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Moseley, Edward A. Annual address of the president general, Edward A. Moseley, Hotel San Reno, New York, February 17, 1898   Har

The American-Irish Historical Society; 1923    Har  

          General information regarding the American Irish historical society . American-Irish Historical Society.  1923?   Har

Americans of Irish lineage, their duties and aims . Storey, Moorfield, [1919]. Har

Irish colonists in New York : a lecture delivered before the New York state historical association at lake George, New York, August 22d, 1906 . O'Brien, Michael Joseph, 1906. Har

Annual Meeting and Banquet of the Pennsylvania Scotch-Irish Society at the Hotel Bellvue, Philadelphia.      Har  1st 1890

The Molly Maguires of Pennsylvania, or Ireland in America; a true narrative     by  Ernest W. Lucy,   1882   Har

6th Annual rpt, Society for Promoting the Religious Interests of Scottish Settlers in British North America    Glasgow North Amer. Colonial Soc   1832    Har

A biographical dictionary of eminent Welshmen, from the earliest times to the present, and including every name connected with the ancient history of Wales ..   by  Robert  Williams    Arc

A brief account of the Society of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick: with biographical notices of some members      by Samuel   Hood,   1844   Har

Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish settlement in Virginia ...Original Court Records of Augusta County 1745-1800     by Lyman Chalkley    Rweb

The Cymry of '76: Or, Welshmen, & Their Descendants of the American ...    by Alexander Jones, Samuel Jenkins   1855   Goo   Har

A Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames: With Special American Instances   by Charles Wareing Endell Bardsley   1901   Goo

Genealogical collections concerning families in Scotland     by Walter Macfarlane     Scottish History Society, 1900    Arc

A Hidden Phase of American History: Ireland's Part in America's Struggle for ...    by Michael Joseph O'Brien   1919  Goo

The An Historical Account of the Settlements of Scotch Highlanders in America ...    by John Patterson MacLean Scottish Americans - 1900    Goo

The A History of the Irish Settlers in North America from the earliest period to the census of 1850    by Thomas D'Arcy McGee, 

     LIr 1852    Har    2nd ed    5th ed     6th ed       

The Irish emigration to the United States : what it has been, and what it is.     by Stephen Byrne New York : Catholic Publication Society, 1873     MoA    OpL

Irish firsts in American history :  [Lecture] delivered at the Hotel La Salle under the auspices of the Illinois chapter, April 28, 1917   by Michael J. O'Brien   

The Irish in America , by John Francis Maguire   LIr MoA

Irish Emigration to the United States: What it Has Been, and What It Is ,    by Stephen Byrne   MoA     OpL Irish pedigrees, or, The origin and stem of the Irish nation‎   John O'Hart  1881   Goo

Irish Race in America    by Edward O'Meagher Condon   1887    Goo

The Irish Race in California and on the Pacific Coast: With an Introductory Historical Dissertation on the Principal Races of Mankind, and a Vocabulary of Ancient and Modern Irish Family Names.  by   Hugh. Quigley,  San Francisco: A. Roman & Co., 1878.   Har

Irish Rhode Islanders in the American Revolution : with some mention of those serving in the regiments of Elliott, Lippitt, Topham, Crary, Angell, Olney, Greene, and other noted commanders      by Thomas Hamilton Murray,     b1857    Arc

Irish schoolmasters in the American colonies, 1640-1775: with a ...   by  John Cornelius Linehan , Thomas Hamilton Murray   1898  Goo

The Journal of the American-Irish Historical Society.   New York,   1911   Goo

       vol  2  1899      vol  4  1904        vol  7  1907        vol  10  1911      vol  28   1919

The Scot in America    By Peter Ross, L.L. D.     1896     ABC.   ELE

Scotch and Irish Seeds in American Soil: The Early History of the Scotch and Irish Churches, and Their Relations to the Presbyterian Church of America      by J. G. Craighead 1878    LIr

The Scotch-Irish Delusion in America: Jeremiah D. O'Connell's historical reply to Pres. Eliot of Harvard College: Bishop S…   1897   Har

The Scotch-Irish in America    by Henry Jones Ford 1915     LIr    

 The Scotch-Irish in America: Proceedings and Addresses of the Scotch-Irish…     by Scotch-Irish Society of America   1897      Goo

Scotch-Irish in America: their history…illustrated in the early settlers of Western Pennsylvania and their descendants    by Dinsmore 1906    DMK   ABC   ELE

Scotch Irish Pioneers in Ulster and America     by Charles Knowles Bolton   1910  Arc   Goo     OpL

The Scottish clans and their tartans      W. & A.K. Johnston, 1900   OpL

The Scottish nation : or, The surnames, families, literature, honours, and biographical history of the people of Scotland      by William Anderson, 1805-1866. 1863   HT  vol 1   vol 2   vol 3

St. Patrick's day : its celebration in New York and other American places, 1737-1845 ; how the anniversary was observed by representative organizations,   by John D. Crimmins, 1902.  Har

A tribute to the virtues, & public usefulness of the Irish & Scotch early settlers of Pa. By a descendant    by George Chambers, 1786-1866.   1856 MoA

Welsh People of California, 1849-1906.     by David, Hughes.  San Francisco: [s.n.], c. 1923.  Har 

The Welch Indians, or, A collection of papers respecting a people whose ancestors emigrated from Wales to America, in the year 1170, with Prince Madoc ( 300 years before the first voyage of Columbus), and who are said now to inhabit a beautiful country on the west side of the Mississippi )! by Burder, George, 1752-1832       Tarrytown, N.Y. : Reprinted, W. Abbatt, 1922    OpL