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**Digital NC Library includes newspapers** Times-Dispatch – 1889-2007  Davidson Co
Freedmen's Bureau Records - N C Fayetteville Observer — 1939-2002  Cumberland Co
NC Digital Collections Times-News – 1890-1927   Henderson Co
N C Family Bible Records Polk County News – 1902-1926
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Abstract of North Carolina wills    North Carolina. Secretary of State 1910   UNC

Addresses at the Unveiling of the Memorial to the North Carolina Women of the Confederacy,  Presented by the Late Ashley Horne ,    by State Department of Archives & History  1914  ECU

Aggregate Census Population Data for Pitt Countyty [NC]  Wash.  ECU   1902     1910    1900:  pt 1    pt 2     Manufacturers, Pt 2  

American History Told by Contemporaries   ( Account of the Province of Carolina (1682)   by Samuel Wilson the Secretary to the Proprietors)   by Albert Bushnell Hart   1900   Goo

Annual Report of the Board of Directors and of the Superintendent of the State's Prison, for the Year Ending December 31, 1894     North Carolina Penitentiary  Raleigh: Josephus Daniels, 1895   UNC   

Annual Report of the Board of Directors and the Superintendent of the North Carolina Insane Asylum, for the Year Ending November 30,1884      Insane Asylum of NC   Raleigh: Ashe & Gatling, 1884    UNC

Annual Report of the Board of Public Charities of North Carolina, 1908     North Carolina Board of Public Charities  Raleigh: E. M. Uzzell & Co.  UNC    1908

Annual Report of the Colored Orphan Asylum.     Colored Orphan Asylum (Oxford, N.C.)     UNC   

        Dec 1, 1908, to Dec 1, 1909      Dec 1, 1909, to Dec 1, 1910      Dec 1, 1910  to Dec 1, 1911 

Ante-Bellum North Carolina: A Social History      by Guion Griffis Johnson, 1900-1989    Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 193    UNC

Anti-slavery Leaders of North Carolina       by John Spencer Bassett, 1867-1928   Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press, 1898    UNC  

The Ashe County Case      Bickett, Thomas Walter, 1869-1921     From Public Letters and Papers of Thomas Walter Bickett. Governor of NC, 1917-1921. Raleigh: Edwards & Broughton, 1923    UNC  

Asheboro, N.C. City Directory   1939-40   1941-42  1947-48   1949-50   1951-52   1953-54   1955-56   1957-58   1960   1962  

Asheville city directories         Arc    OpL

       1883-84      1887     1890    1896/7    1899/00    1900/01    1906/7   1909    1910      1912     1913    1914    1916     1917      1918    1922

Beaufort County's Contribution to a Notable Era of North Carolina History: a Series of Articles.    by Lindsey Carter Warren.   1930   ECU  

Some Colonial History of Beaufort County, North Carolina (in: James Sprunt Studies in Hist & Political Sci.]   by Francis Hodges Cooper.   1916.   ECU    Goo

Beaufort County: two centuries of its history    by Reed, C. Wingate    1962    ECU

The Story of the Methodists in the Port of Beaufort   ECU

The beginnings of English America : Sir Walter Raleigh's settlements on Roanoke Island, 1584-1587 - Connor, R. D. W. (Robert Digges    Arc

The Beginnings of Public Education in North Carolina; A Documentary History, 1790-1840       by  Charles Lee Coon, 1868-1927   Raleigh: Edwards & Broughton Printing Co, 1908   UNC    vol  I     vol  II

Bertie Co. Marriages 1762-1834 (1809-1819 missing) NCHGR    DMK

Bertie Co. Wills (1795-1840 abt.) NCHGR      DMK

Biennial Report of the State Board of Charities and Public Welfare,      North Carolina   1922    UNC   Dec 1, 1920- Jun 30, 1922     Jul 1, 1938- Jun 30, 1940

Biennial Report of the State Hospital at Goldsboro: Goldsboro, N.C., July 1, 1924, to June 30, 1926       State Hospital (Goldsboro, N.C.)    1926     UNC

Biennial Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction of North Carolina, for the Scholastic Years 1898-'99 and 1899-1900       North Carolina. Dept. of Public Instruction, and Mebane, C. H. (Charles Harden), 1862-1926    Raleigh: Edwards & Broughton, and E.M. Uzzell, State Printers., 1900   UNC

The Blue Ridge highlands in western North Carolina    by  S. T. Kelsey,   ECU

Biographical History of North Carolina from Colonial Times to the Present     by Samuel A'Court Ashe  1905   Goo     vol 2     vol 3      vol 4      vol 5     vol 7

Branson North Carolina business directories ...    1866     1867-8    1869   1889    1890   1896  

Brief history of Christ Episcopal Church parish, Elizabeth City, N.C   by . George F. Hill,   1848      ECU

Brief Report of the Services Rendered by the Freed People to the US Army, in North Carolina in the Spring of 1862, After the Battle of Newbern ,    by Vincent Colyer   New York: V. Colyer  1864  ECU

Business directory of the city of New Berne, N.C.    Edwards & Broughton, 1893    Arc   OpL

Colonial Tax Lists, Virginia personal property tax lists, Census and Court Records for Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennesse & Virginia   FAA

Cases of Habeas Corpus, Decided by the Supreme Court of North Carolina, at the June Term, 1863 ,     by North Carolina Supreme Court     UNC

The Centennial celebration of the Church of the Advent, Williamston, N.C.   1915    ECU

Centennial of Methodism in North- Carolina : Containing the History and Addresses Delivered at the ...   by Methodist Episcopal Church, South North Carolina Conference   1876    Goo  

Charlotte, North Carolina city directories multiple sources  1875-76    1909   1910    1911    1912    1913   1914   1915    1916    1918    1920     1921    1930

Church and State in North Carolina     by Stephen Beauregard Weeks   Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1893   Din



City directories  of Wilmington, N.C    1865-66    1867   1871    1877-8   1889   1897    1905   1907     1909/10    1911/12   1913/14     1917     1918   1919/20   1922  multiple years at HT   

Sheriff's Wilmington, N.C. directory and general advertiser for 1877-8    by   B.R. Sheriff, P. Heinsberger [distributor], 1877    Arc

Memorial of the First Presbyterian Church, Wilmington, N. C. Seventy-fifth anniversary. 1817-1892   First Presbyterian Church (Wilmington, N.C.)  Arc

The Colonial and State Political History of Hertford County, N.C.     by Benjamin Brodie Winborne.   1906     Goo     ECU

The Colonial Records of North Carolina   Arc           vol 3 1728-34    Arc    Goo         Index   

vol 1   vol 6    vol 16  
vol 2  1713 - 28 vol 7 vol 12 vol 17 vol 22
vol 3     vol 18 vol 23
vol 4 vol 9 vol 14 vol 19 vol 24
vol 5 vol 10 vol 15    

Colored Orphan Asylum of North Carolina, Oxford, N.C.      Colored Orphan Asylum : Public Ledger Print, 1900   UNC  

Columbus County directory and reference book   ECU   1848

Facts about Columbus County   1945   ECU

Columbus County, North Carolina, 1946    ECU

Comments by the State Democratic Committee on the Hand Book Issued by the Peoples [sic] Party State Executive Committee… It Is Not Issued in the Interest of the Populist Party..      Democratic Party (N.C.) State Executive Committee   [Raleigh?]   UNC  

Concord, North Carolina city directory [serial]       Piedmont Directory Co  Arc   1902     1908     11913-14     1916-17     1920-21      1922-23

The Conquest of the Old Southwest: The Romantic Story of the Early Pioneers into Virginia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Kentucky, 1740-1790      by Archibald Henderson    Gut 

The Constitutional Beginnings of North Carolina (1663-1729)     Bassett, John Spencer, 1867-1928   Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press, 1894   Arc  UNC

The Croatan Indians of Sampson County, North Carolina. Their Origin and Racial Status. A Plea for Separate Schools       by  George Edwin Butler, 1868-1941    1916    UNC

Crown of life; History of Christ Church, New Bern, N. C., 1715-1940    by Carraway, Gertrude S. (Gertrude Sprague), 1896    1940   ECU

The Democratic Hand Book. 1898. Prepared by the State Democratic Executive Committee of North Carolina    Democratic Party  State Executive Committee   Raleigh: Edwards & Broughton, 1898    UNC

Derelicts: An Account of Ships Lost at Sea in General Commercial Traffic and a Brief History of Blockade Runners Stranded Along the North Carolina Coast, 1861-1865 ,    by James Sprunt   ECU

Directory of Burlington, Graham and Haw River, N.C.    Piedmont Directory Co.,     OpL   1909      1920

Directory of Concord, North Carolina     Interstate Directory Co.,  OpL   1902   1908 

Dictionary of NC Biography   Index

Directory of the business and citizens of Durham City for ...     Arc      1887     1889/90    1902   1903/4    1905/6   1911/12    1915/16     1919/20 

Mangum's directory of Durham and suburbs [serial] : including East Durham, West Durham, North Durham, Trinity College, Brookstown, and Hayti : with valuable historical data Arc   1897 

A Directory of the Granges in North Carolina, 1877    North Carolina State Grange 1977    UNC  

The Discipline of Friends, Revised and Approved by the Yearly Meeting Held at New-Garden, in Guilford County, North-Carolina, from the 4th to the 7th of the 11th Month, Inclusive, 1822     North Carolina Yearly Meeting of Friends (1698- ) Hillsborough [N.C.]: Printed by Dennis Heartt, 1823   UNC

Early family burial grounds of Mecklenburg County , North Carolina : 1763, late 1800       DAR. Alexandriana Chapter (Mecklenburg County , N.C.)  Arc

Early History of Tarboro, North Carolina; also Collated Colonial Public Claims of Edgecombe County...   by Gaston Lichtenstein   1908    ECU 

When Tarboro was incorporated : also Reverend James Moir, Edgecombe changes her county seat, and Germantown, Pennsylvania   by Gaston Lichtenstein,  b1879 Arc

Early history of Washington Park : 1839-1925    by Lida B. Small, 1950    ECU

East Indians in Colonial Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina   FAA

Eonomic & Social History Of Chowan County, North Carolina 1880-1915.   W. Scott Boyce.   1917  Arc    ECU

History of the North Carolina Chowan Baptist Association, 1806-1881    by James Almerius Delkebbb  Arc

Extract from the Annual Address of the Rt. Rev. Thomas Atkinson, D.D., to the Convention of the Diocese of North Carolina, Holden at Morganton, July 10th, 1861 ,   by Thomas Atkinson     UNC

First Baptist Church dedication services : New Bern, North Carolina, 1809-1848-1943    by Thomas W. Fryer,    1943  ECU

The First Baptist Church, Lumberton, North Carolina; one hundred years of Christian witnessing, 1855-1955   ECU

Five Points in the Record of North Carolina in the Great War of 1861-5      by North Carolina State Literary and Historical Association   Goldsboro, NC: Nash Brothers, Printers, 1904    ECU

Flashes of Duplin's history and government      by Faison Wells McGowen,  1903    ECU

The Story of the Duplin County Agricultural Society    by Macy Cox,  1958    ECU

Footprints in Northampton : 1741-1776-1976   Northampton County Bicentennial Committee  1976    ECU

Forest fires and their prevention : including, Forest fires in North Carolina during 1910     by J. S. (John Simcox) Holmes, 1868-1958   Arc

Free African Americans of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland and Delaware      FrAfAm 

The Free Negro in North Carolina     by Rosser H. Taylor,    (Rosser Howard), b. 1891   Chapel Hill, N.C.: The University, 1920    UNC  

Friends Records of Births and Deaths, Cane Creek, NC     DMK

Gates County to 1860. Trinity College Historical Society Papers   by  Isaac S Harrell, 1816     ECU

Glimpes of History in the Names of Our Counties (In North Carolina Booklet)   by Kemp P. Battle.   ECU  

Goldsboro and its government : from the beginning to the present time   by Lionel Weil   ECU

Goldsboro centennial celebration : official souvenir program    ECU

Goldsboro, the gate city of eastern North Carolina   ECU

Greene County. Twelve North Carolina Counties in 1810-1811. North Carolina Historical Review. VI   ECU

The Greenville, N.C. city directory   Commercial Service Co., 1916   ECU   OpL

Greenville : the hub of eastern North Carolina   ECU

The Greenville century book: comprising an account of the settlement of the ...   S. S. Crittenden   ECU

Guide to the Hall of History of North Carolina    by Fred A Olds,    Arc

Hill Directory Co.'s (Incorporated) Kinston, N.C. city directory   Hill Directory Co., 1923   OpL

Hillsboro, Colonial and Revolutionary ‎   by Francis Nash Hillsborough (N.C.)  1903   Goo

A Historical Sketch of the First Colored Baptist Church Weldon, N. C., With the Life and Labor of Elder Joseph Baysmore...    by Joseph Baysmore, b1823 Weldon, N. C.  1887   UNC  

A History of Colonial Bath [North Carolina]   by Herbert Paschal.   1955   ECU

History of Edgecombe County, North Carolina by J. Kelly Turner.   Raleigh: Edwards and Broughton, 1920   ECU    Goo

Early Social Life in Edgecombe : Also, Early History of Edgecombe , and a Tarborean's Experience ...    by Gaston Lichtenstein   Arc

The History of Education in North Carolina       by Charles Lee Smith, 1865-1951   Washington: Government Printing Office, 1888    UNC

The history of Guilford County, North Carolina     by Stockard, Sallie Walker   Arc

A History of New Hanover County and the lower Cape Fear region      by Alfred MooreWaddell, 1834-1912   ECU

History of the German settlements & Lutheran Church. in North & South Carolina, from the colonization of the Dutch, German    by Gotthardt Dellmann Bernheim 1872    Har     MoA

History of North Carolina     by Samuel A'Court Ashe 1908    Cor   vol 1

History of North Carolina: With Maps and Illustrations    by Francis Lister Hawks   1858   Goo

First Steps in North Carolina History ,     by Cornelia Phillips Spencer  Raleigh, NC: A. Williams and Co., 1889    ECU

For History 's Sake: The Preservation and Publication of North Carolina History , 1663-1903      by Houston Gwynne Jones,   1924-,   North Carolina State Dept. of Archives and History – 1966   Goo  

Historical Highlights of North Carolina (N.C. Encyclopedia) 1998   StLib    UNC

Historical Sketches of North Carolina: From 1584 to 1851, Compiled from Original Records ...     by John Hill Wheeler   1851   Goo

Lives of distinguished North Carolinians with illustrations and speeches; collected and compiled   by W. J. Peele ... 1898     Arc    OpL

A Manual of North Carolina    North Carolina Historical Commission   Arc  1913

Makers of North Carolina history     by R. D. W. Connor    1911   OpL

Narratives of Early Carolina , 1650-1708    by Alexander Samuel Salley, Literary Criticism   1911   Arc     Goo   

The state records of North Carolina.    pub. Trustees of the public libraries, by order of the Gen. Assembly.   1886-1907    MoA   Goo  vol 26 1790 Census

Western North Carolina: A History (1730-1913)    by John Preston Arthur, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution of North Carolina. Edward Buncombe Chapter, Asheville  1914  Goo

History of Perquimans county as compiled from records found there and elsewhere     by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow,  1931    ECU

The history of the first North Carolina reunion at Greensboro, N. C., October eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth, nineteen hundred and three    by George S. Bradshaw, esq.   1905  OpL

History of the German settlements & of the Lutheran church in N. & South Carolina... colonization…    by Gotthardt Dellmann Bernheim,   1872   Goo    Har

A History of the Negro Baptists of North Carolina     by J. A. Whitted, b. 1860 Raleigh: Edwards & Broughton Printing Co., 1908   UNC

History of the North Carolina Federation of Women's Clubs 1901-1925    by Sallie Southall Cotten,   Raleigh: Edwards & Broughton, 1925    UNC

History of the Presbyterian Church In New Bern ... Early Ecclesiastical Affairs in Eastern North Carolina ...    by L.C. Vass (Rev.)     1886   ECU

History of St. Bartholomew’s Parish   Pittsboro, NC   1833-1933    DMK

A History of the Young Men's Christian Association Movement in North Carolina. 1857-1888. Read before the Twelfth Annual State Convention in Charlotte, N.C., April 21, 1888,...    by Stephen Beauregard Weeks, 1865-1918   Raleigh, N.C.: Observer Printing Co, 1888    UNC

History of Wachovia in North Carolina : The Unitas Fratrum Or Moravian Church in North Carolina ...    by John Henry Clewell   1902    Goo

History of War Savings Campaign of 1918 in North Carolina    by Francis Henry Fries,   1855-1931   Winston-Salem, N. C.: Barber Print. Co., 1919    UNC

History of Wayne County. Address by Judge Frank A. Daniels, Wayne County's New Court House, Nov 1914    by Frank Arthur Daniels,   UNC

Hillsboro, Colonial and Revolutionary .    by Francis Nash.   1903    Goo

Hookerton history  Ware, Charles Crossfield, 1886-   1960      ECU

Hornets' Nest: The Story of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County    by LeGette Blythe and Charles Raven Brockmann   1961   CMS

The Hour and the Duty. Address Delivered by Hon. J. C. Pritchard of Asheville, N. C. at a Patriotic Meeting of Citizens of Wake County, Held at Raleigh, N. C., September 3, 1917        by Jeter Connelly Pritchard, 1857-1921   Washington, D. C.: Government Printing Office, 1917    UNC

Indians of North Carolina: Letter from the Secretary of the Interior, Transmitting, in Response to a Senate Resolution of June 30, 1914, a Report on the Condition and Tribal Rights of the Indians of Robeson and Adjoining Counties of North Carolina     O. M. McPherson, (Orlando M.)    U.S. Government Printing Office, 1915   UNC

Kings Mountain and its campaign. [King's Mountain, Battle 1780]  by Henderson, W[illiam] A. 1903   HT

King's Mountain and its heroes: history of the battle of King's Mountain, October 7th, 1780, and the events which led to it,     188 by Lyman C. Draper  1881   HT

The Last Ninety Days of the War in North-Carolina     by Cornelia Phillips Spencer, 1825-1908   New York: Watchman Pub Co 1866      ECU    UNC   

The Legislative manual and political register of the state of North Carolina   North Carolina. Secretary of State  Arc  1874 

Letters to the Connecticut courant, Pennsylvania independent republican, Washington chronicle, North Carolina union banner, Nemaha courier, Pittsburg commercial, and Topeka record,   Washington , United press association, 1867     LC

Listing of Former Students in the 3rd Regiment ofd the North Carolina Cavalry, [December 19, 1863]    UNC

Making the Difference: North Carolina Women Writers and Their Works ,    by Virginia Daley     Duk

Marriage Bonds of Tryon County NC from 1769-1870. Pt      Pt 2

Mecklenburg Female College , Formerly North Carolina Military Institute    Mecklenburg Female College   [Charlotte? N.C.]: The College, 1867    UNC  

Minutes of North Carolina Yearly Meeting of Friends, Held at New Garden on Second-Day, the Fifth of Eleventh Month, 1866    Greensboro, N.C.:   1866    UNC 

The Moravians in North Carolina : An Authentic History     by Levin Theodore Reichel   1857    Goo

Norfolk, the Marine Metropolis of Virginia, and the Sound and River Cities of North Carolina: A Narrative      by George I. Nowitzky   Raleigh, NC:  1888    ECU

The North Carolina business directory      Nichols & Gorman  Arc   1872    1908   1913

North Carolina: A Study in English Colonial Government      by Charles Lee Raper  1904   Goo

North Carolina at Gettysburg, and Pickett's Charge a Misnomer; also, Sixty Years Afterwards and the Rearguard of the Confederacy ,    by Walter Clark    \ ECU

The North Carolina historical and genealogical register,    James Robert Bent Hathaway   1900  Goo   vol 1    vol  2     vol 1-3   HT    vol 1    vol 2    vol 3

North Carolina History Stories ,   by W. C. Allen Richmond: B.F. Johnson Publishing Co., 1901   ECU

The Carolina Yacht Club : history, charter, by-laws, sailing regulations     by Louis Toomer Moore,  1885-1961    1953   ECU 

The North Carolina Year Book, 1902 [section on Pitt County only] News & Observer (Raleigh Pitt Co. (NC) ]      ECU   1902   1910    OpL

1901 1904 1907 1910 1913 1922
1902 1905 1908 1911 1914 1923
1903 1906 1909   1915  

The North Carolina Year Book & Business Directory,      News & Observer (Raleigh Pitt Co. (NC) ]      ECU     1915

Ordinances and Resolutions Passed by the State Convention of North Carolina ,     by North Carolina   1862   UNC

Proceedings of the stockholders of the Raleigh & Gaston Railroad Co. at their ... annual meeting   Arc   1871  1872   1873   1874   1875   1876

The Regulators of North Carolina ,  by John Spencer Bassett  UNC  

Reminiscences and memoirs of North Carolina and eminent North Carolinians ... John Hill Wheeler   1885   Goo

Report of the Bureau of Labor & Printing for Pitt County [NC],   Ralgh.   ECU    1900    1910    1902   1902   1910    1915  

Report, State Commission for Erection of Monument to Ninth New Jersey Volunteers at New Berne , North Carolina.   1905  ECU

Revolutionary History of North Carolina : In Three Lectures     by William Alexander Graham, Lambert Lilly, New York Historical Society, David Lowry Swain, William D. Cooke– 1853    Goo  

Salisbury-Spencer, North Carolina city directory   1907   1913   1915-16  1917  1919  1922  1924-25  1935  vol 1   1938 vol 2 

Slaves named in colonial Halifax County, North Carolina, and King George County, Virginia wills   FAA

Saint Peters Parish , Washington, North Carolina: A Record of the Century, 1822-1922 ,    by Edmund Hoyt Harding    ECU

School History of North Carolina, From 1584 to the Present Time      by John W. Moore revised and   enlarged edition, 1882    Gut

Sir Walter Ralegh and His Colony in America:...     Great Britain, Arthur Barlow, Richard...   1884   Goo

Sketches, historical and biographical, of the Broad River and King's Mountain Baptist Association from 1880-2 .   By John Randolph Logan  Goo

Sketches of North Carolina, Historical and Biographical, Illustrative of the Principles of a Portion of Her Early Settlers    by William Henry Foote,  1846   UNC

Sketches of Pitt County: a brief history of the county, 1704-1910 ...    by Henry Thomas King  1911   Goo

Sketches of Western North Carolina, Historical and Biographical: Illustrating Principally the .. 1877   OpL

Some Neglected History of North Carolina : Being an Account of the Revolution of the Regulators ...    by William Edwards Fitch   1905    Goo

Speech of Hon. Thomas L. Clingman, of North Carolina, Against the Revolutionary Movement of the Anti-Slavery Party   by Thomas Lanier Clingman   MoA

Speech of Hon. William A. Graham, of Orange, In the Convention of North-Carolina, Dec. 7th, 1861...    by William A. Graham   UNC

A Statistical and Descriptive Account of the Several Counties of the State of North Carolina, United States of America ,    by North Carolina Land Co.   MoA

The story of the Right Worshipful Joseph Montfort : provincial grand master of Masons, of and for America from A.L. 5771 59 A.L. 5776, his lodge and temple / by Harry W. Gowen and member[s] of the Sons of the American Revolution, Halifax, No. Carolina   HT

Three hundred years along the Pasquotank : a biographical history of Camden County   ECU

Traces of the Indian in Piedmont North Carolina    by Douglas L. Rights,  Douglas LeTell, 1891-1956  Arc

War Days in Fayetteville, North Carolina: Reminiscences of 1861 to 1865 ,     ed. by United Daughters of the Confederacy (J. E. B. Stewart Chapter)    UNC

The Washington, N.C. city directory  Commercial Service Co., 1916   OpL

When Tarboro was incorporated : also Reverend James Moir, Edgecombe changes her county seat, and Germantown, Pennsylvania   by Gaston Lichtenstein  Arc

Where to Emigrate & Why: Farms & Homes for the People: The North Carolina Hyde Park Settlement...    Southern Land Company   Boston, 1869?   ECU

Wilson, N.C. City Directory   1930   1941   1951-52   1956   1957  1959  1960  1962   1963

The Church bell; a history of the First Christian Church, Wilson, N. C.   ECU

Facts about Wilson, North Carolina : [the city of beautiful trees]   ECU

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