL  

Old Landmarks and Historic Personages of Boston ‎ Samuel Adams Drake  1873   Goo

The Olden Time Series - Gleanings Chiefly from Old Newspapers of Boston and Salem, Massachusetts       by Henry M. Brooks     MBk

Vol. 1: Curiosities of the Old Lottery Vol. 4: Quaint and Curious Advertisements
Vol. 2: The Days of the Spinning-Wheel in New England Vol. 5: Some Strange and Curious Punishments
Vol. 3: New-England Sunday   Vol. 6: Literary Curiosities

Ordinances & rules and orders of the city of Boston, with the general & special statues of the Mass legislature.   Boston, 1868   MoA  

The Pilgrims of Boston and Their Descendants…     by Thomas Bridgman 1856   Goo     OpL   

Police Records and Recollections, Or, Boston by Daylight and Gaslight: For Two Hundred and Forty.   by Edward H. (Edward Hartwell) Savage.  John P Dale & Co. 1873    Goo

The Port of Boston: A Study and a Solution of the Traffic and Operating Problems of Boston, and...      by Edwin Jones Clapp. 1916   Goo

Publications of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts.   by Colonial Society of Massachusetts - 1895.  includes Boston City Records of Births;  Goo

Rambles Around Old Boston ,     by Edwin M. Bacon, illust. Lester G. Hornby.     Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, 1921   Kel

Record of Mr. Alcott's School: Exemplifying the Principles and Methods of Moral Culture     by Elizabeth Palmer Peabody   Arc

Records Relating to the Early History of Boston.     by Boston (Mass.) Registry Dept,   Record Commissioners    Goo                                     

1st Report 1876           5th Report 1880                                              1691-93 tax lists                                        Dorchester Town Records
Records                        1790 census and 1798 direct tax               1894 - includes Births 1700-1800        selectmen, 1760 fire w/list businesses & owners
list of freemen              1890 -  birth, marriage, death 10 1825      1898 Boston marriages 1700-51         birth, marriage, death to 1825

v. 1,   1876. [Boston tax lists, etc., 1674-1695] 1876.- v. 21, 1890. Dorchester births, marriages, deaths to the end of 1825. 1890.-
v. 2,   1877. [Bostontown records, 1634-1661. The book of possessions of Suffolk Co] 1877.- v. 22, 1890.  names of Boston inhabitants in 1790,  collected for the first national census.
v. 3,   1878. Charlestown land records, 1638-1802. 1878.- v. 23, 1893. Selectmen's minutes, 1769-1775. 893.-
v. 4,   1880. [Dorchester town records, 1632-1687. 1880]- v. 24, 1894. Boston births, 1700-1800. 1894.-
v. 5,   1880. [Bowditch, N. I. "Gleaner" articles] 1880.- v. 25, 1894. Selectmen's minutes, 1776-1786. 1894.-   
v. 6,   1880. Roxbury land and church records. 1881.- v. 26, 1895. Boston town records, 1778-1783. 1895.-
v. 7,   1881. Boston records, 1660-1701. 1881.-
v. 27, 1896. Selectmen's minutes, 1787-1798. 1896.-
v. 8,   1882. Boston records, 1700-1728. 1883.- v. 28, 1898. Boston marriages, 1700-1751. 1898
v. 9,   1883. Boston births, baptisms, marriages, and deaths, 1630-1699. 1883.- *(cont.) v. 29, 1900. Miscellaneous papers. 1900.-
v. 10, 1886. Miscellaneous papers. The Boston directory, 1789. The Boston directory, 1796. 1886.- *v. 30, 1902. Boston marriages, 1752-1809. 1903.-
v. 11, 1884. Records of Boston selectmen, 1701-1715. 1884.- *v. 31, 1903. Boston town records, 1784-1796. 1903.-
v. 12, 1885. Boston records, 1729-1742. 1885.- *v. 32, 1903. Aspinwall notarial records, 1644-1651. 1903.-
v. 13, 1885. Records of Boston selectmen, 1716-1736. 1885.- *v. 33, 1904. Selectmen's minutes, 1799-1810. 1904.-
v. 14, 1885. Boston town records, 1742-1757. 1885.- *v. 34, 1905. Drake, F. S. The town of Roxbury. 1905.-
v. 15, 1886. Records of Boston selectmen, 1736-1742. 1886.- *v. 35, 1905. Dorchester vital records, 1826-1849. 1905.-
v. 16, 1886. Boston town records, 1758-1769. 1886 *v. 36, 1905. Boston town records, 1796-1813. 1905.
(cont.) v. 17, 1887. Selectmen's minutes, 1742/3--1753. 1887.- *v. 37, 1906. Boston town records, 1814-1822. 1906.
v. 18, 1887. Boston town records, 1770-1777. 1887.- *v. 38, 1908. Selectmen's minutes, 1811-1818. 1908.-
v. 19, 1887. Selectmen's minutes, 1754-1763. 1889.- v. 39, 1909. Selectmen's minutes, 1818-1822. 1909
v. 20, 1889. Selectmen's minutes, 1764-1768.- *NOT yet AVAILABLE

A volume relating to the early history of Boston containing the Aspinwall ...  ‎ Boston (Mass.). Registry Dept, William Aspinwall  1903   Arc

Boston births, baptisms, marriages and deaths, 1630-1699.      Rockwell and Churchill, City printers, 1883  Arc   Goo    OpL    

Records Relating to the Early History of Boston   (b>Selectman’s minutes).   by Boston ( Mass. ) Registry Dept, Boston ( Mass. ) Record Commissioners   Rockwell & Churchill City Printers.   Goo

      1701-15         1715-29          1736-42          1742-53         1754-63         1764-68        1769-75         1776-86

Records Relating to the Early History of Boston. (Town Records)     by   Registry Dept, Boston ( Mass. ) Record Commissioners, Rockwell & Churchill City Printers.   Goo  

      1660-1701       1742-57      1770-77       1778-83   

A report of the Record Commissioners containing Boston births, baptisms, marriages and deaths, 16, 1630-1699.    Boston. Registry Dept.  Rockwell and Churchill, 1883  OpL

Report of the Commission on ong>Taxation.
    by Guy W. Cox.  Boston, Wright & Potter Printing Co.,  1908   Goo 

The revolutionary ancestry of the members of the Warren and Prescott chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution    Warren and Prescott chapter. Boston  1899   Arc 

Shawmut: Or, The Settlement of Boston by the Puritan Pilgrims        by Charles Kittredge True 1848   Goo  

Sir Sir Charles H Frankland, baronet; or Boston in the colonial times    by Elias Nason, 1811-87    1865     MoA

Sketches and business directory of Boston and its vicinity for 1860 and 1861.  Damrell & Moore and G. Coolidge, 1860   OpL   

Social statistics of working women [Mass Bur. of Statistics of Labor; School of Housekeeping, Boston]    Boston, 1901    Har

Some Events of Boston and Its Neighbors ,    by State Street Trust Company (Boston) 1917    Kel

Some Merchants and Sea Captains of Old Boston: Being a Collection of Sketches of Notable Men and Mercantile Houses Prominent During the Early Half of the Nineteenth Century in the Commerce and Shipping of Boston (c1918),   by State Street Trust Company Boston  Kel

The South-Boston ong>Unitarian ordination     by J. H. Fairchild, (Joy Hamlet), 1790-1859   Arc

St. St. Botolph's Town: An Account of Old Boston in Colonial Days.   by Mary Caroline Crawf8ord. 1908   Goo   Kel

The story of theong> great fire, Boston, November 9-10, 1872    by Charles Carleton Coffin,  1823-1896   Arc

Stranger's Illustrated Guide to Boston and Its Suburbs, Photo-electrotype co, 1882      Goo

The 13th year of the Boston City Hospital Tra Training School for Nurses, Boston, Mass.: w/from annual report    1891   Har

Three Episodes of Massachusetts History: the settlement of Boston Bay, the Antinomian controversy ...    by Charles Francis Adams. 1892   Goo

Training School for Nurses, attached to the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston   187?    Har

A volume relating to the early history of  Boston containing the Aspinwall notarial records .   Recorder of the Suffolk County Court from November 13, 1644, until October 1651.     Arc

Wilson 's annual reference book ... of Greater Boston ..     Arc  vol 1   vol 2

The working girls of of Boston (frm: 16th Ann. rpt, Mass. Bureau of Statistics of Labor)    by Carroll Davidson Wright,  1840-1909. Boston, 1889   Har

The Yankee Tea-Party: or, Boston in 1773      by Henry C. Watson   Philadelphia: Lindsay and Blakiston, 1851     Gut    MBk

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