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Home         First-person Narratives of the American South   diaries, autobiographies, memoirs, travel accounts, and ex-slave narratives of relatively inaccessible populations: women, African Americans, enlisted men, laborers, and Native Americans     

Southern   ~ Personal Narratives ~ 1860-1920  

Colonial families of the Southern states of America: A History and Genealogy ... ‎   by Stella Pickett Hardy   1911   Goo    HT

Condensed proceedings of the Southern convention    by Southern convention. Nashville, 1850.   Fall & Marshall, printers, 1850    OpL

The Cotton Kingdom: a chronicle of the Old South    by William Edward Dodd bsp; 1919   Goo

Curiosity visits to southern plantations by Northern Man.    Henry F. Mackintosh, 1863   OpL

Day of the Confederacy: A Chronicle of the Embattled South   by Nathaniel Wright Stephenson  1919    Goo

Documentary History of Reconstruction: Political, Military, Social, Religious, Educational ...    by Walter Lynwood Fleming  1907    Goo

The early history of the southern states: Virginia, North and South Carolina ...     by Lambert Lilly Samuel Griswold Goodrich    Mielke and Biddle, 1832    OpL

Echoes from the South: Comprising the Most Important Speeches, Proclamations, and Public Acts..      by Edward Alfred Pollard.   1866    Goo  

Florida: its scenery, climate, and history.   With an account of Charleston, Savannah, Augusta, and Aiken; a chapter for consumptives; various papers on fruit-culture...    by Sidney Lanier, 1842-81. J. B. Lippincott & co., 1876.    MoA

The Great South: A Record of Journeys in Louisiana, Texas, the Indian Territory, Missouri,...    by Edward King, 1875    Arc   Goo

Heroes and Patriots of the South : Comprising Lives of General Francis Marion, General William ...    by Cecil B. Hartley   1860    Goo

Historical address on the early exploration and settlement of the Mississippi Valley    by Parry, Charles Christopher, 1823-1890

History of the confederated memorial associations of the South ...   by Confederated southern memorial association.  The Graham Press, 1904    OpL

The Iron, Coal, Gold, Marble... in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North and South...     by Southern Railway. Land and Industrial Dept, 1899    Goo

Life on the Old Plantation in Ante-Bellum Days, or, A Story Based on Facts    by Irving E. Lowery, b1850  Columbia, S.C.: The State Co., Printers, 1911  UNC

The Lower South in American History.   by William Garrott Brown   1902    Goo

Makers of America: Biographies of Leading Men of Thought and Action, the Men ...Southern States  1915       Goo

Notable Southern Families,    By Zella Armstrong, Janie Preston Collup French   Goo  vol 1   vol 2

Oddities in Southern Life and Character   by Henry Watterson     1883       1910    

Pioneers of the Old South: a chronicle of English colonial beginnings.     by Mary Johnston. 1918   Goo   Har   MB

Plantation and Frontier Documents : 1649-1863 : illus. of industrial history in the colonial and Ante-Bellum South ...      by Ulrich Bonnell Phillips  1909  vol 2

Poets of the South: A Series of Biographical & Critcal Studies w/typical Poems ...     by Franklin Verzelius N. Painter, (comp.)    NY 1903     Goo

Publications of the Southern History Association   OpL        1898     1899     1901      1902       1903     1904     1905      1907     1914

Representation of southern states.    by William M. Stewart      Congressional globe office, 1866   OpL

Richardson 's southern guide; a complete handbook to the beauty spots, historical places, noted battlefields, famous resorts, principal industries and chief points of interest of the South..   by Frank Herbert Richardson, 1867-     Arc

Sermons by Southern Methodist preachers.     by Thomas O. Summers,   Southern Methodist publishing house, 1881     OpL

Social relations in our southern states.    by Daniel R. Hundley    H. B. Price, 1860    OpL

The South: A Tour of Its Battle-Fields and Ruined Cities, a Journey Through the Desolated States, and Talks With the People      by J T Trowbridge    MoA

The South: its industrial, financial, and political condition    by Alexander Kelly McClure   1886   Goo

The South Since the War, As Shown by Fourteen Weeks of Travel and Observation in Georgia and the Carolinas   by Sidney Andrews    Goo      MoA

The Southern Baptist pulpit     by   American Baptist Publication Society, 1895   OpL

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary     by Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.   Wharton, Barron & co., 1890    OpL

Southern field crops      by J. F. Duggar   The Macmillan company, 1911   OpL

Southern History of the War: The First Year of the War     by Edward Alfred Pollard   1865   Goo

Southern literary messenger; devoted to every department of literature and the fine arts.   MoA  

            vol   1 #  4  Dec  1834

vol  10 #10   Oct   1844 vol  17 #  7   Aug  1851
            vol   7 #  2   Feb  1841 vol   10 #11   Nov  1844 vol   20 #  6   Jun  1854
            vol   7 # 11  Nov  1841 vol   11 #  1   Jan  1845  

The Southern Mountaineers   by Samuel Tyndale Wilson - Appalachians People  1914    Goo   OpL   1906     1914   

The southern negro as he is:      By George Rochford Stetson,   Boston.   Boston: Press of G. H. Ellis, 1877.     MoA    

The Southern quarterly review.   vol 12  #23  July  1847       v ol  5  #9  Jan  1852

Southern recipes. Junior League of Montgomery   1900   OpL

The Southern states of North America      by King, Edward    Blackie & son, 1875     OpL

Southern States — Politics and government — 1775-1865    Supplement to Southern book. by W. B. Davis  1855    OpL

Southern statesmen of the old régime     by William Peterfield Trent , 1862-1939      T.Y. Crowell, 189   Arc   OpL   

Southland writers. Biographical and critical sketches of the living female writers of the South...      by Ida Raymond.   Philadelphia: Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, 1870   MoA   vol 1      vol 2  

Steam Engineering on Sugar Plantations, Steamships, and Locomotive Engines - James Stewart   Arc

A year book of southern poets      by Harriet Powe Lynch   Dodge publishing company, 1909    OpL

Transactions of the Southern Dental Association      Wilmington Dental Manufacturing Co., 1895   OpL

War Poetry of the South     by William Gilmore Simms 1867    Goo