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Acts and laws of His Majesties colony of Rhode-Island, and Providence-Plantations in America.     by Rhode Island  Arc     OpL

The affairs of Rhode-Island.    A discourse delivered in the meeting-house of the First Baptist church, Providence, May 22, 1842.     by Wayland, Francis      Dorr Rebellion, 1842    OpL

Appeals from colonial courts to the king in council, with especial reference to Rhode Island      by Harold Dexter Hazeltine,1871-1960   Arc

Boston, in New England: Printed by John Allen, for Nicholas Boone, at the Sign of the Bible in Cornhill, 1663    OpL

An Account of the Churches in Rhode - Island : Presented at an Adjourned ...    by Henry Jackson   1854    Goo      MoA

An Historical Discourse, on the Civil and Religious Affairs of the Colony of ...    by John Callender, Romeo Elton, RI Historical Society 1843   Goo   1843    1739

Annals of Centerdale: In the Town of North Providence, Rhode Island : Its ...   by Frank Capron Angell 1909   Goo

Benedict Arnold, First Governor of Rhode Island: A Paper Read Before the ...    by Hamilton Bullock Tompkins   1919   Goo

Bibliography of Rhode Island: A Catalogue of Books and Other Publications Relating to the State...     by John Russell Bartlett   1864    Goo

Bibliography of Rhode Island History    by Clarence Saunders Brigham   1902    Goo

Bristol, Rhode Island nTax List   DC   1888  

Canonicus Memorial : Services of Dedication, Under the Auspices of the Rhode ...    by Rhode Island Historical Society   (Providence, R.I.)   1883    Goo

Census of Rhode Island , 1895    by Rhode Island Census Board, Henry E. Tiepke   1898 Goo

Census of the Inhabitants of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence ...    by John Russell Bartlett   1858   Goo

Central Falls, Rhode Island  Tax List    DC    1921  

Civil and Military List of Rhode Island , 1647-1800: A List of All Officers ...    by Joseph Jencks Smith   1900   Goo  

Collections of the Rhode Island Historical Society   by Rhode Island Historical Society 1827    Goo

Commerce of Rhode Island, 1726-1800   "The letters and papers printed in these volumes formed a part of the commercial correspondence of four generations of a Newport mercantile house. The earlier letters were of the Redwood family. The house of Ayrault of Newport entered about the middle of the eighteenth century, as also that of Lopez. To the second half of the century, the firms of Lopez and Champlin contributed the larger part]       by Massachusetts Historical Society , John Davis Batchelder Collection (Library of Congress)   1878  Arc   vol 2    Goo

A Concise History, of the Efforts to Obtain an Extension of Suffrage in Rhode Island...      by Jacob Frieze   1842    Goo

The Correspondence of the Colonial Governors of Rhode Island, 1723-1775   by Rhode Island Governor, Gertrude Selwyn Kimball 1903   Goo

The Deborah Cook Sayles Public Library, Pawtucket , Rhode Island , MDCCCCII.     by Cram, Goodhue, and Ferguson - 1902    Goo

Defense of Rhode Island , Her Institutions, and Her Right to Her ...   by Henry Bowen Anthony - Suffrage – 1881   Goo

A discourse delivered at the dedication of the new church edifice of the Baptist church and society in Warren , R.I. May 8, 1845    by Josiah Philips Tustin, 1817-87   Arc

A Discourse, Embracing the Civil and Religious History of Rhode - Island ...  by Arthur Amasa Ross   1838   Goo  

Early Rhode Island : a social history of the people    by William Babcock Weeden,  Grafton Press, 1910    Din    Goo

Early Rhode Island Houses : An Historical and Architectural Study   by Albert Frederic Brown, Norman Morrison Isham   1895   Goo

Election Laws of the State of Rhode Island , 1912      by Rhode Island   1912    Goo

The Famous Old Charter of Rhode Island, Granted by King Charles II., in 1663 ...    1842  Goo

A Gazetteer of the States of Connecticut and Island:   ... by John Chauncey Pease, John Milton Niles   1819    Goo

A Geographic Dictionary of Rhode Island.    by Henry Gannett. 1894   Goo

Early religious leaders of Newport- eight addresses delivered before the Newport Historical Society, 1917     Dr. John Clarke - by F.G. Mckeever;   The religious Society of Friends -   by W.J. Hull; Dr. Samuel Hopkins -   by C.E. Silcox; Very Rev. Dean George Berkeley, D.D. - by Stanley C. Hughes ; The sephardic Jews of Newport - by J. Pereira Mendes; Rev. George Whitefield - by W.I. Ward; Rev. Dr. William Ellery Channing - by W.S. Jones; Rev. Dr. Ezra Stiles - by Roderick Terry    Arc

The Controversy Touching the Old Stone Mill, in the Town of Newport, Rhode ...   by Charles Timothy Brooks   1851   Goo

A Hand-book of Newport , and Rhode Island      by John Ross Dix   1852    Goo

Newport, Rhode Island 1921 City Directory   DC    1921  

A Short Sketch of the Redwood Library: Of Newport, Rhode Island      by Redwood Library and Athenaeum  1917   Goo

Sketches of Newport and Its Vicinity: With Notices Respecting the History ...    by Sarah S. Cahoone   1842   Goo

Rhode Island imprints; a list of books, pamphlets, newspapers and broadsides printed at Newport, Providence, Warren , Rhode Island between 1727 and 1800     Rhode Island Historical Society   Arc

Historical Discourse Delivered in St. Mark's Church,  Warren , R.I.: Sunday Evening, November 10 ...     by  William Nichols Ackley   Arc

An historical sketch of the town of East Providence : delivered before the town authorities and citizens of East Providence, July 4th, 1876     by George N. (George Newman) Bliss,  b1837   With: Historical sketch of the town of Richmond   prepared by James R. Irish and delivered July 4th, 1876, at Wood River Grove. Hope Valley, R.I. : L.W.A. Cole, Job printer, 1877   Arc

Historical Sketch of the Town of Hopkinton: From 1757 to 1876...      by S S Griswold - Hopkinton (R.I)   1877    Goo

A History of Public Education in Rhode Island : From 1636 to 1876     by Thomas B. Stockwell   1876     Arc    Goo

History of Rhode Island    by Edward Peterson   1853   Goo

History of Rhode Island    by William Howe Tolman   1894    Goo

History of taxation in Rhode Island to the year 1790     by Henry B. Gardner   1890   OpL

The history of the Bell Street Chapel Movement: May, 1888 to July, 1902     By Anna Garlin Spencer, James Eddy    Goo

History of the Catholic church in Woonsocket and vicinity from the celebration of the first mass in 1828, to the present time...     by James W. Smyth 1903  OpL

A history of the Fire department of Warren, Rhode Island     by Virginia Baker     Arc

A History of the Episcopal Church in Narragansett, Rhode Island...    by Wilkins Updike, James MacSparran, Daniel Goodwin, 1907   Goo   HT

A history of the Fire department of Warren , Rhode Island       by Virginia Baker    Arc

The History of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations     by Thomas Williams Bicknell 1920    Goo

History of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations    by Samuel Greene Arnold   1859    vol 1   1860     vol 2  

History of the Town of East Greenwich and Adjacent Territory: From 1677 to 1877‎   by Daniel Howland Greene - East Greenwich (R.I.) - 1877   Arc    Goo

History of the town of Smithfield [R.I.]: from its organization, in 1730-1 ...   Thomas Steere  1881  Goo

The history of Warren , R.I., from the earliest times;      by Guy Mannering Fessenden, 1804-1871  Arc

The history of Warren , Rhode Island, in the war of the revolution, 1776-1783   by Virginia Baker,    Arc  vol 1   vol 2

The history of Warwick, Rhode Island    by Oliver P. Fuller,   Angell, Burlingame & Co., printers, 1875   OpL

Town records , Warwick, R. I -  Arc

Indian Names of Places in Rhode-Island.     by Usher Parsons, Rhode Island Historical Society. 1861   Goo  

Inventory of the Town and City Archives of Rhode Island    by Historical Records Survey   1765    Goo

Irish Rhode Islanders in the American Revolution : with some mention of those serving in the regiments of Elliott, Lippitt, Topham, Crary, Angell, Olney, Greene, and other noted commanders     by Thomas Hamilton Murray,   b1857 American-Irish Historical Society    Providence, R.I.  1903    Arc   Goo    OpL

King Philip's War, 1675-1676: Based on the Archives and Records of Massachusetts, Plymouth, Rhode Island and Connecticute ...  by George William Ellis, John Emery Morris nbsp; 1906  Arc   Goo  

Know-nothingism in Rhode Island     by Charles Stickney,   Providence, R.I, 1894    Arc    OpL

The Life and Times of Samuel Gorton: The Founders and.... colony of Providence and Rhode Island Plantation…Narragansett Indian Country    by Adelos Gorton   1907    Goo

The Life and Times of Thomas Wilson Dorr: With Outlines of the Political History of Rhode Island.    by Dan King. 1859    Goo    OpL

Life of Roger Williams: The Founder of the State of Rhode by William Gammell   1854    Goo

A list of persons, corporations, Pawtucket (R.I.)   1917   Goo     1885

The Deborah Cook Sayles Public Library, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, MDCCCCII   1902  Goo

Tax book - Pawtucket, R.I. ‎ Pawtucket (R.I.)  Goo  1872

A list of Rhode Island literary women, (1726-1892), with some account of their workby Fanny Purdy Palmer   1893   OpL

Memoir of Roger Williams: The Founder of the State of Rhode-Island by James Davis Knowles   1834    Goo

Memoirs of the Rhode Island Bar by Wilkins Updike - Lawyers – 1842   Goo

Minutes of the Rhode Island Baptist anniversaries    Rhode Island Baptist State Convention    1902   Goo

The Narragansett Friends' Meeting in the XVIII Century: With a Chapter on ...     by Caroline Hazard - Society of Friends Goo

The Origin and Progress of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Warren , R.I.: Including Notices of ... - Micah Jones Talbot    Arc

Pictures of Rhode Island in the Past, 1642-1833   by Gertrude Selwyn Kimball   1899    Goo

Picturesque Rhode Island : Pen and Pencil Sketches of the Scenery and History ...   by Wilfred Harold Munro   1881   Goo

Proceedings at the presentation of a portrait of John Greenleaf Whittier to Friends' School, Providence, R.I.       Moses Brown School.    1885    OpL

Proceedings of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templars and the Appendant ...     by Knights Templar (Masonic order). Grand Commandery of Massachusetts and Rhode Island,  1874   Goo

Proceedings of the Rhode Island Historical Society     by Rhode Island Historical Society   1873   Goo

Public Education in Rhode      by Charles Carroll   1918   Goo

The Public Laws of the State of Rhode - Island and Providence Plantations:...     by Rhode Island , George Washington - Afro-Americans – 1822  Goo

Publications of the Club for Colonial Reprints of Providence, Rhode Island     1916  Goo

Publications of the Rhode Island Historical Society    by Rhode Island Historical Society 1899  Goo    1893    1899 

The R.I. Schoolmaster   by Rhode Island ,Commissioner of Public Schools   1858   Goo

Records of the colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, in New England     Rhode Island , John Russell Bartlett   1861

      Goo   Arc  vol 1    vol 2    vol 3   vol 4    vol 5    vol 6     vol 7    vol 8   vol 9    vol 10

Religious Liberty in Maryland and Rhode Island       by Lucian Johnston - Catholics – 1903   Goo

Reminiscences of the Rhode Island Bar    by Abraham Payne - Lawyers   1885     Goo

Report of the Trial of Thomas Wilson Dorr, for Treason ...    by Joseph Story Pitman, Thomas Wilson Dorr - Dorr Rebellion, 1842 –4     Goo

Report upon the census of Rhode Island, 1865   MoA

Revolutionary Defences in Rhode Island : An Historical Account of the ...   by Edward Field   1896    Goo

Rhode Island: A Guide to the Smallest State‎   Federal Writers' Project   1937   Goo

Rhode Island and the Formation of the Union      by Frank Greene Bates 1898   Goo

Rhode Island in the colonial wars : a list of Rhode Island soldiers & sailors in the old French & Indian war, 1755-62    by  Chapin, Howard M., 1887-1940   Arc

Supplement to the Rhode Island colonial records : comprising a list of the freemen admitted from May, 1747, to May, 1754     by Sidney Smith Rider, 1833-1917   Arc

The Rhode Island declaration of independence     by Charles Warren  Lippitt, 1846-1924   Arc

Rhode Island Historical Society Collections.  by Rhode Island Historical Society. 1885   Goo      vol  7

Rhode Island Historical Society : Sketch of Its History, with List of Papers ...  by Rhode Island Historical Society 1890   Goo

Rhode Island Historical Tracts     by Sidney Smith Rider   1897   Goo

Rhode Island imprints; a list of books, pamphlets, newspapers and broadsides printed at Newport, Providence, Warren , Rhode Island between 1727 and 1800 - Rhode Island Historical Society   Arc

Rhode Island in the Colonial Wars: A List of Rhode Island Soldiers & Sailors ... by Howard M. Chapin, Rhode Historical Society    1920    Goo    HT   OpL

Rhode Island in the Continental Congress: With the Journal of the Convention ...      by William Read Staples   1870   Goo

Rhode Island in the rebellion [civil war]      by Edwin Winchester Stone   Arc

Rhode Island in the War with Spain by Rhode Island. Governor, 1899-1900 (Elisha Dyer) Kinnicutt, Frances E   Providence, E.L. Freeman & sons, printers to the state, 1900   OpL

Rhode Island : Its Making and Its Meaning; a Survey of the Annals of the ...     by Irving Berdine Richman   1902    Goo    OpL

Rhode Island Land Evidences , Vol. I, 1648-1696: Abstracts   by Dorothy Worthington, Rhode Island Historical Society -  Land titles  1921    Goo

Rhode Island Privateers in King George's War, 1739-1748 Providence: Rhode Island historical society    by Howard M. Chapin   1926 HT

The Rhode Island Question: Mr. Webster's Argument in the Supreme Court ...      by Daniel Webster, Martin Luther, Luther M. Borden, US Supreme Court - Dorr Rebellion, 1842   1848    Goo

The Rhode Island Register , for the Year 1853 [and 1856]: Containing...   by George Adams   1856     Goo     vol 2

Rhode Island Repudiation: Or, The History of the Revolutionary Debt of Rhode ...    by John Wilkes Richmond   1855   Goo

Rhode Island settlers on the French lands in Nova Scotia in 1760 & 1761     by Arthur Wentworth Hamilton Eaton,   1915   Can

Rhode Island historical tracts     1896   Goo

The Rights and Wrongs of Rhode Island : Comprising Views of Liberty and Law ...  by William Goodwell - Dorr Rebellion, 1842 – 1842   Goo

A Short History of Rhode Island      by George Washington Greene   1877   Goo

Spirit of '76 in Rhode Island: Or, Sketches of the Efforts of the Government and People in the...    by Benjamin Cowell,   1850  Goo

State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations at the End of the Century ...    by Edward Field    1902     Goo

The Trial of the Rhode Island Judges : An Episode Touching Currency...   by John Winslow - Currency question – 1887   Goo

Three Commonwealths, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island : Their ...   by William Babcock Weeden    1903   Goo

Town records , Warwick, R. I   [Land titles]   Arc

The Transformation of Rhode Island 1790-1860   by Peter J Coleman    Brown University Press, 1963   OpL    

Twenty-five Years of Organized Boys Work in Massachusetts and Rhode Island ...   by Henry William Gibson - Young Men's Christian Assoc.    Goo

The Two-hundredth Anniversary of the Organization of the United Congregational Church of Little Compton, RI, Sept 7 1904...   by Wilson Riley Buxton, Roswell Beebe Burchard   1906   Goo

Washington County records of births, marriages and deaths      by James Newell Arnold, 1844-1927, comp Arc

Westerly ( Rhode Island ) and Its Witnesses: For Two Hundred and Fifty Years ...    by Frederic Denison   1878    Goo