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Article: New revelations about the slave trade

The abolitionists, together with personal memories of the struggle for human rights, 1830-1864 John Ferguson Hume, b. 1830.    NY 1905   UCa

An account of some of the principal slave insurrections… attempted, in the United States and elsewhere...     by Joshua Coffin, 1792-1864.    MoA

An Address Delivered Before the Colonization Society of Kentucky [re: sending freed slaves to Liberia]     by Robert J. Breckinridge,   1800-71.   1831   KDL

American churches the bulwarks of American slavery     James Gillespie Birney, 1792-1857   KDL

The American conflict: a history of the great rebellion in the United States of America, 1860-'65: its causes, incidents, and results: intended to exhibit especially its moral and political phases, with the drift and progress of American opinion respecting human slavery from 1776 to the close of the war for the union.     by   Horace Greeley, 1811-1872   1866    MoA     vol   1     vol 2

The American Indian as slaveholder and secessionist; an omitted chapter in the diplomatic history of the Southern Confederacy      by Abel, Annie Heloise, 1873-    Cleveland : The Arthur H. Clark Company, 1915  OpL     vol 1   vol 2

American Negro Slavery: A Survey of the Supply, Employment and Control of Negro Labor As Determined by the Plantation Regime , by Ulrich Bonnell Phillips   Gut

American slavery. A protest against American slavery, by one hundred and seventy-three Unitarian ministers   Rhode Island and Massachusetts Christian Conference   Arc

American Slavery as it is: Testimony of a Thousand Witnesses    by American Anti-Slavery Society    1839    Goo

The Anti-Slavery Examiner    (full serial archives)  UPa

Aunt Judy's Story: A Tale From Real Life. Written for the Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Fair     Thompson, Matilda G. Philadelphia: Merrihew & Thompson, Printers, 1855    UNC

Aunt Sally: or, The Cross the Way of Freedom. A Narrative of the Slave-life and Purchase of the Mother of Rev. Isaac Williams of Detroit, Michigan     by Isaac Williams, Isaac    Cincinnati: American Reform Tract and Book Society, 1858   UNC

Black race; reflections on its position & destiny, as connected with our American dispensation…   by Robert J. Breckinridge, 1800-1871.   1851   KDL

Captain Canot or Twenty Years of an African Slaver Brantz Mayer, editor  D. Appleton and Company New York, 1854  KDL    NYPL

The Christiana Riot and the Treason Trials of 1851: An Historical Sketch   [ Christiana, Pennsylvania]    by William Hensel    DC

Congressional Intervention in Regard to Slavery in the Territories ,     by Lawrence O'Brien Branch     MoA

The Constitution of the United States, with the acts of Congress, relating to slavery, embracing, the Constitution, the Fugitive slave act of 1793, the Missouri compromise act of 1820, the Fugitive slave law of 1850, and the Nebraska and Kansas bill, carefully compiled      Rochester, D. M. Dewey, 1854    OpL

Cotton is king , and pro-slavery arguments: comprising the writings ...     by   E. N. Elliott , David Christy Albert Taylor Bledsoe  1860    Goo

Detail of a plan for the moral improvement of Negroes on plantations: Read Before the Georgia...     by Thomas Savage Clay, 1833    Goo

Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade to America: Volume I: 1441-1700   by Elizabeth Donnan   Carnegie Institution of Washington    1930  NYPL

Does the Bible Sanction American Slavery?: By Goldwin Smith  1863  Goo

Elizabeth, A Colored Minister of the Gospel, Born in Slavery    [born in 1766, an autobiographical account from when she was 97 years old ]      Dic

Ellen: or, The Chained Mother; and Pictures of Kentucky Slavery,    by Mary B. Harlan   ISU

Evils of Necessity: Robert Goodloe Harper and the Moral Dilemma of Slavery    by Eric Robert Papenfuse   1997   Goo

An exposition of the African slave trade, from the year 1840, to 1850, inclusive. Prepared from official documents, and published by direction of the representatives of the Religious society of friends, in Pennsylvania , New Jersey , and Delaware .     by Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends.    Philadelphia ,: J. Rakestraw, printer, 1851.    MoA

Fifty Years of Slavery in the United States of America   Harry Smith, b. 1815?   Grand Rapids, MI: West Michigan Printing Co., 1891   UNC

Fugitive Slave Act 1850   NYPL

Fugitive Slaves (1619-1865)‎    by Marion Gleason McDougall, Albert Bushnell Hart    1891   Goo   Dic

Hair-breadth Escapes from Slavery to Freedom     William Troy, b. 1827   Manchester: Bremner, 1861   UNC

Hands That Picked No Cotton from Afro-Americans in New York Life and History    A.J. Williams-Myers  July 1987  NYPL

An historical research respecting the opinions of the founders of the republic on negroes as slaves, as citizens, and as soldiers. Read before the Massachusetts historical society. August 14, 1862.    by George Livermore, 1809-1865.    Arc     MoA  

History of Great Crossings Church     by John Nicholas Bradley.    Goo

A History of the Amistad Captives: Being a Circumstantial Account of the Capture of the Spanish Schooner Amistad, by the Africans on Board; Their Voyage, and Capture Near Long Island, New York; with Biographical Sketches of Each of the Surviving Africans;.. Account of the Trials..District and Circuit Courts… for the District of Connecticut     by John Warner Barber, 1798-1885, compiled by New Haven, Ct.: E.L. & J.W. Barber, 1840    UNC

History of the Antislavery Measures of the Thirty-seventh and Thirty-eighth United-States...   by Henry Wilson, 1864   Goo

History of the Negro Race in America from 1619 to 1880: Negroes as Slaves ...      by George Washington Williams   1883    Goo

Horrors of the Virginian Slave Trade and of the Slave-Rearing Plantations. The True Story of Dinah, an Escaped Virginian Slave, Now in London, on Whose Body Are Eleven Scars…Extracts from the Laws of Virginia…       Simpson, John Hawkins   London: A.W. Bennett, 1863   UNC

Indian Slavery in Colonial Times Within the Present Limits of the United States    by Almon Wheeler Lauber   New York: Columbia Univ, 1913     Din

Involuntary, unmerited, perpetual, absolute, hereditary slavery, examined: on the principles of nature, reason    by David Barrow, 1753-1819.   1801    LC

A journal of the proceedings in the detection of the conspiracy formed by some white people, in conjunction with negro and other slaves, for burning the city of New-York in America, and murdering the ... by Daniel Horsmandenon   NYPL

A Key to Uncle Toms Cabin, Presenting The Original Facts and Documents upon ...   by Harriet Beecher Stowe  1853 Goo

Lectures on the philosophy and practice of slavery,: as exhibited in the institution of domestic slavery in the US: with the duties of masters to slaves,    by   William Andrew Smith, 1802-1870    MoA   

Life and Narrative of William J. Anderson, Twenty-four Years a Slave; Sold Eight Times! In Jail Sixty Times!!   Whipped Three Hundred Times!!! .…Simple and Easy Plan to Abolish Slavery in the US. . ..Colored Men in the Revolutionary War…      by William J. Anderson, b1811    Chicago: Daily Tribune Book and Job Printing Office, 1857    UNC

Lynch-law: An Investigation Into the History of Lynching in the United States     by James Elbert Cutler 1905    Goo

Maryland Ancestors Who Were Slaves      vol 365    MDArch

Mennonites And Tunkers: Silent Abolitionists Of The Old South     by Reed Miller     Goo

The Migration of Fugitive Slaves Within the United States and to Canada    byLoren Schweninger, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro   NYPL

My Bondage and Freedom    by Frederick Douglass; 1855   Yal

Negro Slavery Described by a Negro: Being the Narrative of Ashton Warner, a Native of St. Vincent's; With an Appendix Containing the Testimony of Four Christian Ministers, Recently Returned from the Colonies, on the System of Slavery as It Now Exists      by Ashton Warner and Susanna Moodie     1831   UNC

"Newspaper Advertisements for African Runaways in the Eighteenth Century"   Georgia Gazette   NYPL

A North-side View of Slavery: The Refugee: Or, The Narratives of Fugitive Slaves in Canada...      by Benjamin Drew. 1856    Goo

Old Plantation Hymns: A Collection of Hitherto Unpublished Melodies of the Slave and the...    by William Eleazar Barton   1899    Goo

Old trails on the Niagara frontier    by Frank H. Severance, (Frank Hayward), 1856-1931     Arc

Ought American slavery to be perpetuated?   A debate between Rev. W.G. Brownlow and Rev. A. Pryne; held at Philadelphia, September, 1858    by William Gannaway Brownlow, 1805-77.   J.B. Lippincott & Co, 1858   MoA

Parties and Slavery, 1850-1859   by Theodore Clarke Smith 1906    Goo  

The Political History of Slavery in the United States.   by James Zachariah George, William Hayne Leavell. 1915   Goo

Proceedings of the United States Senate, on the Fugitive Slave Bill, the Abolition of the Slave-Trade in the District of Columbia, and the Imprisonment of Free Colored Seamen in the Southern Ports ,    by United States Senate    MoA

Report of the Select Committee...Petition Relative to Slave Hunting in the State of New York"  [includes other states laws]  by Shotwell Powell   NYPL

Rice and Slaves: Ethnicity and the Slave Trade in Colonial South Carolina     By Daniel C. Littlefield   Goo

Shall the Territories be Africanized?     by James Harlan   MoA

Sinfulness of American slavery:…its evil effect; obsertions on emancipation, and the duties of American citizens in regard to slavery.      by Rev. Charles Elliott, D.D.  1792-1869; ed. B.F. Tefft. Cincinnati : L. Swormstedt & J.H. Power, 1851, 1850      MoA

Sketches of slave life, or, Illustrations of the 'peculiar institution'    by Peter Randolph, an emancipated slave. Boston : Published for the Author, 1855      MoA

The slaveholding Indians  by  Annie Heloise Abel,  1915  Arc   vol 1   vol 2   vol 3

Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the US from Interviews with Former Slaves    Gut     Selected Records      Indiana Narratives     Ohio Narratives

Slaves of the Chesapeake Bay Area and the War of 1812 from The Journal of Negro History, April 1972 Frank A. Cassell  NYPL

Slavery in America: With Notices of the Present State of Slavery and the ... By Thomas Price  1832   Goo

Slavery in Missouri, 1804-1865.    by  Harrison Anthony Trexler. 1914    UMo

Slavery in Pennsylvania    by Turner , Edward Raymond, 1881-1929   Arc

Slavery in the Territories ‎     by James Clarke Welling, American Historical Association    1892    Goo

Slavery in the United States.: a narrative of the life and adventures of Charles Ball ...     1854   Goo

A South-Side View of Slavery; or, Three Months at the South, in 1854.    Nehemiah Adams, a Northerner, recounts his impressions of slavery and Southern life acquired during his visit to the South.   DC

The southern negro as he is:      By George Rochford Stetson,   Boston.   Boston: Press of G. H. Ellis, 1877.     MoA

Southern Quakers and Slavery : A Study in Institutional History   by Stephen Beauregard Weeks   1896   Goo

Southern slavery reduces northern wages: An address Weston,  George Melville, 1816-1887.   Washington,: 1856   MoA

The Spanish conquest in America , and its relation to the history of slavery...   by  Sir Arthur Helps, 1813-1875.  MoA     vol 1    vol 2     vol 4

Speech of Hon. J. Collamer, of Vermont , on slavery in the territories.: Delivered in the Senate of the US , Mar. 8, 1860.    by Jacob Collamer, 1791-1865.     L. Towers, 1860   MoA

Speech of Horace Mann, of Massachusetts on the Subject of Slavery in the Territories, and the Consequences of a Dissolution of the Union,    by Horace Mann    MoA

Speech on the results of emancipation in the British W. I. colonies, delivered at the celebration of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society, held at Abington, July 31, 1858 :    phonographic report by J.M.W. Yerrinton: Henry Bleby,   1809-1882.     MoA

Studies on slavery, in easy lessons / Compiled into eight studies...    by John Fletcher, 1791-1862.   J. Warner Natchez :   1852     MoA

The Suppression of the African Slave-trade to the United States of America 1638-1870 Longmans, Green and Co.,   New York, London, 1896   NYPL

Teachings of Patriots and Statesmen: Or, The "founders of the Republic" on Slavery .     by Ezra B. Chase. 1860    Goo

Testimonies Concerning Slavery     by M.D. Conway   DC

The Suppressed book about slavery!    prepared for publication in 1857,--never published until the present time.    by George Washington arleton,   1864   KDL

Twelve years a slave [microform] : narrative of Solomon Northrup, citizen of New York, kidnapped in Washington City in 1841 and rescued in 1853 from a cotton plantation near the Red River, in Louisiana.      by Solomon Northup, b. 1808.   Auburn : Derby and Miller, 1853.    MoA

White conquest     Race relations ; United States -- Social life and customs 1865-1918 ; West]       by William Hepworth Dixon,   1821-1879 Arc    vol 1   vol 2

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