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Baptisms from Reformed Dutch church at Success    by Manhasset, N.Y. Reformed Dutch church. 1913  OpL 

A catalogue of the members of the Dutch Church, with the names of the streets in the city of New-York, A.D. 1686.   by Henricus Selyns,   1636-1701    Cor

The charter of liberties granted to patroons & colonists 1629, from the Dutch.    Nederlandsche West-Indische compagnie    Cor  

Commemoration of the conquest of New Netherland, on its two hundreth anniversary. by New York Historical Society.   Cor

Corresp. between the Colonies of New Netherlands & New-Plymouth, 1627.   New Plymouth colony. Governor, 1621-1657.    Cor

1649: A Description of the New Netherlands [NY Hist Soc.]  1841.  by Donck, Adriaen van der, 1620-1655    WHS

Description of the New Netherlands.    by Donck, Adriaen van der    Cor

Dutch in America.   by Arnoux, William Henry, 1831-1907.   Cor

Extract from Wagenaar's "Beschryving van Amsterdam", relating to the colony of New Amstel, on the Deleware    by Jan Wagenaar, 1709-1773   Cor

Description of the New Netherlands. [NY].   by Donck, Adriaen van der, d. 1655    Cor

Dutch in America.   by Arnoux, William Henry, 1831-1907.   Cor

Extracts from de Laet and Aitzema, relating to New Netherland.    by Joannes de Laet,    1593-1649   Cor

A few particulars concerning the directors general or governors, of New Netherlands    by Folsom, George 1802-1869   Cor

Memoir on the Early Colonization of New Netherland   [NY].     By John Roeyn Brodhead, 1814-1873.      Cor

Ecclesiastical Records, State of New York.  Vol 2   by Hugh Hastings, James A. (Austin) Holden. 1901  Goo

From the journal of the Half-Moon, Henry Hudson, from the Netherlands to N America 1609    Cor

History of New Amsterdam; or New York as it was in the days of the Dutch governors. Together with papers on events connected with the American Revolution; and on Philadelphia in the times of William Penn.      by Ashabel Davis.   Cor

History of New Netherland.    by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan,  1797-1880.  vol  1     vol  2

A history of New York, from the beginning of the world to the end of the Dutch Dynasty    by Washington Irving, 1783-1859   Cor

A history of the New Netherlands [NY]   by Nicolaas Cornelis Lambrechtsen, 1752-1823.    Cor

History of the New Netherlands, province of New...     by William Dunlap, Adriaen van der Donck,   1840   Goo

Holland land co., and canal construction, in wester New York; buffalo-Black Rock harbor papers, journals and documents.   by no author     Cor

How the Dutch came to Manhattan   by Blanche McManus 1897   Cor

Index to volumes one, two and three of translations ofDutch manuscripts, in the office of the secretary of state of the state of New York    by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan,  1797-1880   Cor

Indian Tradition of the First Arrival of the Dutch, at Manhattan Island, now NYC.   by John Gottieb Ernestus Heckewelder,1743-1823    Cor

Jacob's address to Laban...preached in the Reformed Dutch Church at Greenwich, in the city of New York    by Stephen N Rowan, 1787-1835.    Cor

Memoir on the Early Colonization of New Netherland [NY].     by John Roeyn Brodhead, 1814-1873.   Cor

Narratives of New Netherland, 1609-1664  Vol 1-6.    by Jameson, J. Franklin, 1859-1937 .  New York, 1908.    Gut

New Amsterdam, New Orange, New York, with chronological data.    by Charles William Darling,   Cor

New Netherland in 1627. Letter from Isaack de Rasieres to Samuel Blommaert, found in the Royal library at the Hague, and transmitted    by Dr. M. F. A. G. Campbell to the N. Y. historical society. Tr. from the original Dutch by J. Romeyn Brodhead   by Rasieres, Isaack de, b1595    Cor

New York Historical Manuscripts, Dutch:...    by Holland Society of New York 1974    Goo

The old streets of NY under the Dutch.   by Gerard, James Watson, 1823-1900.A paper, NY Hist. Soc., 1874.  Mo     Cor

Particulars concerning the Directors General or Governors of New Netherlands.   by Folsom, George 1802- 1869    Cor

Peter Stuyvesant, director-general for the West India company in New Netherland      by Bayard   Tuckerman 1893    Cor

Peter Stuyvesant: The Last Dutch Governor of New Amsterdam [NY].   by John Stevens Cabot Abbott, 1805-77.   Cor

Pioneer History of the Holland Purchase of Western NY: Account of Ancient Remains... Iroquois...Erie.  1850.    by Orsamus Turner.    Cor

The Records of New Amsterdam from 1653 to 1674...     by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan, New York (N.Y.)   1897    Goo

Records of the Reformed Dutch church of New Paltz, N.Y., containing an account of the organization of the church and the registers of consistories, members, marriages, and baptisms    Cor

The Representation of New Netherland,...its location, productiveness & poor condition [NY].      by Donck, Adriaen van der d. 1655   NY Hst So.  Cor

A short sketch of the Mohawk Indians in New Netherland, their land, stature, dress, manners, and magistrates, written in the year 1644, by Johannes Megapolensis, junior, minister there. Rev. from the translation in Hazard's Historical collections, with an introduction and notes, by John Romeyn Brodhead      by Johannes Megapolensis, 1603-1669   Cor

Sketch of the Mohawk Indians in New Netherland: land, stature, dress, manners, magistrates 1644.    by Johannes Megapolensis, 1603-1669.  Cor

The social history of Flatbush-manners & customs of the Dutch settlers in Kings County NYC      by Gertrude Lefferts Vanderbilt, 1881    Cor    1881     1899

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