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American Navigation: The Political History of Its Rise and Ruin and the Proper Means for Its ...      by William Wallace Bates 1902   Goo 

American Political History, 1763-1876   by Alexander Johsnton  1905   Goo 

American Politics (non-partisan) from the Beginning to Date: Embodying a History of All the ...    by Thomas Valentine Cooper   1892    Goo 

American Politics: Political Parties and Party Problems in the United States; a Sketch of ...   by James Albert Woodburn   1903    Goo    

The Century of Independence: Embracing a Collection, from Official Sources...    by John Russell Hussey   1876    Goo  

The Communist Party of the United States of America: What It Is, How It Works      by United States House Committee on the Judiciary 1955      Arc

Contributions in History and Political Science   by Ohio State University, Harry Ignatius Marshall 1921   Goo  

A History of American Political Theories     by Charles Edward Merriam   1903    Goo 

History of Elections in the American Colonies by Cortlandt Field Bishop  1893  Goo  

The History of Political Theory and Party Organization in the United States   by Simeon Davidson Fess   1910     Goo 

History of the Political and Military Events of the Late War Between the United States and Great Britian...     by Samuel Perkins   1825    Goo 

The Political History of the Public Lands, from 1840 to 1862: From Pre-emption to Homestead     by George Malcolm Stephenson   1917   Goo 

Political History of the United States: With Special Reference to the Growth of Political Parties   by John Pancoast Gordy   1902    Goo  

Political Parties in the United States 1800-1914: A List of References     by Alta Blanche Claflin, New York Public Library 1915   Goo

Political Reminiscences, Including a Sketch of the Origin and History of the "Statesman Party of Boston...    by John Barton Derby 1835    Goo  

The political text-book,: or Encyclopedia. Containing everything necessary for the reference of the politicians and statesmen of the US,    by Michael W. Cluskey.   MoA

A Political Text-book for 1860: Comprising a Brief View of Presidential Nominations and ...     by Horace Greeley, John Fitch Cleveland   1860    Goo

The Story of the Filibusters.    by James Jeffrey Roche, Davy Crockett, 1891    Goo