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Administrative History: Fort Clatsop National Memorial, Oregon ,   by Kelly June Cannon    NPS

Adventurers of Oregon: A chronicle of the Fur Trade [Chronicles of Amer. Ser. #22]    by Constance Lindsay Skinner, NHavn   1921    Har

Adventures of the 1st settlers on the Oregon or Columbia River...Expedition Fitted Out by John Jacob Astor...    by Alexander Ross,   Lond. 1849      UGot

Alumni Directory of the Oregon Agricultural College, June 1913   DC

A brief historical sketch of Lebanon, Oregon   FHA

Brown's Political History of Oregon ...   Provisional Government: Treaties, Conventions... 1892  Goo 

Captain Gray's Company, or, Crossing the Plains and Living in Oregon     Abigail Scott Duniway, 1834-1915     1859   IU

Catalogue of Books in the Portland Public Library: with by- laws, regulations, names of officers ...    by Portland Public Library. 1890    Goo

The centennial history of Oregon, 1811-1912,     by Joseph Gaston  1912  Goo   vol 3

Chinook    by Franz Boas - Chinookan languages – 1894    Goo

The Columbia River: Its History, Its Myths, Its Scenery, Its Commerce    by William Denison Lyman   Goo

Conquerors; historical sketches of the American settlement of the Oregon country, embracing facts in the life and work of Rev. Jason Lee...    by A Atwood 1907   Arc

Constitution and quotations from the register of the Oregon Pioneer Association, together with the annual address of S.F. Chadwick, remarks of L.F. Grover, at re-union June, 1874,      by Oregon Pioneer Association. Transactions ... 3rd-14th annual reunion [1875]-1886. Salem, Ore., 1876-87   1875    MoA      OpL

A Courier of Empire: A Story of Marcus Whitman's Ride to Save Oregon…   by John Harvey Whitson   1904   Goo

The diary of Opal Whiteley [country life, Oregon] Opal Stanley Whiteley, 1911-1977    1920   Har

Did the Louisiana purchase extend to the Pacific ocean? & Our title to Oregon     by John Jacob Anderson, 1821-1906    MoA

Directory & year book of the Oregon State Graduate Nurses Assn. 1923?   Har

Disapproving anti-Japanese Agitation [Oregon, social conditions, land tenure, race relations] by   William D. Wheelwright,     Portland 1920   Har

The early Indian wars of Oregon : compiled from the Oregon archives and other original sources : with muster rolls     by Frances Fuller Victor,   1826-1902 Frank C Baker,   Salem, Or : F.C. Baker, state printer, 1894    OpL   

The Emigrants' Guide to Oregon & California    [Calif. & Oregon trail; promotional]    by Lansford Warren Hastings,   1819-ca. 1870 1846    LC BYU      UVa  

Emigrants to Oregon (The Living Age Mag.) 1845   Cor  

Environment & Experience: Settlement Culture in Nineteenth-Century Oregon [ Calapooia River Valley ]   by Peter G. Boag,     1992      UCa  

The Forest Wealth of Oregon    by Edmund P. Sheldon   [Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis]   1904   Goo

Gem State Rural's 1918-19 Farm Directory of Owyhee County Idaho and Malheur County, Oregon   DC

Grace Astor & the Oregon Country (Great Northern Railway) St Paul 1926?   Har

The guardians of the Columbia, Mount Hood, Mount Adams and Mount St. Helens    by John Harvey  Williams,  b1864  Arc

History of Oregon.   by Charles Henry Carey, 1810-89.   1922    Goo

The golden state: a history of the region west of the Rocky Mountains; embracing California, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Washington Territory, British Columbia, and Alaska, from the earliest period to the present time ... with a history of Mormonism and the Mormons.    By Rolander Guy McClellan :  Philadelphia, Chicago,   Union pub co; W. Flint & company; 1872   MoA 

History of Oregon    by Bancroft, Hubert Howe, 1832-1918  San Francisco: The History Company, 1888   OpL     1886     1888

The History of Oregon and California, and the Other Territories of the North ...‎     by Robert Greenhow   1845    Goo

A history of Oregon, 1792-1849, drawn from personal observation and authentic information ...     William Henry Gray, 1810-1889.  1870   Goo     MoA  

History of Southern Oregon, Comprising Jackson, Josephine, Douglas, Curry and Coos counties      by Albert G. Walling    1884   Arc    1st    OpL

Pioneer Days of Oregon History   by Samuel A. Clarke  1905  Goo   OpL     vol 1   vol 2

Sources of the History of Oregon    by Frederick George Young, Oregon Historical Society 1899  Goo

The Oregon Territory: Claims Thereto of England and America Considered; Its ...‎    by Alexander Simpson    1846    Goo

The Oregon Territory , and the British North American Fur Trade: With an ...‎     by John Dunn - Fur trade   1845    Goo

Portrait and biographical record of western Oregon     Chapman publishing company, 1904   OpL

The Rise and Early History of Political Parties in Oregon 1843-1868      by Walter Carleton Woodward   1913   Goo    OpL

History of the Congregational Association of Oregon, and Washington ...‎    by Myron Eells   1881   Goo

Journals of the Senate and House   HT  1877-1899

Journal of an Exploring Tour beyond the Rocky Mountains... 1835-37 ... map of Oregon 1840 2ed     by Samuel Parker, (Rev.) 1779-1866   MoA  

Journal of Medorem Crawford: An Account of His Trip Across the Plains With the Oregon Pioneers of 1862    Eugene, OR: Star Job Office, 1897    WaG

The Journals of Capt. Nathaniel Wyeth's Expeditions to the Oregon Country & Selected Letters [1831-36] [across 1899/1984]     Html

Journals while in service of Hudson's Bay Co. [1824-34]   by   John Work,   [Vancouver; Oregon, Utah, Nevada] various   Html

Life on the plains of the Pacific. Oregon: its history...geography, climate; among the Indians...Oregon missio     by Gustavus Hines, (Rev)   1809-1873   MoA

Map of Oregon Territory [in: Journal of an exploring tour beyond the Rocky Mountains]   by Samuel   Parker, 1779-1866    1842   LC BYU

Memoir, Historical and Political, on the Northwest Coast of North America ...‎    by Robert Greenhow - Oregon – 1840    Goo

Narrative of a Voyage to the Northwest Coast of America, in the Years 1811, 1812, 1813, and 1814, Or, The First American Settlement on the Pacific by Gabriel Franchere, trans. by Jedediah Vincent Huntington.  New York: Redfield, 1854    Can

The official records of the Oregon volunteers in the Spanish war & Philippine insurrection   Adjutant-General's Office , J. R. Whitney, printer, 1903   Arc     MoA

An Oregon almanac for 1940   by Writers' program. Oregon.   Salem?, 1939     OpL      WAF

Oregon [homestead law; internal & westward migration; railroads]  Great Northern RR Co. (firm)   1914?    Har

Oregon Almanac: ... its resources & opportunities: official pamphlet ... for ... homeseekers, settlers 1912-5     Oregon Immigration Comm.  Salem    HAR    

An Oregon almanac for 1940     by Writers' program. Oregon.    [Salem?], 1939     OpL

Oregon and California in 1848    by Jessy Quinn Thornton 1864    Goo

Oregon business directory  EvD   1873

Oregon, end of the trail     Archive Federal Writers' Project    1940 Portln     PDF Txt  

Oregon missions & travels over the Rocky Mountains, 1845-46.     by Pierre-Jean de Smet, 1801-1873  [Alberta] 1847 NY     UAl

Oregon The official records of the Oregon volunteers in the Spanish war & Philippine insurrection 1903  MoA

The Oregon Trail: US 30: the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean     Archive Federal Writers' Project   NY   1939   PDF Txt

Pen Pictures of Representative Men of Oregon    by Frank E. Hodgkin, J. J. Galvin 1882   Goo

Portland, Oregon, Its History and Builders: In Connection with the ...    by Joseph Gaston   1911  DC     Goo

Portrait and biographical record of Portland and vicinity, Oregon Chapman Pub. Co., 1903   OpL

Portrait and biographical record of the Willamette valley, Oregon The Chapman Publishing Company, 1903   OpL

Reminiscences of a Pioneer.    Colonel William Thompson .   (Oregon and Washington History) 1912   CA

Report and Journal of Captain Medorem Crawford, Commanding the Emigrant Escort to Oregon and Washington Territory in the Year 1862      WaG

Report of the Social Survey Comm., Consumers' League of Oregon on wages, hours & conditions of work & cost… 1913    Har

Ross's Adventures of the first settlers on the Oregon or Columbia River, 1810-1813.    Cleveland, Ohio, A. H. Clark, 1904.     LC

Seattle: deluxe suppl. to the history of Seattle. by S.J. Clarke, 1916 Sights and Scenes in Oregon, Washington and Alaska for Tourists ,    by Union Pacific Railway Company     LC

Sketches in North America and the Oregon Territory     by   Henry James Warre, 1848   UVa    

Twenty eventful years of the Oregon Woman's Christian temperance union, 1880-1900.   by Lucia H. Faxon Additon,  Gotshall printing company, 1904   OpL

Vigilante days and ways : the pioneers of the Rockies, the makers and making of Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming    by Nathaniel Pitt Langford  Arc

A voyage round the world: w/hist of the Oregon mission... desc. of Oregon Terr....     by  Rev.Gustavus Hines, 1809-73    1850    MoA

Walla Walla Commercial Club Walla Walla Valley, Washington agri., fruit culture; Oregon Railroad & Navig. Co.; Southern Pacific RR 1910?]    Har

Walnut Growing in Oregon    ed   J.C.   Cooper,   1910    Cor

What to See and how to See it  Portland Chamber of Commerce (Or.)      1905   Goo